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August Block – Options Galore!

Friday, July 10th, 2015

This blog is full of ideas for using the Augusta block with Paris Flight (January), Jim Dandy (March) and Lady of the Lake Block (May).

Let’s begin with my layout for my row quilt showing the Augusta block row dropped in.


Only two more block designs to go….this year is flying by!

I plan to put up the foundation pattern for the triangle spacer rows in August. I am home most of the month so it will get done.

And of course there will be a blog announcing the addition of the PDF for their foundations to the 2015 O.T.R. page.

But for now I played with all the blocks I have released so far and came up with the following ideas to share.

AugustaAlone1I wanted to make a very traditional one block quilt layout with sashing and cornerstones using the Augusta block.

It is such a dynamic block with all the sharp angles I wanted to just see it on it’s own.   When I first start to play with the block(s) I am just using the blocks from my 2015 On The Road row quilt project thus the coloring.  But I see the lines and that is what I am always looking for.  Then I start to play with color.

AugustaAlone1.2I used two different colorways for the blocks.  Again very traditional.  But the palette very modern.

This next pattern uses Augusta, Lady of the Lake and Paris Flight blocks.

Augusta.LadyoftheLake.ParisFlight 1

And recolored in a soft cool color palette.

Augusta.LadyoftheLake.ParisFlight 1.2

How about putting Jim Dandy and Augusta together.

Jim Dandy is such a heavy block to me with those blocky corners.  I wanted to see it as a border.


And I think this might go in the list of possibilities.

I brought colors from the “hot” Jim Dandy border blocks into the first ring of “cool” Augusta blocks to soften the solid line between block changes.

JimDandy&Augusta1.2I hope you like some of these ideas.  And maybe you have a few of your own now dancing in your head.

You can find template  (and EPP papers if you would like to tackle the blocks that way) in my store, the link is above in the header.   And links to all the “how-to blogs” for each block are on the 2015 O.T.R. page.

I am out the door on Monday for 8 days of touring the state of Michigan and visiting several guilds.

Any orders placed from July 13 to July 21st will ship out on July 22nd.

And don’t forget to “like” my facebook page MDQuilts to see blocks as they are being made while I am one the road.

Enjoy your day,


Jim Dandy Block – How to Part 2

Monday, March 2nd, 2015



Today we are going to tackle a corner unit of a Jim Dandy Block.  It is made up of  two A’s ,  one B, and two C’s – with one of them being a reverse of the C unit.


Here are my pieces ready to go.


Sew an A to each side of B as indicated by the green lines.

These will be short lines of sewing.

knot off at the end of each line.


now on to the C & Cr


The C & Cr pieces can be added to the A-B-A unit with one longer line of sewing.

There will be three Roundabout Moves as indicated by the red circles.


Start and sew just as you have done before.


Here is the start of the second Roundabout adding the Cr piece.


Finishing up the center Roundabout.

Sew to the end of the Cr piece and knot off.

Repeat for the remaining three corner units.  Press each corner unit in the direction that seams fall naturally.


Now let’s join the corners to the center.


Sew two opposite corners to the center.

NOTE treat the center point(s) intersection as a Roundabout to obtain a sharp point on both the center square and piece B.

Press seams outward.


Then finish by sewing the remaining corners to the center following the same course when it comes to intersections/Roundabout Moves.

Ta-Da!  A Jim Dandy Block!

Tomorrow I am planning to share where I am going to use this block in my quilt….and some other ideas.

’til then,


Jim Dandy Block – How To Part #1

Sunday, March 1st, 2015


So let’s start to hand sew this fun block shall we?  

I am not going to go over marking your fabrics using the acrylic templates as that has been covered already under the general info blogs at the beginning of the year and a very detailed blog here (yes it is for the Castle Wall block but the same info applies to all blocks).


Here are the templates.  There are four shapes in the Jim Dandy Block.


The back of my cut out pieces for my first block.


And the front.  Take a moment to cut striped or directional fabric so that it appears pleasing to the eye.  These little things go a long way in creating a beautiful quilt.


Here is an orientation guideline for the templates.  NOTE: Piece C is used flipped over (in reverse) for half the pieces in the block.

You can find a PDF of this orientation guide on the 2015. O.T.R page under the Jim Dandy Block.

Be sure to keep checking this page periodically for useful/information PDFs.


We are going to start with the center block and four surrounding triangles.

These can be sewn together with one continuous strand of thread so make sure you needle is loaded.


