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It’s Tussie Mussie Time!

Friday, May 10th, 2019

It is in the webstore and ready for you to purchase.

And at a special price of just $6 from now until midnight on Sunday, May 12th.

This pattern is 14 pages and jam packed with written and visual instructions, the story behind Tussie Mussie, a full quilt coloring page and fabric palette page. The fabric palette page is a tool I use for myself when sewing so I hope you find it useful too.

It has been a long time in the making for this unique rectangle block and quilt. This block was created probably about 6-7 years ago and was toyed with and tried out in several settings many times. Nothing seemed right until this setting was dreamed up last year.

Then the fabric pulling began and the polka dot fabric you see has lived in my stash for 15+ years. I had a yard. The pattern calls for 1-1/4 yards. So if you ever see this quilt in person you will see 3 or 4 of my squares are pieced. It works, the pattern on the fabric has enough movement that you don’t see the piecing unless you are looking for it. I wanted to use that fabric and nothing was going to stop me as it along with this quilt are very special to me.

note – this picture shows just 2/3rds of the quilt

Enter the floral. YES! screamed my brain. I knew they had enough in common color wise and tone that they could play together in a quilt. The trick is not to have them touch. And fields of calm between them in soft textured monochromatic fabrics. Somewhere for the eyes to rest.

I absolutely love this quilt (don’t tell the others…it is a favorite) but I knew some would need to see it in a softer palette so I made it again featuring pinks, purples and yellow. I love it again.

You can purchase your copy of the Tussie Mussie Pattern by clicking below or head to my webstore thru the STORE tab above and you will find it in the NEW & PDF Patterns section.

This is the pattern I will be teaching at the Mickey ‘n Memphis Retreat next March. So if you are signed up for that please note that Debbie will be sending you a code upon receipt of final payment that will allow you to download the pattern for free.

There is still some space in this small intimate retreat so if you are interested you will find a blog full of info by clicking here.

Enjoy the day everyone! I can’t wait to see your versions of Tussie Mussie….I am so very excited!

HAPPY! – A new/old pattern release

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Now some of you have seen and even made a HAPPY! pattern and are wondering what is exactly going on…new pattern release? 

Here’s the scoop. 

HAPPY! is a quilt I made back in 2014.  It was made out of some polka dot nine patch blocks that I had made several years prior.  Those blocks sat in the studio for a few years.  That’s what I do.  I sometimes will just play and make blocks.  It’s not wasting time.  Sometimes you just need to play. 

So these blocks were made and then they sat until they called to me when a 1.5″ strip set of light & bright strips found its way into my hands.  

I pulled some of my beloved plaids and another great dot print and off I went to play some more.  And HAPPY! happened.  I showed it online and it was well received.


And KCStar (my publisher at the time) quickly asked if they could use it as the lead off pattern for a series of stand alone patterns (meaning one quilt) that they were going to begin releasing in early 2015.  The pattern was written, photography happened, printing happened. 

But it was never released.  It was never even advertised as unfortunately KCStar shut their doors soon thereafter.   I was able to buy all copies of the pattern when the situation of closing happened.  And I sold them all pretty quickly.   It has been out of my store for two years now.  

The lightbulb moment of offering the pattern as a PDF download actually happened over a year ago but Border Options and a bunch of other things just kept pushing it down on my to-do list.   Life the last 16 months has really been quite the adventure.  I am happy that it seems to be much calmer now.  

But last month I vowed to myself that it was gonna happen in August.  

So earlier this week Paul and I took HAPPY!  and it’s BIKE HAPPY! version that I have in the house for some beauty shots.   We headed out to Maple Lake East Woods.   This is the area that the movie “The Lake House” starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves was filmed.   Pictures were taken and I put some time into scanning (remember I own all the rights to this pattern)  and loading everything into my webstore. 

It is really a fun quilt.  And so easy with no triangles.   Over the years I have seen so many versions. 




It is a great pattern to showcase a favorite conversation print.  As in the BIKE HAPPY! version.  I made this quilt for Paul!  And I made another version composed of playing cards and backgammon fabrics called GAME HAPPY! that Paul Jr. owns.  

