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Basic Hand Piecing Acrylic Template Set

Friday, October 28th, 2016

It’s here!

20161028_100125I am so excited to be sharing my latest product with you today.  Over the last few years of sharing and teaching hand piecing the most common thing I heard was “I am afraid the block you are showing is above my skill level”.

I want hand piecing and the quiet joy it brings to life to be available for everyone regardless of skill level.

But I also wanted to produce a template set that would not only help a beginner, and grow with the quilter, but would also hold value for an experienced handpiecer.

After months of analyzing blocks and putting their piece measurements into endless spreadsheets, I have come up with the 17 pieces in this set that I call the Basic Hand Piecing Template Set.   The set ships in a 5″ x 7″ sturdy poly container that latches close for easy use to transport and storage.

This set of shapes can produce literally hundreds of different blocks. 


A 23 page downloadable PDF is included in your set that covers not only pages of tips and tricks for hand piecing, but also my Roundabout Technique that will help you create sharp points and corners in your blocks.  Inside the template set you will find a code that will allow you to download this PDF.  Then this PDF can be used on your computer, laptop or tablet. Or you can print it out if you wish.  Personally I have been using my copy on my phone!  

Shipping of the Basic Hand Piecing Acrylic Template

is scheduled for the week of November 21st.  

And a special preorder introductory price is now available until November 11th.  

You can find the item in my store.

Plans are happening for a new and updated website which will include a page specifically for this product. That  page will be filled with links to PDFs of additional blocks, completed blocks and even some quilt layouts.    And there are additional sets in the works that will expand the number of blocks that can be created even more so.

Be sure to like and follow my professional Facebook page, MDQuilts ,as I plan to use the new Facebook Live feature to help guide you with hand piecing sew alongs and other fun stuff!

Remember the pre-order special price will expire on November 11th so order before then to assure your shipment of your set the week of November 21st.

Piece On!





it’s Half-Scrap time!

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Here it is!  I am so very excited. Half-Scrap Quilts!


Nine traditional quilt patterns made in my Half-Scrap method.

  • Whistle Stop
  • Summer Carnival
  • Bloomington Trail
  • Speck’s Fields
  • Woven Argyle
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • WAbash5-6830
  • Pineapple Plaid
  • Simple Midwest

Half-Scrap means there are usually 1 to 3 fabrics that run throughout the entire quilt giving it a base.   And certain units, ie nine patches, broken dishes, square in a square, are done scrappy-style.   To me this makes a quilt unique while allowing a special fabric that you have just fallen in love with shine.

Along with each pattern you will also find bonus blocks showing different palettes to consider for your quilt.

And the stories.  The story of each quilt, how it came to be, why I named it so, and why I chose the palette are also included.  Along with tips and tricks!

I cannot thank everyone at American Quilters Society enough for taking on my manuscript in early April after the unfortunate closing of the doors at KCStar.   And here four months later I am able to present this book to you.  My heart is bursting with joy!

At the present time I can say that the book will be back from the printer no later than October 15th.  But there is a good chance I will have it in September.  Unfortunately because of the circumstances it is not a “scheduled” release thus it is a drop-in print and when it gets thru the process it get’s thru.  But I have been given the green light to start to take preorders!  And you can do that here.

But first here are the quilts of Half-Scrap.













If you would like to receive your copy of Half-Scrap Quilts as soon is it is off the presses then put in your pre-order here!

And then show your friends, take it to your local quilt shop, help me get the word out about Half-Scrap Quilts.  And thank you to all that follow the blog, the facebook page, take my workshops….your support during these last few months of upheaval have truly meant the world to me.

Enjoy your day,






p.s. Any items ordered with the preorder will not be shipped until Half-Scrap comes in.   So if you wish to have other items immediately please place a separate order. Thanks!


Happy! that Wheels are Turning!

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Whew!  I finally feel like I have gotten my bearings this year and things are starting to get done around here.

Well around here meaning on the website.

There is still a page length of “to-do” items on my desk but this is down from the THREE pages that I started the day with yesterday!

