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Big Bloombas is in the house! FREE PATTERN

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

For those who are a part of my facebook page, MDQuilts, you know that recently I switched back to my fermenting (projects are never UFOs here…they ferment) 30s Repro hexies & jewels quilt.

BigBloombasPic1This time around I finally sat down and did the math to see how many of the Hexie Blooms, 13 hexagons each,BigBloombasPic2





and what I call Jewel Blooms, 6 jewel shapes, I could achieve out of the stash I had set aside for this project.

I purchased 1.5 yards of the modern black & grey print  along with 1 jelly roll of soft creams, pinks, yellows, taupes, and very soft orange kona solids that I am using in the Jewel Blooms.

The 30s repro hexies are what I did in the 3700 miles of car rides in 3weeks in May 2013 when the kids each graduated collage and moved home for 6 days (Pauli) and 2 weeks (Emily) before we drove their stuff to their new out of state residences….whew.   That was a lot of driving.  And a lot of hexies got done when it wasn’t my turn behind the wheel.



Before I left home, I have been in Arkansas since Tuesday visiting Emily, I took this picture of where I was at in my idea for the layout.



Armed with that info, my fabric count, and some time I figured out I can make a center portion for this quilt of approximately 50 x 58.

Big Bloombas Quilt Layout 6x6

Then I will add borders of at least 8″ that will be pieced or maybe even appliqued.  I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Several of you have asked for the layout pattern.  You can find it as a free PDF on my PDF page of this website under Quilt Patterns.

And if you haven’t “liked” my facebook page yet,, head over and do so.  There’s a lot going on over there each and every day.

Next week when I am home I plan to work on the borders of the Castle Wall Quilt.  Yes that will be a free pattern on the PDF page to as soon as I am done.











Limbo Time on a Drunkard’s Path

Monday, January 13th, 2014

I’m in this weird limbo time.

I’ve been home since late November…and while I had grand ideas of sewing each and everyday during my “break”…that didn’t happen.   But lately I have been getting to the machine more and stuff is being created. I am actually into quilt #4 of the next book.  The next book will be a traditional pattern book that will totally show my eclectic nature.  It will have quilts for several styles and lots of diverse fabric choices.   I do truly love it ALL.

I am getting ready for my first gig of 2014.  All of 13 miles downtown to the Omni Hotel to teach for Sew Many Place’s Chicago Winter Retreat.  So while it is “back in the saddle” time it really isn’t back on the road yet.  After the retreat I have 10 days of sewing planned for myself.  That means lots of takeout dinners and I plan to be in the zone.

AND I am sitting and waiting for the delivery of my boxes of Pieced Hexies Deux.   Why do I have the sinking feeling that they will show up on Thursday morning.  And if they do I will put a box or two in the jeep along with my preorder binder so I can sit and sign them in my hotel room if I have time.   I will do everything in my power to get the books out to everyone ASAP I promise.

But in the meantime.

One project that I pulled out over the Holidays was my 4″  Drunkards Path blocks done English Paper Piecing (EPP) style.   Now as I mentioned above I love ALL kinds of fabric styles…but rarely do I absolutely fall in love with an entire line.  I know the last time this happened was back in the 90’s with the Fons & Porter Cumberland line in the French Blue colorway.  I drove my friends crazy with my love of that line of fabric.  And yes some still lives in the stash.

jpg_mod-centurycollageBut it has been awhile.  That is until I saw MOD Century by Jenn Ski for Moda.


So I bought a charm pack (this way of purchasing a little bit of an entire line was not available to me in the 1990’s…it took awhile to save up to buy the entire line in FQs).  As I was thumbing thru the charm pack it dawned on me that these 5″ square are perfect for the 4″ Drunkards Path papers.   I quickly purchased 5 more charm packs and a project was born.

Jan13-3Every few weeks I break it out and set a goal of basting up all the templates I have which is 24 sets of blocks.   Then I sew together 8 blocks and return to basting those papers back up and so on.  This keeps the variety of my blocks very scrappy even for working with just one fabric line.   And it keeps me doing different aspects so it does not get boring.

The biggest trick when working with one fabric line is to make sure you really pay attending to contrast both in color and print.  Otherwise things can get to blurring and you lose all the detail of your work.Jan13-2

I just cracked the seal on charm pack #3 I am starting to get antsy to play with layout patterns.  I have resisted until now knowing that dangling that creative  carrot in front of me will keep me going on this project.  After 47 yrs I am finally figuring myself out.  LOL.

So to the floor I went with my pile of blocks and some quick fabric choices from the studio.

I know I need a solid.  Somewhere for the eye to rest in this quilt.   And I know I am going to use the Circle Layout of the blocks as I love my circles.   This will be a fairly simple little  nap quilt.  Nothing over the top design wise.

