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Autumn Beauty Block – Let’s sew one together!

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015


Starting this blog off with a reposting of the orientation guide so you won’t have to flip back to the previous blog for reference.  Remember you can print off a PDF of this guide, and guides for ALL the acrylic template sets on the 2015 O.T.R page.


Trace and cut all the pieces needed for a block.  Don’t forget to flip and trace reverse pieces for C & D.  I like to lay everything out to get a glimpse at what my finished block will look like.  Notice I used a print that will blend and hide that seam line that I discussed in Thursday’s blog for pieces D and Dr.


I broke the block down until 4 triangle units composed of the following shown pieces.

Two units will be topped by a red triangle and two by the print fabric.

Other than that the units will be identical.


   And two units will be topped by the print fabric.

Other than that the triangle units will be identical.


The initial piecing of these units is many short seams.


By doing this you are sewing a scant quarter of an inch and this will remove the excess girth of the seam that is added by the width of whatever marking tool (pen/pencil) you used to mark your mind.  Just like sewing a scant quarter of an inch on your machine is advantageous , so it is in hand sewing.

Please refer back to previous block blogs for more details and pictures.

The first is the seam joining D and Dr.


C and Cr are joined to the D/Dr unit next.

These pieces have slight curves so line up each edge first with a pin and then ease in the curve.

After sewing clip the seam once or twice to further ease in the curve.


The next step of sewing triangle B to the C/D/Dr/Cr unit involves Roundabouts.

This graphic shows all the roundabouts in this block.  I only indicated the roundabouts on one initial triangle (red circles) of the beginning 4 triangle units that you make for ease of following the graphic.

Remember roundabouts are the act of passing the needle thru two pieces of fabric at a time while moving completely around an intersection of 3 or more fabrics.  This action pulls all the fabrics together and removes a “hole” in the intersection that would later be visible when you press the seam.   Please refer back to previous block post for detail instructions about how to make a roundabout.

NOTE: Red Circles are the initial triangle roundabouts (base triangles made)

Purple Circles when two base triangles are joined to form two halves

Green Circles are the final seam with two halves are joined to complete blo

Last step in the base triangle making.  Join A’s to either side.

Note if you are using two different fabrics (most likely) for your A’s be sure to sewing them on in the same order for each triangle.  

The A triangles can be sewn on with one thread, no breaks.  Don’t forget the roundabout at the pivot point from one triangle to the other.


Continue on making three more base triangles.  Once you have found done lay them out to make sure all is correct.

Trust me on this one. Lay them out.

Now we are going to join two triangle to each other turning the four quarter triangles into two half square triangles.


Follow the Purple circles on the diagram for the location of the roundabouts on these seams.

Final seam.  Join the two half square triangles.  There will be five roundabouts in this one long seam.


Your block is done!  Press and enjoy!


halfScrap-fullI will leave you here for a few days.  Watch for a blog next will with how I will be using this block in my row quilt and some other quilt ideas using the Autumn Beauty block.

You can find the acrylic templates and or English Paper Pieces in the store here.

Note I am expecting my cases of Half Scrap Quilts sometime this week or next.  I do have two traveling engagements but as soon as the books are here and I am home I will be signing and shipping them all out.  Thank you everyone for your preorders.  If you haven’t ordered already you can do so in the store link above.

 Enjoy your day,


Autumn Beauty – Block 5 is here!

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Ok yes it is October 1st and not September 1st.   But hey things happen and better late than never.

I did start working on this block in mid August and wasn’t happy with my design choices so I decided to delay for a week and rework my coloring and then book stuff happened, and then a gig happened, and then the most evil of infections happened and POOF it’s October.

Life happens.

But it is here now and just in time for true Autumn weather and all the joy that comes with it for me so I am saying kismet!

Autumn Beauty

It’s it a fun block!   A bit unusual, looking like a bloom in the center with a pinwheel like twirl going on around the edge.    I decided to drop in my red(s) in the center of this block.  Helps balance things out with the quilt overall.  You will see this in future blog posts this week.

The templates and EPP papers are in the store here.
Autumn Beauty Templates    Autumn Beauty One Block  Autumn Beauty 6 blocks













This block has just 4 shapes but two are used in reverse in construction.

Here is the orientation graphic.  You can print out your own AutumnBeautyOrientationGuide and this guide will have a permanent link on the 2015 OTR page soon.AutumnBeautyPic3

What sent me back to the my studio to regroup some fabrics was the “D/Dr” piece(s).  I originally cut them from two different fabrics, similar in color, just one light and one dark.  But it just seemed to busy for the eye when I laid out my pieces.   After much tweeking I decided to go with ONE fabric for both pieces, and made it a print to try to hide the seam line.  I thought about asking to remanufacture the D/Dr into one piece, but then realized maybe in the future I would  make the block using two different fabrics.  And so this give more options to everyone.  So the D piece remains and you will need to flip it for Dr.

The C piece is also used in reverse on this block for Cr.  I did use two fabrics here and you will see this in a later post.

AutumnBeautyPic4I pulled out my red choices and went to work putting together palettes for 7 Autumn Beauty Blocks. AutumnBeautyPic5  I am not going to cover marking your fabrics and cutting out.  This has been covered numerous times already this year.  You can check back on some of the earlier blocks (see links on 2015 OTR page) for information if you are new to the process or need a refresher.

Here are the palettes for the blocks in this row of the quilt.  Looks interesting if I say so myself.











































Ok…next blog….the breakdown and “sewing up” of this Autumn Beauty block.

I am thinking Saturday for that post.

Enjoy the day,