One thing that happened a bit over a week ago was the addition of the sign up form (look to your right it’s right there!) for the monthly newsletter that is on the horizon.   This is Emily’s (dear daughter) brainchild and since she will be visiting later this week I am hoping we can put all our ideas into motion and see the first newsletter in February.

One thing that the newsletter will do is give you a 3-4 month heads up on my schedule.

…and rumor has it there may be a free pattern, block, quilt, pillow, table runner, stuffed in there.   You will have to sign up to see!CastleWallBlock1

Another major thing that got done on the to-do list was all the workshop supply lists were “revamped”.   Several workshops are retiring to give room for the 10+ new workshops I will be adding over the course of the next three months.   Don’t worry if your guild as a soon to be retired workshop on their contract I will still teach it …I just won’t book the retiring workshops anymore.


And WOW!  Castle Wall – The Block is truly pulling out ahead in my most popular workshop.   In fact I put in queue this week the making of 3-5 more samples as more are needed.  THANK YOU!

I am so happy that so many are loving the idea of slowing down and enjoying some hand piecing of this wonderful block.   And if your a Facebook  friend you have been seeing the sharing of blocks over there.  One thing that is still on the to-do list is to make a gallery page of everyone’s Castle Wall Blocks to share here on the website.   I some time home in the month of February so hoping to get that “To-DONE”.

And finally yesterday there was some updating of the web store with items that I have been wanting to add since before Christmas.  I can hardly believe myself that February is less than a week away.


Here are the new items in the store.

Castle Wall EPP 6 blocksKaren Kay Buckley Perfect PinsEasy Angle Rulers













.  AND

the pattern for HAPPY! is also in the store

Happy! Pattern

I received word from my publisher that it will be shipping to me next week so if you would like to receive a copy in the first mailing out on February 10th place your order now!

Happy! will also be a 6HR workshop.

I am thinking today I am going to spend some time putting needle thru fabric both by machine and hand.  I have Season 7 of Mad Men in queue on Amazon and I think I just need to slow down myself and enjoy the day.

For my east coast friends…I hear it’s time to bunker down as mother nature is going to be blowing hard and furious with the snow these next few days.  I am jealous.  Our snowfall here this winter has been nada.  I raise my coffee mug to you today….why don’t you join me in a day of sewing and enjoy the “pieceful” calm that a blanket of snow brings.

Take Care,






DEUX Preorder Deadline!

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

hexiedeux-coverloresThe time is almost here for me to put in my order for Pieced Hexies Deux.   Which means if you want to have your book in the “first wave” that will be going out mid January then I need you to put in your preorder now.   If you preorder before midnight on January 2nd I can include you in the first wave.

Pieced Hexies Deux is the second round of designs in the Pieced Hexies series (yes you read that right series…the next fix is already on the schedule….who needs sleep…lol) 10RosettesDeuxDesigns

Deux (as it affectionately called here at Chez Depre) is jam packed with 10 new designs! over 100 variations, 18 combos…and 6 Pieced Hexies Stars right in the book.

6PHStarsDeuxDeb, my editor and Kelly, graphic designer, worked a miracle and got it all into a 96 page book!!

The retail cost is $28.

Oh…and another new item is the addition of what I am calling fabric orientation guideline graphics.   This will help you visualize which fabric is going to fall where in the hexie as you are piecing the block.

So I went back and made a Fabric Orientation Guideline sheet for the original (ok that freaks me out a bit) Pieced Hexies.   You can find it here on my PDF page.  I suggest you print it out and tuck it in to your Pieced Hexies book.

Cover PROOF for Deux Acrylic PackPHDeuxTemplate SetAs before there is a template set also available.  The templates are not needed to make the designs.  I will always give the step by step instructions for marking your papers with a ruler.  But if you are into “easy peasy” then the templates rule.    And with these Paper Pieces (the manufacture of the templates) really stepped it up and we came up with a way to put the 10 designs on 5 templates to keep that cost down too!    There is one design on each side of the template with orientation guides to show you wish slots/dots to use.   Katie at Paper Pieces is a genius!

The cost for the template set is $29. and can also be preordered.

So heads up!  Place your order!

Piece On!




Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Just a heads up.  I have added the Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case to my store.

Clover Needle Case