This is what parents live for….

Emily works in the marketing department at Hendrix College.  This position has given her a chance to sharpen her Adobe Illustrator skills as she produces the posters for campus events. 

It has also provided her parents with many emails with pics attached showing us her latest creations.

Of course I save them all.

Today’s email brought this poster.

My heart be still.  I think she’s got it.

….proud mom.   



2 Responses to “This is what parents live for….”

  1. Bonnie B says:

    LOL! Love the parental influence here!

  2. DH Stitches says:

    This is so cool! She’s done a great job of pulling all the information together in a catchy way! It’s very sophisticated. My daughter does this type of work in her job, too and always sends it to me. Isn’t it wonderful to see them being successful?!

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