We have a Winner and a Retreat!

This morning I glanced at the calendar while tossing a few more items into my luggage from the office.

Yes I am back on the road today! Whoo Hoo! Look out Kalamazoo Michigan and the Log Cabin Quilters I am headed your way in a few hours!

But what I realized when I looked at the calendar and the “gigs on the wall” as we refer to it here at Chez Depre, that we are just 6 months away from the Mickey ‘n Memphis quilt retreat. I am so looking forward to this. I am excited about the format of my teaching and spending time with a group of about 25 for several days.

When Debby, the owner of the retreat, I am just the happily hired help, and I discussed putting this together I stressed that I would really like a small group, one where we can actually get to know one another with lots of time to “free style” as I say. Individual projects can be worked on and impromptu discussions about fabric/color choices and just working out project problems or sharing a skill in a 20 min demo can happen.

Yes there is some structure with two classes but the learning/sharing doesn’t stop when “class” is done. I can’t wait to slip into my jammies and put my foot down on my machine next to everyone else, share some stories, laugh and enjoy.

If you are interested in joining our small numbers retreat in March 2020 in Memphis please click here for info and contact Debby at the email on the PDF as she is handling all the details. You can also find more info about the retreat by reading the April blog here. Hope to meet you there!

Now onto the pillowcase winner from Saturday’s LIVE….drumroll….

The random number generator chose:

and the winner is!

Kathryn congrats! I have sent you an email and hope to hear from you soon.

And a big Thank You to everyone for your fun comments/answers to the Halloween question on the last blog. Thanks for playing along!

Have a great day,

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