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Big Sale on Books!

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

KCStarBksSalesmallThe new generation Pieced Hexies, Pieced Hexies Deux and Ring Around The Hexies should be here in a month or so.   AQS/Schroeder Publishing is rereleasing the books, same info, just a new look.

That means I need to find new homes for the small stockpile of books I have been holding on to “just in case”.  And so I am marking them down to help with the adoption process until they are gone.

Maybe you missed getting a copy earlier, or are new to the blog?   Or are looking to get a start on some Secret Sisters gifties.

Head over to my shop page because I have a deal for you!



Ring Around The Hexies BED SIZE Part 4

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

There has been a lot of sewing going on.  Hand sewing  and machine.

Between some intense chiropractor visits.  Seems my decades old back problems are finally being addressed by a great doctor.  I have been to several chiropractors over the years for my back and while some helped no one has truly helped and made me feel comfortable like my current doc.

One week into an intense regime of visits, stretching, massages, e-stim treatments, and general cracking and popping of the vertebrae and I am already feeling movement I have not felt in years.  But it comes with some very uncomfortable times of great back spasm pain.  So this has sidetracked my getting this top done.

But I do think I will still get it done within the next 10 days.  Just not be today. Life happens.

Sept25 pic2

I am down to just about 1-2 hours of setting triangle sewing.  I have almost all of them done.


Sept25 pic1And hand appliqueing the rosettes to their background squares and then putting each of the 4 wallhangings together and joining all four like a giant 4 patch.

Sept25 pic3I have gotten a few questions regarding the appliqueing process.  I treat my rosettes (or any other EPP design that I am appliqueing down…yes that is a hint for future projects) like I would any other applique project.

I like to hand applique but you could machine applique if you wish.  The choice is yours.

I remove the papers one at a time and immediately treat that hexie to a spritz of Best Press and a visit from the iron.  It’s a slow process but the final ease of working with the applique and look is worth it.

Sept25 pic4In this case my pieced background block makes aligning the rosette on it very easy.  But I do also make ironed hash marks for myself.

Sept25 pic5Once I have the rosette set in a manner that appeals to me I give the center a swipe with the glue pen to hold it temporarily.  Then I use my trusty applique pins and anchor the outer edges.  I am just kinda old school like this.  I like my pins.   NOTE I have chosen to set my rosettes on point but they can be shifted to be lying down.  This difference is shown in the two wall hanging samples in Ring Around the Hexies.

Then it’s hand applique time for me.  I do cut away the background fabric to reduce bulk when I a done.  (sorry I forgot to take a pic of this).

Sept25 pic6And with some early morning sewing I have one wall hanging completely done.   Three more to go (and I will be appliqueing all day today) and I will have the top done.

I will address the recoloring I chose to do in the final blog post to make these four wall hangings into my rendition of Ring Around The Hexies – BED SIZE.

Yes this quilt will finish 84″ x 84″.

PreOrderPackageRemember my preorder special for both the book and alignment template (BOOMER design) for $20.00 plus shipping is only good to midnight CST Sept 30th.  You can order this thru my shop.  Shipping will be between Oct 17th -23rd.

Now it’s off to the chiropractor for more terror err treatment.


Ring Around The Hexies Preorder Time!

Monday, September 23rd, 2013


RingAroundTheHexies Cover

A Collaboration Celebration Quilt

by Bonnie K Hunter and Mickey Depre

A match made in fabric-heaven – the first collaboration quilt by Bonnie and Mickey.  The combination of Bonnie’s passionately pieced scrappy quilt with Mickey’s vibrant Pieced Hexies makes it a true Collaboration Celebration!

Easy instructions guide you thru two techniques: Bonnie’s easy machine piecing and Mickey’s innovative Pieced Hexie rosettes.

Join these two talented quilters as they share their love of fabric, passion for color and creative design in a project that is wonderfully challenging- yet easier than it looks.

-Kansas City Star Books

$14.00 (suggested retail is $14.95)– 16 page pattern book is now available for preorder in my store. 

Schedule release date is Oct 15th. 

Shipping from my studio will be between Oct 17th -23rd.

An acrylic template for easy marking of your alignment guides is also available for $8.00  NOTE: This guide is not needed to make the pattern but it is a very useful tool if you plan on making many  Pieced Hexie BOOMER designs.COVER MICKEY DEPRE BOOMER Acrylics 3 on a page

Ring Around the Hexie Quilt

Ring Around the Hexie Quilt

A PREORDER SPECIAL is available until midnight Sept 30th in my store.

It is a package deal of the Ring Around the Hexies Book and BOOMER Acrylic Template for $20.00 plus shipping.

Now back to my applique work,




Ring Around the Hexies BED SIZE Part 2

Saturday, September 21st, 2013


I apologize for forgetting to take “step by step” pics during the sewing of the 36 blocks but well I was in a zone.

