This goes here and That goes there

messy deskIn a crazy fit of organization madness yesterday I finally did something I conjured up several months ago on my fantasy “to do” list.

I made an email file for every engagement I have on my books.   Yes I did.   Now I have multiple email files for every company I work with, newsletter I subscribe to even All Recipes has it’s own file that new recipes fall into immediately and wait there for me to see.   But I never got around to doing the engagements.  It was just one of those things that kept being put on the back burner.imagesBY62AV5Y

Yesterday I decided I was not leaving the desk until it was done.  It took 2 hours.

I linked the contacts email addy to the file so if any email comes in from that person it automatically drops in to that file.   The file will show me that new email is in there waiting for my eyes to see it.

While this may seem like an over the top type A activity it is really a brain cell saver for me.

Last year I had three guilds in the same month that the contact person was named “LINDA”.  My head was spinning.  I admit I actually made a cheat sheet with their full names and guild that stuck to my computer monitor for the three months prior to gigs.  The last three months is the heaviest correspondence time as all the little details are worked out.

Many times correspondence comes from a guild after they have been contracted without any identifying information regarding which guild this person is associated with.  And I understand that as the contact person feels that you should know who they are.  I do pretty well in remembering names, I do a little grade school memory game in my head as soon as they officially contract in an attempt to associate the name with the guild immediately.  But sometimes that fails then I have to do an email search of their address to find other correspondence from them to figure out which guild they are with as I don’t want to be rude and say “Hey…who are you?”.

letterI realize that many guilds don’t understand the amount of email that comes thru on a daily basis.   And sometimes keeping all the conversation (email strings) in order is a challenge.

Now life will be so much simpler.   It took awhile but the feeling that chaos is somewhat removed from my inbox is so satisfying .

How many guild files you ask?

At present the count is 47.  I am thrilled that so many wish me to visit.   And now I can easily keep track of them.  😀

Off to sew…I’ll check my email later…it will be easy peasy.


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