Jan13-1But I do think this fabric from the beloved Dogma fabric line by In The Beginning (which came very very close to being another I have to have the entire line fabric) will be the spark this quilt needs.

This pic is truly too much of the Dogma fabric.  The scale I am thinking of is just 1″ line with the solid(s) on either side in a thin rail fence sashing.

Jan13-5That’s better.

Now let’s bring in a few more solids so that portion of the quilt doesn’t look so flat.Jan13-6



Simple quilts can be spectacular with there is an unexpected fabric that really just punches it up.

Can’t take this to EQ7 for another guest that will be around March.

Enjoy your day,






It’s a Hexie Ice Cream Cone Block!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Start hexing now!  This would make a cute set of pillows or a table runner for summer!

                                You can find the PDF pattern for it at the side of the blog!

Trouble is brewing…..

Monday, October 1st, 2012

October!  Yes this Autumn lovin’ girl is happy happy happy!  

I think I will celebrate this first day of October by “stirring up trouble” in the studio.   

Some dresden plate paper pieces followed me home from Petals & Blooms Quilts & Needlework booth at the Heritage Quilters Guild show last weekend….this morning I took them out of their sealed bag.

….rut roh….now they are chatting with my scrap bins…

….trouble is brewing…..  “)

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It’s a Hexie House!

Monday, September 24th, 2012


Quilting on the Square
Holton, Kansas

That’s where I am for the next few days sewing away with friends until my booking signing event on Saturday.

This morning I walked the neighborhood in search of this very special house that Mark & Mary (QOS owners…and the nicest people) showed me last night. 

A Hexie House!   My Blogger app only allows one phone upload per post so check out the Pieced Hexies Fan Page on Facebook for more pics.

I think I need to leave a book on the front porch! 

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Mini Hexie Update

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Testing out the Blogger App on my phone with this snapshot blogpost.

Today is a rainy stormy day…that means it’s mini hexie project time.

I have rounded the corner of the halfway mark….

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Where in the world am I?

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Sometimes that is the first thought in the morning when I am on the road.   And by the looks of next years schedule (and 2014 too) that is gonna be a mantra in my life.

But it’s a good thing…and truly I love it.  I have often said my motto is “have passport- will travel”.

So where am I now?

Hendrix STLC I am in Conway Arkansas.

Yep, I am visiting Emily.  Pauli is off to Atlanta doing some visiting of his own. 

I did get to see him for a few hours when I arrived on Tuesday. 

What am I doing.

Absolutely nothing.  Well at least for a few more days. 

I am basically in a “holding pattern”. 

And then this will hit the book shelves in a few weeks.  (see my website for preordering)


EQ Boutique

And right after it Electric Quilt will be releasing this.  

If you use EQ this is a boutique download program that will give you all the “Pieced Hexie” images to use in designing your own Pieced Hexie Quilts/Projects. 

Watch the My EQ Boutique website for it’s release soon.

And pretty much in the midst of all that the next issue of  Quilter’s Newsletter will come out with my “workshop” in it. 

I have a feeling I will be doing a lot more in the very near future. 

So for now I am going to enjoy my time with “nothing to do”.

….and I have found my knitting needles again.  

Life is good.

567 mini hexies later…..

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


I have basted 567 mini (1/2 inch size) hexies since May 3rd.  I have also done a whole lot of other stuff since May 3rd.  But these little mini hexies kept calling my name.  So I would sneak a few in here and there everyday. And before I knew it I was well over halfway, then three quarters and late last night I tripped into “doneland”. 

Well done basting that is.  

Now the fun begins of seeing my pattern that I made on EQ7 come to life. 

Been spending lots of time on EQ7 these days but that will be a blog later this week, for now we are mini-hexing.  Well at least til 10am when I am heading back to the studio to finish the background for my next Pieced Hexies quilt.

See now that the book is done, the quilt is done, the EQ7 project is done, and the step outs for the Quilters Newsletter workshop is done, and a bunch more is DONE. Well I have some free time and I have blog material! 

Because now I can talk about all of it. YAY!DSC06174

And there is a lot of it to talk about.   It’s been a whirlwind.

But for now I am mini-hexing.  

I broke the pattern down into sections. Yes I will share the pattern…in another blog.  I want you to see the progression of this without seeing the pattern first.   Here is where I am at now.  Looks like a blob of pink/red/orange and cream.   Hang in there this is only 17 hexies.  550 to go. The quilt doesn’t have a name yet so if anything comes to mind please share as I am open to suggestions.


I also downloaded Mary Kay Andrews newest book to my Nook.  I am going to read.  again.  I snuck in two books since February. 

I am on reading withdrawal. 

I need to read.  

Enjoy the day.