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Cookin’ with Em -A New Book

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Now that Em is settled into her new apartment it is time to get back to our “cooking together” adventure.

You will find a blog about all of this here.

But a quick catch up is my daughter, Em and I, decided earlier this year to cook together even though we presently live almost 700 miles apart. Em is quite the cook (she takes after her father) and I am just a few seasons into my oneness with the kitchen. It is a way for us to enjoy discovering new recipes and really has been fun. We each take turns picking a weekly recipe out of a chosen book. Once we have both made the recipe we compare what we liked, didn’t like, what we could add or take out.

So, as I said now that Em is settled in her new apartment it is time to start again. And I think it is time for a new book. We spent approximately 4 months with MILK street and found some wonderful recipes will be repeating, But I say it is time for a new book. I am ready for a new book. I like new books. LOL.

But what book? Here is where you will play a part. I am going to put links to two books below. Just click on each book to get to their Amazon listings so you can peruse all the info easily available.

Afterwards just comment below which book you think we should tackle. On Monday, June 29th I will order which ever book decided and we will begin again the following week!


click on the book picture for more info


click on the book picture for more info

So thanks in advance for your comment and have a great day!

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Cooking With Em #3 – Milk Street Tuesday Nights Cookbook

Friday, March 8th, 2019

RECIPE: Page 328 – Paprika-Caraway Kielbasa Soup

Yesterday was a “Cooking with Em” Day. If your unfamiliar with what that is you can quickly catch up by clicking here and reading this blog.

Page 329 – MILK Street Tuesday Nights Cookbook

It was an Em’s choice week and she went with a soup. Perfect for the rainy weather she is experiencing in Arkansas. If you wish to see Em’s pics of her finished meals or pics of her artwork you can find her on Instagram under the name of applejuicedepre.

Here are all the ingredients. Note I did double up on the recipe’s called for amount of kielbasa. I wanted the skinless version for soup and the packaging meant more sausage then needed.

And you see a jar of sauerkraut there vs fresh. I thoroughly rinsed the kraut under hot water before adding to soup to mellow it’s taste. I used jar vs fresh because in 10 days time it is Reuben Sandwich week here after St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Corned Beef and Sauerkraut – what’s not to love. And our local grocery had that large jar on sale for $1.99.

I also unintentionally doubled up on the tomato paste in error. Em’s one negative about the soup was it needed more tomato flavor, and we didn’t experience that, so I have noted to double the tomato paste from now on.

Chop and dice kielbasa, potatoes and onion into bite size pieces.

Next I added the caraway seeds. I really wish you could of smelled my kitchen and how wonderful the aroma was.

All the ingredients are in the pot and simmering away for at least 30 minutes. Like most soups – low and slow- is the way to go. Flavors melding is happening!

Paul walked in the door from work and the first words out of his mouth were – “Is it ready to eat?” It really smelled that good.

Dinner is served.

Someone ate two servings before I was finished with my one. He said “no doubt this is a 5 STAR notation in the book and a definite MAKE AGAIN recipe.

You will note that I am not sharing the recipe on this blog just giving our insights/tweaks and feedback. This cookbook is readily available to purchase or check out of your library. Giving a recipe that is not your own is much like posting another designer’s quilt pattern online. The author, publisher and all the people in between from photographers to delivery people need those purchase dollars to support their own households and families – so I wish to support them and I know you do also. Because without their creativity we wouldn’t have this great soup to enjoy. So if interested you can find the book here, or at your local bookstore or library and cook along with Em & I.

I will announce the week’s recipe on the MDQuilts facebook page and then do a follow up blog, as this is every week. We won’t cook our way thru the entire book, with 300+ recipes that would take awhile and several other cookbooks are calling to us, but I see us giving this book a few months of attention. It is definitely a winner on our shelves.

Next week is my pick…and I see chicken on the grocery list!

Enjoy the day,

Cookin’ with Em #2 – Milk Street Tuesday Nights Cookbook

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

RECIPE: page 209 – Palestinian Crispy Herb Omelet

Last night was a “Cookin’ with Em” night. And this weeks recipe is Palestinian Crispy Herb Omelet.

One thing that is absolutely right about this recipe and is addressed in the cookbook, the prep of the herbs will take longer then the actual cooking.

I am so happy that recently I purchased this nifty kitchen gadget to make cutting of herbs easier and quicker. These scissors saved this recipe as far as I am concerned. Chopping three different herbs is not something I would chalk up as great fun. My knife skills are still in development. So multiblade scissors are for me!

snip- snip-snip

Worth every penny!

I am putting a link to these scissors here. You can also find them at Bed, Bath & Beyond, not exactly the same scissors, if I remember correctly they didn’t have the soft grip, but a version is there. I have used them several times. But this recipe did give them a workout. I love my gadgets, quilting and now cooking!

We used 8 eggs per the recipe. But in hindsight I think 2 more were needed. Although our eggs were labeled Large, they were really “fluffy” Mediums.

Dinner is served.
We added a side of aspargus.

I also substituted half a poblano pepper for the serrano chilies the recipe called for. Personally, that would of been too much heat for me. But both Paul and I agree that next time, I will use the whole poblano.

And I substituted Naan bread for pita bread. Just a personal choice there.

All in all we are giving this recipe 3 Stars out of 5. It needs some more tweaking, 2 more eggs, more poblano and less greek yogurt in the sauce we feel . We did enjoy it and will make it again.

Going to spend some time today looking thru the book for the next recipe. Oh wait it’s Em’s turn to pick. Well, I will just pick out something to make the following week on my own as she will be away. There are so many recipes in this book that we will never get thru all of them together.

Here is a link to the book for additional information.

That’s it for now. Just a side note, I am working on a reading list page for those who have asked about a list of the books I share on Facebook. Hopefully that will get done and up in the next week or so. But for now I am signing off and heading to the studio to sew!

Have a great day,

Little Boy Britches – Quilt Ideas

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

A quick post to share with you some ideas for quilts that happened with a little bit of play time on my hands.

This is a a straight set of the block with no sashing between the blocks. It mimics the antique top in my collection. But I played with the coloring and two toned the “britches” for some twinkle in the blocks.

Here is the block on point and again with no sashing between blocks. Look at the fun secondary circles that happen! I played with the coloring to mix it up a bit. By using three different colorway of blocks in the quilt and their placement, depth is created.

This final idea for a quilt is back to a traditional setting with skinny sashing between the blocks. This is Little Boy Britches and Tennessee Circles (Oct 2018) combined.

The pre order special of FREE SHIPPING (domestic delivery only) is ongoing and will expire at 11:59pm on Saturday March 3rd. Orders will begin shipping on Friday, March 8th in the order in which they were received. Online Facebook LIVE segments coverage hand piecing techniques and how-to’s will begin the week of March 18th.

On the home front, tonight is another recipe from MILK Street – Tuesday Nights cookbook. This week was my choice and I went with the Palestinian Crispy Herb Omelet. I am making two changes….using poblano pepper vs serrano chilies. And Naan bread vs pita. I’ll take pics and share tomorrow!

Enjoy the day,