Sept21 1














I remembered about pictures truly as I was pinning the final blocks to the wall.  Since the quilt is basically 4 wall hangings put together as a bed size quilt I am dividing all the blocks in this manner.  This actually helps make sure that the quilt is balanced in colors and light/dark.   So 4 columns of 9 blocks each.

As you can see scrappy rules at this time.  But I will be using a few fabrics as constants to give some continuity to the quilt.

I call this “Stable Scrappy”.   🙂

This is what my design wall looks like with all 36 Collaboration Star Blocks sewn.


Sept21 2












I breezed thru the background blocks for the Boomer Rosettes (tomorrows post) and I  started laying out one “wall hanging” on the design wall.

Sept21 3

I am loving this.

I hope you are too.

Tomorrow I will share the Pieced Hexie BOOMER Rosettes.

Sept21 4








But in the mean time I started making the 240 half square triangles I need for the setting blocks.

The green fabric will be used on all.  That is one of the constants.

Bonnie and I are going to start taking preorders for Ring Around The Hexies Pattern Booklet (16 pages) on Monday, Sept 23rd.

Enjoy your day,


Ring Around The Hexies – Bed Size PART 1

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Now that Ring Around the Hexies booklet (16 pages) is off to the printers.   And I have the next copy of Pieced Hexies in the hands of my editor.  (Special Note: BOOMER the Pieced Hexie design used in Ring Around the Hexies was originally to make it’s debut in the next Pieced Hexies Book.   I have since pulled this design from the book and replaced it with another.  Yes a whole set of samples was furiously made, the graphics drawn, and wordage written in just 5 days when I came home from North Carolina.

Let’s just say the last two weeks of August I really don’t remember…LOL.

But I had decided at the retreat that I was going to make a bed size version of Ring Around the Hexies.   The original timetable I had in my mind was “over this winter”.  But then the booklet was born and I have been sewing like a mad woman to make at least the top in time for Market in October.

Ring Around The Hexie




The full size version is truly just 4 wall hangings sewing together 4 patch style.  But I plan to show some “recoloring” in my rendition.

Since at the time I thought I was going to be off to Madison Wisconsin to Quilt Expo for two nights (hotel room sewing retreat with a friend) I cut and packaged up all the makings of the 36 pieced Collaboration Star blocks.

Ring Around The Hexie 4







Then life happened and I couldn’t go.  But having everything cut and packaged did make the sewing part extremely easy and quick.  Did I mention that my rendition is going to be done using Civil War Repros.  And Semi-Scrappy in style.   Just for the blocks alone I used over 200 different fabrics.  Yes the Civil War Repro stash runs deep.

Each block has 4 – 4patches in the corner.  Each 4 patch in my version is made using 4 different fabrics.  2 lights and 2 darks.  So just in 4 patches we have 144 different fabrics.  (all these numbers  make the math geek part of me happy)

Strip sets were sewn.




Cut down into units.

4 patches assembled.







This is what the design board looked like at the end of the day.







Ta Da! (kinda)

Monday, September 16th, 2013


I  announced the winners of the Mystery Giveaway this morning on my facebook page.

That page is Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre.

The winners are Michele Hellman and Beth Cates!

Now what exactly did they win…..

….well I had hoped to be able to share with you the cover of their prize but unfortunately there is still a little more tweeking going on at with the publisher….but I can TELL you about it.

RATH HunterDepreThe quilt pattern that Bonnie Hunter and I taught last month at our Celebration Collaboration Retreat

is now available in pattern booklet form16 pages).

….or it will be available in mid October.

We got all of your emails/fbook messages the week after the retreat and well it has been a whirlwind to say the least.  But our awesome publisher, KCStar, turned it into a booklet in less than 15 days from our initial email to them!

The quilt pattern has been officially named “Ring Around The Hexie”.   And this pattern (and future pattern booklets) will carry the “Celebration Collaboration” subtitle when Bonnie and I work together.

( we are dreaming up something new already).

The booklet will have instructions on a brand new Pieced Hexie design called BOOMER and will be on the only place you can find this Pieced Hexie Design.   And for those who love the templates for marking alignment guides…YES! There will be a template available!

We are releasing the booklet for pre-orders on our individual websites next Monday, September 23rd.  And I am going to leave future details for later posts this week.

Because while the pattern was created and taught as the wall hanging you see here, well I am busy making four such wall hangings for a bed size quilt to show the diversity!

Starting tomorrow I will post blogs showing my progress.  I have done some work and I am about halfway done.  I hope to have the entire quilt top done next week to share.

Finally, I can share something I am working on.    So much is going on behind the scenes that I have an actual list on my desk so I can keep track.

Another biggie is obvious.  The moving of my blog to the front of my website.   And my whole new website.   More about the new website and my awesome webmaster also later this week.  I am now officially in the “learning curve” stage of this.  And so much to update.  Good thing I am home for two weeks!  Ready, Set, GO!

Right now I need to sew.

Enjoy your day,