I still owe Em a version…hmmm maybe I will work on another version soon.

So I am having a NEW/OLD Pattern release for HAPPY!  I think it deserves a few more versions in life.   I hope you agree.  And if you would like you can make it part of your pattern collection by clicking below!


Enjoy the day, 

Next in Queue

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

I am on a roll.

Projects, both sewing and office are getting done.   This makes me a very relaxed girl.   And when I look at my calendar next year…especially March thru July….well I am relaxing NOW.

Paul and I usually end our evenings playing a game.  Either board, card or electronic.  We are gamers.  We raised gamers.  It’s our thing.

Blog11.26017Last night was electronic.  The Xbox goes on and we tackle Peggle together.  It is the perfect not-to-much-thinking game (that we ramp up with personal goals/competition…it is who we are) when one is feeling a bit under the weather.

It’s a sure sign that Paul is really feeling lousy when he agrees to my suggestion of getting him some over the counter meds and he immediately takes them once they are in the house.

It is also my practice to do some hand sewing while waiting for my turn.  I do this during all kinds of games as some turn waiting can be minutes.   Every little bit of stitching moves a project along.

But the more we played.  I listened to Paul’s breathing …sniffles…and coughing.

YUCK!  He is really getting sick.   And then I did this during a coughing jag.

Yep I was stressed out listening to him and worrying about it that I bent my hand needle.  Time for  a new needle.

After the game, he won, he would like me to say that, I decided it was time to get the “H*ll out of Dodge” as they say and I ran to my studio in the hopes of avoiding any further contamination.

During the making of the fabric wall (see this post) I uncovered several fermenting projects.  See I don’t use the standard UFO term.  I like to think of my projects as fermenting.  🙂

I decided that this group of blocks was next in queue for finishing.  I started this last year at Quiltvilla.  That place is magic let’s be clear, when I am there I can just sew and laugh and sing for hours with Bonnie.  Things get done.  Blocks/Quilts are created.   Yes another visit in already on the 2015 calendar.



OK.  Twenty Six blocks done of the planned 42 for a 6×7 setting. Blog11.26020

  Easy peasey.  No border plans as of yet.  A scrappy throw quilt at 72 x 84.

The block is “Sixty Scrap Dash” that was in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 9.  (I think I posted Vol. 8 last night on facebook…my bad)

I started this project using the hundreds, if not thousands of 4″ squares that I used for the “color workshop” I taught for years (since retired).  I have a bunch of center rail fence units done and hundreds of half square triangles were also in the project box.  I just needed to organize and cut up the set of four same color 2.5″ squares and sewing would be a mindless yet enjoyable event.  Just what I decided would be my holiday plan as I will most likely be nursing a sick hubby.

So I cut. And when I finally ran out of 4″ squares to use for the 2.5″ squares I turned to my newly cut bins of 2.5″ strips.

Life is good.

The cutting and kitting flew by and in just two hours I had this lined up on my sewing table just waiting for me to begin assembly.








And I even tossed a few blocks up on the design wall to give me something to look at as I sew.

Like I said nothing earthshattering in this quilt.  Very easy.  No sashing.  No borders.  Just blocks.

Scrappy goodness.














When I ventured back upstairs around midnight I was greeted by this on couch.

Seems she knew exactly where I planned to lay my head that evening to avoid all the coughing going on up the stairs.Blog11.26016

Don’t forget to post your comment on yesterday’s blog for a chance to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 10 tomorrow at noon.  I have TWO to give away!

I’ll be in the studio sewing until then,


What makes this Designer Thankful

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014


It’s that week….Thanksgiving is just literally 48 hours away!

Our holiday here at Chez Depre will be a quiet one as Paul has to work and the kids are scattered with plans of their own to spend the day with friends.

We will miss them but I told myself I was going to let them flap their wings and fly in life…knowing when they return home it will be all the more special.  And it will be as both are heading home for Christmas.  I can hardly wait.

A quiet Thanksgiving might be just what I need as I am hoping you will enjoy the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday special that I have planned.


