Ta Da! (kinda)


I  announced the winners of the Mystery Giveaway this morning on my facebook page.

That page is Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre.

The winners are Michele Hellman and Beth Cates!

Now what exactly did they win…..

….well I had hoped to be able to share with you the cover of their prize but unfortunately there is still a little more tweeking going on at with the publisher….but I can TELL you about it.

RATH HunterDepreThe quilt pattern that Bonnie Hunter and I taught last month at our Celebration Collaboration Retreat

is now available in pattern booklet form16 pages).

….or it will be available in mid October.

We got all of your emails/fbook messages the week after the retreat and well it has been a whirlwind to say the least.  But our awesome publisher, KCStar, turned it into a booklet in less than 15 days from our initial email to them!

The quilt pattern has been officially named “Ring Around The Hexie”.   And this pattern (and future pattern booklets) will carry the “Celebration Collaboration” subtitle when Bonnie and I work together.

( we are dreaming up something new already).

The booklet will have instructions on a brand new Pieced Hexie design called BOOMER and will be on the only place you can find this Pieced Hexie Design.   And for those who love the templates for marking alignment guides…YES! There will be a template available!

We are releasing the booklet for pre-orders on our individual websites next Monday, September 23rd.  And I am going to leave future details for later posts this week.

Because while the pattern was created and taught as the wall hanging you see here, well I am busy making four such wall hangings for a bed size quilt to show the diversity!

Starting tomorrow I will post blogs showing my progress.  I have done some work and I am about halfway done.  I hope to have the entire quilt top done next week to share.

Finally, I can share something I am working on.    So much is going on behind the scenes that I have an actual list on my desk so I can keep track.

Another biggie is obvious.  The moving of my blog to the front of my website.   And my whole new website.   More about the new website and my awesome webmaster also later this week.  I am now officially in the “learning curve” stage of this.  And so much to update.  Good thing I am home for two weeks!  Ready, Set, GO!

Right now I need to sew.

Enjoy your day,




9 Responses to “Ta Da! (kinda)”

  1. YAY!! So excited to get this cat outta the bag!!

  2. Terri Estes says:

    Congratulations to both of you! I just started a hexie project because of you, Mickey and I’m obsessed with scrap quilts because of Bonnie! Thanks to both of you for sharing yourselves and your talent with the rest of us!

  3. Sharon - IN says:

    Congratulations on your lovely pattern collaboration. Looks like a ‘must have’! And also congrats to the lucky winners!

  4. Maggie Szafranski says:

    How Awesome! Love the look of the new website! I saw August’s quilt hanging at AQS Grand Rapids and loved it! Mama was pretty proud of her boy!

  5. Genee Davis says:

    So happy for you! Will we be seeing Hexies cam in the near future? Lol

  6. Judy D in WA says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Such a fun quilt. I better start collecting a few more fabrics–any excuse!

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