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Half Pint Girl & a New Page

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

I think it was July that I first heard about the Little House on the Prairie fabric line release.   And I knew sight unseen I would need to own them all.   Because for me, like many of you, Little House on the Prairie (LHOTP) meant the world to me growing up.

LittleHouseonthePrairieI first identified with the show as my family was a family of three girls also, although being the oldest I in no way felt a pull towards Mary.  Meek and mild are never words that would be identified with me,  I am most definitely a “Laura”.

I can remember sitting in our kitchen watching the show with both my parents on a 7 inch black & white screen because well that is what we owned at that point.   It wasn’t the size of the screen that mattered, what mattered was I was allowed to stay up to watch with them while my sisters were off to bed.   And either ice cream or some sort of bakery was dished out for this event.  It was Mom & Dad and I.  It was magic.

I told my family.  I am buying the entire line.  No one blinked an eye.  They know how much LHOTP means to me.

I stalked…err faithfully followed the Andover website, Facebook page and Instagram feed for glimpses of the fabrics.  I was my drug of choice for the rest of the Summer and Autumn.   I called all local quilt shops and non were carrying the entire line.  I was stunned.  How could none of them see that an entire generation grew up being “Laura”?

I searched out an online retailer and placed my order.  A fat quarter bundle of the entire line.  As a scrappy quilter this made my heart soar.   And of course I knew once a saw the line in person I would then seek out more of favorite prints.

And then I waited.   And while waiting I tried to figure out my plan for this fabric.   I have never made a single line of fabric quilt before but there is always a first time for anything and this seemed to scream “keep them together” to me.  Plus I wanted to make a quilt just for me.  One that would go with me thru my life like an old friend.  One to wrap myself in to read a good book or do some hand sewing…or even to play a video game.  Just a quilt for me made of my sight unseen LHOTP fabric.

Then the fabric arrived…oh my!LHOTP001

I still had not picked out a pattern from the hundreds I have stored in EQ that I have designed over the years.  Nor had I gotten around to designing something new.   What to do…what to do!

And then a lightbulb moment.

I would just play.  I would make any block, any size, any time I felt like it.  No deadline.  No sprinting thru the process.  Just pure play.  I will stack the blocks and once I reach a considerable number I will begin to work them into a sampler quilt design.   I mentioned this idea on my MDQuilts facebook page and many commented and messaged that they liked this idea of the freedom to play and create too.

LHOTP003LHOTP005I cut 2.5″ strips off several of the fat quarters and matched them up in pairs and using the Easy Angle ruler I cut them into half square triangles.  These will be fed thru the machine while working on other projects.  Finished half square triangles never go to waste.


LHOTP007And here is block #1 created this Holiday weekend.   There will be no pattern for each block.  They may be posted in a blog but definitely on the facebook page.   This quilt is just for me.  But I want to see all your blocks too.  And actually all your quilting projects.   It has been the one bane of the MDQuilts page is that in order to see what you are working on your have to post your pics to the MDQuilts page and then I have to “share” them with everyone so we can all see.  It is the quirks of this type of professional page.  I don’t get to see your individual pages.

The solution.    I made a new page called Piece & Hexiness with MDQuilts.   This is an open community page so everyone can post to it.  (You do have to “join” but that is to try to keep the spammers away.)   I dream of it being like a quilt guild meeting that we can all attend daily.   I will always post to the MDQuilts page, that is home base, but you will see some of my posts also pop up on the Piece & Hexiness page from time to time.  But truly that page is all about all of you sharing your projects.  And they don’t have to be my patterns, or my books, truly let’s just have a full out show & tell.

There will be some monitoring and guidelines will be put in place when situations arise.  My goal is a spot where we can all sit back, cheer each other on, share our passion.   There will be no negativity tolerated.   If you can’t find something nice to say then don’t say anything is going to the page motto.

I hope to find pictures there every morning to make my morning coffee time awesome!

Now off to play with some more LHOTP fabric!

Enjoy the day,