Village Square Block

….and since I am notoriously bad with secrets I will share now…..FREE SHIPPING on everything in the web store for domestic customers only, sorry my foreign friends.

YES! even Castle Wall Acrylic Templates which are currently back in stock!   This mania will last just 48 hours from 12:01 am CST on Friday Nov 28th to 11:59pm on Saturday Nov 29th.

I’m going need a breather on Sunday to flip the web store around for the very special offer I have dreamed up with Paper Pieces for Cyber Monday.  

And no, I won’t be hinting ….just yet. 

But for now I just wish to share what I as a designer am thankful for.   It hit me smack in the face this week when Terry Thorne of Maple Park, IL posted this picture on my MDQuilts Facebook page.



Her rendition of my block, in the recently released Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine.



VillageSquare Vol 10


Village Square is a simple block that looks complicated.  It’s a perfect block to play with scraps or plan out in set fabrics just playing with color and texture combinations. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much joy it brings to me to see your creativity applied to designs I have created or just share.  Such as the Castle Wall Block…but that is another blog soon.

When I get a notice of a post of a picture to the Facebook page my heart just sings.   This is what I dreamed of as a little girl when I told my aunt I wanted to be the lady that wrote the crochet patterns for Leisure Arts.   Truly.  

To celebrate my Village Square Block being included in the

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks! Volume 10  I have two issues to giveaway!

So post a comment here on the blog from now until NOON CST on Thanksgiving telling me the one thing you are most thankful for in your “sewing life”.   I will randomly pull the winners and post them for you to see on Thanksgiving night.

I will go first.  I am thankful for THREAD in all colors, styles, and sizes.  Using the right thread makes life sew much easier!

If you are new to the blog please note your comment may not appear immediately upon posting.  I will have to approve you (which I will do several times a day) but once your first comment is approved you are good from then on….and you will want to be as we have just a few short weeks until my 7 Days of Swag giveaway starts on December 15th.

Oh yes there is a lot of typing going on….lol.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!


It’s an “Arkansas Whirl” kinda day!

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Vol8-blog-tour-this-week-socialmediaFinally….today is my day to share my block in the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 8 and partake in their blog tour.   You can find a list of the other participants in today’s tour on the Quiltmaker’s Quilty Pleasures blog.

My block is a Foundation Pieced Block called Arkansas Whirl.Arkansas Whirl0001

Now you might wonder, why Arkansas?  I am a born and bred lifelong Chicagoan so how does Arkansas fit in?

Arkansas is home to Hendrix College (Conway, Arkansas) and my twins both attended Hendrix (newly graduated) and so for the last four years of our lives, my husband Paul and I would do the Arkansas Whirl and drive 10-12 hours each way several times a year to see our kids.  Arkansas, specifically Conway, kinda snuck up on us and stole a piece of our heart.  It is great town and we love it.  But honestly too hot for this northern loving girl to ever live full time in.

While designing this block the kids were in the final semester of college and it was thought that we would no longer be whirling to Arkansas.  So I named the block after what I thought was an end of an “era” in our family lore.  But we were wrong.  Dear daughter Emily is now an employee of Hendrix and I foresee a whirl or two in our near future.   (she obviously has no problem with the heat).

I wanted to take the block to the next level and designed a simple table runner to share. Arkansas Whirl Table Runner You can find the FREE PDF Pattern HERE and in the very near future it will reside on a special PDF pattern page on my website.  I made my rendition in fun Christmas prints. ChristmasArkansasTableRunner

I plan to gift this to dear daughter so she can have it in Arkansas to enjoy!

As you are probably aware (with this being the final day of the blog tour)  Quiltmaker will be giving away a free copy of 100 Blocks Volume 8 to a lucky reader of this blog.  To enter you need to leave a comment.   I am asking that you tell me a favorite state of your own in your comment.  I think that would be fun to learn.  PLEASE NOTE: if  this is your first time commenting on my blog your comment will not automatically appear.  I will approve it and you will automatically be able to comment and enter giveaways from now on (and I will have another in December).   I will do my best to approve comments in a timely fashion until Sunday afternoon.   I promise.