Place the triangle on top of the square, right sides together, lining up the long edges.

I pin on the drawn line using an ultra fine pin.  Check the back to make sure the pin falls on the drawn line on the square also.

If not unpin and shift the pieces until this happens.  Remember there is always a bit of fudge factor when lining up pieces due to them being hand cut.

Never rely on your edges…always pin and match up your drawn lines.


IMPORTANT!   Sew two or three threads above your drawn line!

This compensates for the fact that getting into the exact edge of the template with your marking pen/pencil is

nearly impossible.   TRUST ME this is how you end up with a 10.5″ block (unfinished) and not a 10.25″ or smaller block at the end.

Make a backstitch to start off.

And backstitch every inch as you are sewing and always finish a line with a backstitch even if you are going on to another piece without knotting off.


Running stitch.    Remove pin when you reach it with your needle and thread.


Finish with a backstitch.


Now in this center unit there are four intersections that we will preform the Roundabout Move.  This is when you pass your threaded needle thru two pieces at time in a circular fashion at the intersection of joining a new piece.  By performing the Roundabout Move you will have a tighter intersection with no gaps/pin holes and nice crisp points.   Ok…here we go!


Use a pin to line up the corner of next triangle (#2) to the last corner of the triangle (#1) you just sewed to the square.  Line up your long edges and place your pin on the drawn line.  (don’t forget to check the backside to make sure the pin lines up on the square’s line also).


Pull your needle thru from Triangle #1 to Triangle #2.    Pull all the was thru with thread.

Then pull needle thru Triangle #2 to Square at the same point of the drawn line (remember just a few threads above it)


Pull needle and thread all the  way thru.    Then bring needle thru the Square to Triangle #1.


Side view of the move of the needle from Square to Triangle #1


And finally repeat the move from Triangle #1 to Triangle #2.   You will ALWAYS end a Roundabout with the same move you started.


Make a back stitch and sew Triangle #2 to the Square.


Repeat these steps for Triangle #3  & #4.

End this unit by making a Roundabout Move between Triangle #4 and Triangle #1 and knot off.

Tomorrow we tackle a corner unit.

’til then,



2015 On The Road Project – Block Two

Saturday, February 21st, 2015


A look at my calendar late last week brought to my attention a detail…and important detail…that somehow I didn’t think of when setting up the release date of March 1st for the next block in the One The Road Project.

I won’t be home on March 1st.

And yes I know I can set up a blog post with scheduling to go up at any time I choose.  But to clarify…I won’t be home to press the button to put the acrylic templates/EPP papers in the store.  I won’t do that type of website change on a hotel unsecured internet for obvious reasons.   And more importantly I won’t be home to get your orders out.   And since I won’t be home until late in the day on the 4th this would mean some would be waiting a long time.

So I decided to post the block this weekend on Sunday.

Then today’s plans of trying out our “new to us” cross country skis fell thru due to the bitter cold conditions I thought…I will post the block today!

So here it is!

JIM DANDY is this block name!


Isn’t it grand!

So much potential with that obvious “fussy cut friendly” center and those inset chevrons…no worries with hand piecing!

The dimensional aspects of this block are exciting.

As you can see by the image above I am placing the red in the center triangles on each and every one of my blocks in my quilt.   Remember the use of red in each block is what I am using to unite all my blocks in my scrappy row quilt.


Jim Dandy Quilt Block

I have finished block one for my quilt while taking pictures for the step by step instructional blog that will appear late next week.  (I need a few days              recovery from this morning’s internet problems/hoop jumping…trust me.)

   And I will also have another blog next week showing you what row I plan to use my block in and several other layout options for you to consider in your             project.  I hope you will check back for that blog as I have been having a lot of fun designing options in Electric Quilt for you.

I do have the Acrylic Template sets, and English Paper Piecing sets (one and six blocks) in the store and you can order now if you wish.  I will process  all orders received by 5pm CST tomorrow (Sunday-Feb 22nd)  for shipping on Monday but then I am out the door for two days to a semi-local gig.   I will be back home mid week and will get any other orders out before leaving again a week from today.

So now you see why I decided to push up the release.

JimDandyTemplatesJimDandy EPP 6 blocksJimDandyEPP ONE Block

I hope you like this block and will join along with us on my facebook page as blocks are created and posted/shared for all to see.  And keep making and posting Paris Flight blocks and Castle Wall Blocks….I just love seeing them all!

Enjoy your Saturday,