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What or Where is TOT?

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

If you follow me on social media you will note that I have been spending a lot of time at a place I refer to as TOT lately.    And thus I have been getting inquires as to just what and where TOT is? 

TOT stands for Threads of Time, and it’s location is in Danville, Illinois (Dick and Jerry Van Dyke grew up in Danville, as did Donald O’Connor and Gene Hackman…the place obviously breathes creativity and fun!) about 120 miles south of my abode. 

Threads of Time is a quilt shop that literally has a 36 bed retreat center, formally named Threads & Beds, attached to the back of it.  But TOT is what it is called by regulars. 

Yes just a simple doorway stands retreaters and the colorful and inspiring displays of fabric in the shop, along with full notion walls, patterns galore, and trinkets of a sewing nature that become “gotta haves”.  

Threads of Time offers an annual pass that when obtained allows the bearer to stay as much as they want within the pass year but no more then 6 nights in a row.   Obviously this is quite attractive and quilters & sewists flock to TOT weekly to meet up with like minds, laugh, and sew to their hearts content knowing that there is a bed with their name on it just down the hall. 

There are three distinct sewing rooms each with a kitchen area stocked with several refrigerators, a multitude of cooking devices, ie microwave, toaster oven, crock pot….but NO STOVE!   Trust me you adapt.  Quilters are creative cookers also…I have seen meals fit for Thanksgiving dinner come out of the TOT kitchens at times.   There are several grocery stores within a few miles and restaurants also that you can go out to, pick up from and a few even deliver.  Food and lack of eating have never been a problem. 

When the inquiries started back in March I sat with Nicole, the retreat manager, and looked at the calendar to find a week that would accommodate a group.  That week is August 28th to September 2nd of this year.    So if you would like to join me for a few nights, or even all 5 nights just give Nicole a jingle at and put your name on a bed.  She can go over all the costs etc.  This is not a formal “working retreat” more of a gathering.  There will be no workshops, but I am happy to answer any questions you may have as long as you will do so for me also.  

Everyone will make their own hours and bring their own projects to work on.  I am bringing a bin or two of fabric I am “breaking up with” with the intention of making blocks for charity quilts.  Anyone who wants to partake of this endeavor will be welcomed with open arms and some block instruction sheets…LOL.   

This time is just meant to hang out together and enjoy each other’s company while putting needle and thread thru fabric. 

About a dozen beds have been spoken for and another group is also claiming as many beds so there are just a few left. Give Nicole a call soon if you are interested!  You will find Nicole’s contact info here!

 Enjoy the day, 


A Fiber Field Trip.

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


On Tuesday morning it was decided that there would a Fiber Field Trip that day.   I was in need of two fabrics for two borders on two different quilts.  Hope that wasn’t to confusing for you.  🙂

Quilters Quest 9The quilts for the next book, which will be traditional pieced patterns, are really coming along.  I want to keep the pace as my travel schedule heats up the first week of March and really doesn’t cool down a bit, and just a bit, until the second week in June.   There will be ALOT of hotel sewing.

Paul suggested we head out to Quilters Quest in Woodridge as he loves this shop almost as much as I do.   It opened last year in June and has quickly blossomed into a shop with bolts on the floor.   THAT to me is a sign of a great shop.  When they keep ordering fabric to add to the offerings, so much that there is no shelf room…well it plays into one of my sayings.

“Bolts on the floor means fabric out the door!”

New fabric sells old fabric and vice versa.  It’s the intermingling that adds to new looks etc.   And while I know the perfect scenario for any shop is to have stuff sell before “new” stuff comes in….that doesn’t Quilters Quest 3always work.  another saying….

“Skinny Bolts motivate Fat Bolts to become Skinny”   

Sometimes the perfect partner for a fabric wasn’t born in the same season.  But when they meet…swoooooooon.

Anyway this shop is so bright, and well lit….and stuffed full!

My head was spinning.  I walked the shelves three times, each pass slower then the last and pulled some bolts.   Paul pulled too.  In fact he was behind a few yards of purchase.

Quilters Quest 2Debra and Bob are the owners of Quilters Quest and they are so sweet.   Deb runs the shop and Bob runs the Long Arm Department.  His quilting has already given him a cult like following in the Chicagoland area and am going to be jumping into that pool.   Bob is going to be quilting a few of the quilts for the next book.  The decision was made when we seriously looked at my calendar and the time frame for the book.  Toss in my back and the learning curve I would need to do my own long arming (I can do one or two quilts at this time on George/APQS but not a book full) well it’s time to bring in some help.

This area is the “man spot” of the shop.  A computer terminal to look at all the designs you can select from for quilting (or freehand is available too).  Toss in a 60″ TV screen showing the Olympics/long jump and Paul was a happy camper.  I found a doxie panto that will definitely be going on some quilt in the book.  I can guarantee that one.

You can see the two machines set up in the picture.  And that’s Bob on the far left talking to a quilter who was dropping off her top.   It is buzzing back there let me tell you.


Quilters Quest 7I like when a shop does both…..separates some fabrics by colors, but keeps new fabric lines together.   This is so smart to me.  Keeps quilters moving from one side of the “play pen” to the other.  And new players in a quilt palette keep jumping out at you.

I like that.  I want to search out combinations.    This activity will make my choices unique to me.  But I also like to see the  newest fabric lines together as a whole if possible.   Because sometimes…actually many times…it’s not the key fabric that grabs me but a supporting stripe or texture print.   So yes those need to be spotlighted in a shop for a bit to!



There is just fabric everywhere at Quilters Quest!     Quilters Quest 6   I didn’t get to take a picture of the classroom as there was a class going on so I didn’t wish to interrupt the teacher.  But it to is so bright with full windows on two sides.   They rent it out for open sewing on days when no workshops are scheduled  and I am definitely going to be doing that with a friend or two this year.   Their location is perfect for all of us to easily reach.  They are just a block off a major interstate!   And just imagine the quilts that can be born while being surrounded by so much fabric for a few hours and sewing at your own pace or just tapping away at EQ…hmmm…maybe I can just brainstorm on my laptop instead of sew…hmmmm..

It wasn’t until we had already checked out that I spotted this by the door.  Something new.  I blew right past it on my way in.

Quilters Quest 8FABRIC SCRAPS being sold by the pound.   OH MY!

My plan is to be back next week with at least one if not two tops for Bob.

A pound of scraps will be relocated to my abode at that time.

It’s always good to have a plan.


Quilters Quest 10
Here is the fabric we relocated home from Quilters Quest.  Several yards for two borders.  Some yardage for pillowcases (that would be Paul’s bike fabric) and some fun prints.

Looks like we most definitely were in a teal, black and grey mood.

….but I did see a maize batik that haunts me….it too will have some yardage relocated next week.   If your in the neighborhood it’s a must stop shop.  If your not…well their online shop is awesome too!

Enjoy the day,