I, myself will be giving a second issue to a blog commenter also.  YES! Two issues will be given away on this blog.


FB100BlocksGraphicIf you click here you will go to my “Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre” facebook page.  The page was started and named after by book Pieced Hexies but truly we discuss all things quilty and life there.   On the page look for a post with this graphic and make a comment.  Here you can just say…”found it!” if you would like (it would also be great if you LIKED the page).
By doing this you will be entered into a special drawing of just fbook page commenters for a THIRD copy of 100 blocks Volume 8.

And you will get a bonus entry if you share the post on your own page. whew…ok I think I got it all in.  Oh wait…

I will draw all 3 winners on Sunday at noon cst and will post the winners here!   Note you can buy a copy of 100 blocks in my store and if you are a lucky winner I will refund your monies so no worries!

Piece ‘n Happiness,


p.s. TODAY is the last day of my “Clear My Shelves of Small Quilts” Sale on Etsy.  You can click the Etsy stamp on the side bar to go right to my Etsy store.  These small quilts need new homes and I have priced them so that they hopefully will find them.  🙂


Puttering and Pineapples

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Puttering around the studio today and decided to pull out my Pineapple Quilt UFO. My goal…sew a few more blocks and see where it goes from there.

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Get your Blueberry Spice Here!

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

For those who are Facebook Buds remember back in early Sept I posted a bundle of fabric that I was oohing and ahhhing over.
It was the Deco by Jason Yenter for In The Beginning Fabrics line that has just been released and will be finding it’s way to your local quilt shop shelves any day now.
Well I took some of those yummy small prints (which by the way are wonderful for hexies too!) and played with some stash fabric and came up with “Blueberry Spice”.
OK I know I know…48 pieces in each block…yipes!   What can I say I was in a groove.
The pattern can be made for a wall hanging. (Hanging right now over my TV!)
or a table topper (I think these colors are a fresh twist on Thanksgiving!)
and you can make FOUR and put them together for a lap quilt…or 9 and go full size!
The pattern can be found here on the Fairfield site.  It is FREE! 

Piecing Pineapples at the Movies

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

During my recovery from surgery I watched the entire season 9 of The Quilt Show one weekend.    Gyleen Fitzgerald was featured on one episode showcasing her ruler for making Pineapple blocks.  Viola…the dreaded Pineapple block is not so dreaded anymore.  Years ago I made a blue/white quilt for my sister in this block.  It was king size…I swore…never again.  I am retracting that statement.
I quickly ordered it here. (plus her book)
When I was given the green light by the doc I would venture downstairs and began to cull down my scrap bins to 1.5” strips…and also a few strips were taken off yardage when I felt more of a color was needed.  Seems I don’t have too many green scraps.
Two weeks ago I began to sew and deemed Sunday’s as Pineapple nights.  I love my Sunday nights…Paul shifts to his night hours and now I can spend the entire time in the studio pretty much uninterrupted. 
I pieced nine blocks that first Sunday and went to bed dreaming of settings for these blocks.  And just as I was about to fall off to sleep it hit me.  I quickly jotted down my idea and went back to bed.

Yesterday (Sunday) I started sewing and unfortunately my head cold kept me to just 4 blocks. 
But I did begin making the “sew line” sashing that I envisioned.

Some feedback on facebook is that is reminds people of filmstrip…and yes I can see that…thus the name of this blog entry….and considering that as the name of the quilt too….hmmm…what do you think?
Note on the sashing I originally put 1.5” strips of black fabric on side of the pieced center…I knew it was too much black but wanted to see it up against a few block before I decided.  I did eventually trim it down .5” on each side. 

The four blocks I did make yesterday were “lights” or opposite positioning of my previous blocks.  These will be used as just “2 packs” as I am calling them…or a relief of the darker “4 pack” traditional coloring pineapple blocks.  This will create some depth and give the overall quilt a look of plaid.  Shown above is 3 units across.  The full quilt will have 5.
Look for Pineapple Updates on Mondays.
oh yeah…and I have also started working on this….