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Happy Shopping Weekend!

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Yes the shopping season is upon us!   And I have some deals for you lined up for each day this weekend and cyber Monday! 

I have decided to go with the sale hours of 10am to 10pm cst each day.  This gives both coasts plenty of time to participate and gives me some off hours to get all that needs to happen behind the scenes happen. 

The informational images you see below will drop in both the MDQuilts Facebook and Instagram pages at 10am for you each day.  







So heads up!   And ENJOY! 

…and while you are shopping I am going to be busy putting together the final items for the release of a new set of hand piecing templates for pre-order on December 1st!    And here is a hint…this is a 16″ block!  That means the pieces are bigger for all of you who asked.  Yippee!   

Ok…off to work I go!

Have a great day!



Two New FREE Border Options Quilt Patterns Release

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Two new quilt patterns made entirely with Border Options designs are now available for FREE in my webstore.  They are numbers #007 & #008.

Border Options Quilt Pattern #007

I just love playing with the designs in the Border Options series and creating these pattern ideas for you.  Make them as you see them in the “recipe” or use it as a jumping off point for your own idea.  The coloring is also just a suggestion…I can’t wait to see what you dream up!

Quilt Pattern #7 is a more advanced pattern if you decide to tackle it via hand piecing (did you know that all the Border Options designs are also available in hand piecing templates?) while pattern #8 looks complicated but truly is a made simply by using three designs in a row quilt layout. 

And #8 can be made in 3 different sizes, baby to full!   



Border Options Quilt Pattern #008

Head over to the store and download your FREE PDF recipe for these quilts today!  I will have bundle options for English Paper Piecing up soon in the Bundles category…or you can order just a few packs of papers and remove/reuse the papers as you build the quilt.   Just remember your order needs to be over $25 prior to any discounts….oh look further in this post for that….to receive FREE SHIPPING on Border Options products.  This free shipping applies to English Paper Piecing  papers, templates and Hand Piecing templates!

Oh and about the special coupon code…how about MAY15  for 15% off all Border Options orders from today until May 22nd. 

I am off to work some more on my version of Border Options pattern #005 today.  It’s perfect weather to sit out on the deck and listen to a book from Audible and do some English paper piecing. 

Enjoy your day, 

OOPS! Wrong Book!

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Pieced HexiesThere was a little snafu today.   In defense of the KCStar shipping warehouse they were hustling to get my order of Pieced Hexies Deux out to me ASAP knowing that I am out the door for an event on Thursday.

Mr UPS pulled up in front of the house and literally at the same time my phone was ringing with a call from the warehouse as they just realized they sent the wrong book.  They guys in the warehouse grabbed Pieced Hexies boxes vs Pieced Hexies Deux.

So now I have a wall of Pieced Hexies cases.

A plan was hatched.

The cost to ship all these cases back would become cost prohibitive.  So I am running an “OOPS! They shipped the wrong books sale!”  I’d rather give quilters the lemonade from this snafu.  untitled

The price of the book is dropped to $19.00 on my website until they are gone.

YES cheaper then Amazon!

AND if you purchase 3+ of any books (as long as Pieced Hexies is at least one) or Pieced Hexies and it’s coordinating Template Set,   I will throw in free shipping (that will come by the way of a reimbursement of the shipping cost after the purchase…the easiest way to do this offer with PayPal).  Just mention OOPS sale in the memo part on the PayPal slip when making your purchase.

So if your looking to get a book ,why not ask a friend if they want one to, and/or buy one for your local guild library?   Don’t forget to check out all the free Pieced Hexies Star and Diamond patterns on my PDF page.

If your a guild I’m coming to and I bring one of these cases (marked them all with a red x) then you will get this special price when I am there.   This price will hold until the cases are gone.

And I am truly hoping that won’t take long as the same number of cases of Pieced Hexies DEUX are now on their way to my front step hopefully within a few days.

Please pass on this info to anyone who might be interested.   I need to be able to see my desk again in the office by spring..I hope.





Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – and good ol’ Sunday all rolled into one

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


hexiedeux-coverloresIt’s PREORDER time for Pieced Hexies Deux! The release date for the book is mid January 2014!


And by coincidence it is also “Super Special Savings Sales” here in the United States so I have put together a Pre Order Special Sale.

This SALE will run from 12:01am Friday, November 29th to 11:59pm Sunday December 1st.

(note I have something up my sleeve for Cyber Monday….it will be another product not DEUX)

Here is the cover!  I am so very excited…it’s ORANGE!

The book is 96 pages.   Ten new designs are in the book.

Echo, Rototiller, Layer, Chop, Beaker, Kilter, Boxed, Buzzsaw, Scissors, and Lanes.

The book also has the addition of Fabric Orientation Graphics and an updated system for marking your alignment guidelines on your hexies.

AND (yes my publisher worked wonders and crammed so much in to the book it’s bursting!)

SIX Pieced Hexie Star Patterns!pic3

Bonnie, Cathy,  Diane, Elaine, Linda and Maggie!   You got a glimpse of Pieced Hexie Star Bonnie last week when I blogged about my “Magic Carpet Ride” quilt.

All of this for a retail price of $27.95!

Cover PROOF for Deux Acrylic PackNow I as you know you don’t need the templates to make Pieced Hexies…I will always give the alignment guides to mark your papers with pencil and ruler.   But let’s be honest the fantastic templates that Paper Pieces has designed for all the previous designs rock.   They make marking those guidelines a breeze and free up time for more sewing.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that there will be a Pieces Hexies Deux pack of templates.   And even better as the Paper Pieces girls and I came up with a way to put two designs on one template so the pack is only 5 templates and thus just $29.00!

SOOOOOOOO……here’s the PreOrder Three Day Deal!

Pieced Hexies Deux BOOK and TEMPLATES Pack


You can place your preorder in my store or just click here to go right there.

Now you will see that the “button” is a BUY IT NOW button and not a place in shopping cart button.   Due to the fact that the book release will not be until January I must ask that these preorders be for the book/template combo ONLY.   You can order other items from my store but they will need to be a separate order.

ALSO please note that the shipping option for this combo for US CITIZENS is PRIORITY MAIL ONLY.   The only way I can make this work is to only offer this shipping option.  The cost for shipping on this combo is $6.00 (note that the post office is taking a small increase in Priority Mail postage on January 26th.  While I expect all orders to go out prior to then I cannot  control the shipment of books to me.  And in order to offer this pricing I need to make a small increase in shipping from $5.65 to $6.00).

FOREIGN ORDERSPlease Please Please email me (mickey(at) for standard shipping and Priority Mail shipping costs.  DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER VIA THE WEBSITE.  I will issue you a personal invoice for your total.

Ok I think I have covered it all.

Thank you ALL in advance for you wonderful support and for loving Pieced Hexies, Ring Around the Hexies, …and now Pieced Hexies Deux.