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On my nightstand

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

I am finished with all the inputting of the preorders of the templates and EPP papers for Little Boy Britches this morning. They will be shipping out to everyone on Friday directly from Paper Pieces, my manufacturer. Thank you all for the orders and the How-To blogs and Facebook Live Sew-A-Long will start the week of March 18th. This gives everyone time to get their templates and choose fabric.

Today I wanted to share with you the first of what I plan to be a constant part of this blog as I am relighting my blogging passion. So many tell me they love my book shares on Facebook/Instagram that I thought it would be nice to go a bit more in depth here with shares. I have been thinking about this for awhile and kept putting it off until this book hit my nightstand and even after 10 days of finishing it I feel I must share share share how much I think you should read this book.

It is haunting me. But in a good way.

Yes it hits close to home in some areas, set in the Sodermalm area of Stockholm, where my dear son is now living. A love story. A deep love story. And honesty in the story regarding family dynamics. Not harsh. Just straightforward. It had me turning pages so fast I had to go back twice and reread because I was afraid I missed something.

Doing a bit a research for this blog I found that this book is now being printed in 32 languages! That alone speaks volumes and is written by a first time author.

It has been on my reading wish list for month waiting for the English version to be published at the beginning of this year. I had forgotten the store line and was pleasantly surprised when the first few pages had me in Stockholm. Kismet I thought, as we were waiting for Paul Jr’s paperwork to be cleared for his move.

But truly the store is haunting. So moving was in tears for a few pages. But then I am a bit emotional these last few weeks.

The amazon reviews are very high at 4.5 stars. You can find them for yourself here. Check your library and if they don’t have it, request it, then more people can enjoy it.

If you have read it please comment below your thoughts on the book. I am going to be putting together a Book page on this website so this blog will be eventually linked back to the book on that page.

If you have a book recommendation for me to read please also do so with a comment. We readers love a good recommendation…that is how I found The Red Address Book by Sonia Lundberg.

Enjoy the day,

Rapid Fire Emails

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Today my editor Deb and I will hopefully pull together 1/2 to 3/4th of my next book.  The process at this point is that we will work thru one pattern at a time.  Going over words.  Streaming or expanding areas that we deem necessary.  In other words getting things in order.   It can be a tedious process.  But we have done some structural work already so it’s just matter time.

This is done with sometimes rapid fire emails traded back and forth, back and forth with book sections attached and highlighted questions/changes dropped in.  We go over and over stuff until be both agree it’s at it’s best, and then that section/pattern is put into queue for the technical writers to have their looksey. (YIPES!) and the graphic artist begins to do his work with the sometimes hand drawn scribbles we (Deb and I ) give him as to what we see as the illustration needed.   And then finally the graphic artist steps in and gives it all a spit shine and polish with love colors and sets the look of the book.

Then one more time…very very carefully a team of 4-5 of us go over all the entire book in painstaking detail.  Truly making sure every i is dotted and t is crossed.  Page by Page we sign off.

The first time I went thru this process I admit there was a general panic.  I looked at my book pages with newbie eyes and it looked like a bunch of garbley-gook.

There are strikeouts all over the place and all kinds of editing jargon about what pictures/illustrations go where.

Previously I was not a part of this process in book writing.   But I like that Kansas City Star makes their authors a part of this process.  I like to learn and see “behind the curtains”…even if it causes me some distress and I begin to worry if this will ever be the book I see in my head.

I know it will.  I have a fantastic team of at Kansas City Star that make me look good.

This book writing thing…it’s not easy.  And in no means fast.   I am learning new tricks to help streamline things and the next traditional pattern book will be smoother.   I’ve promised my editor.

I thought you might like this very brief look “behind the curtain”….we are pulling levers and spinning plates as fast as we can.  🙂

Enjoy the day,