Stormy Weather means a quick post!

stormy weatherAs you may or may not know the Chicagoland area is in for a bit of some nasty weather today.  So I am writing this blog at 6am to post at noon.

I will pull the three winner’s names for the Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Volume 8 Giveaway and will drop their names into the post (fingers crossed that I can) just before it is set to upload.

If by chance this doesn’t happen  and the blog goes up with out any winners names please know I will post the winners names as soon as possible.

When this type of weather is forecast the very first thing I do  is unplug my desktop computer.   Living in this house for almost 23 years I know the drill.   We have had two surges and more power outages then I care to remember.   I also unplug my sewing machine.

The forecast is for some nasty thunderstorms.  The bigger concern for us is the 45-50 mile winds with gusts to 60 miles per hour.  I live in a very old historic part of town.  This means many many LARGE (like 200 yr old oaks) trees.   With winds that high one or two are bound to come down.  And that means power outage.  Nov172013pic1

So  I have already spent an hour already this morning removing papers from the back one of the newest Pieced Hexies Star patterns in preparation to spend the afternoon hand appliqueing it to the background.  This is BONNIE.   While the Pieced Hexie Star patterns for the first book, Pieced Hexies, appear here as free PDFs on the website (see side bar) there will be six Star Patterns in Pieced Hexies Deux (January 2014 release) they are named BONNIE, CATHY, DIANE, ELAINE, LINDA and MAGGIE.




I spent yesterday sewing the 4 large background squares (more like panels since they Nov172013pic3measure 24 x 28 each).   This background pattern will also appear here on the website…I am thinking mid December as a free PDF.  It can be used as a background for any of the Stars.

This cowl will also get some attention today and hopefully it will be a checkmark in the DONE column by the evening’s end.





Winnter RibbonOK…it’s time….drum roll…

Judi – Bucks County PA

Dee – Minnesota

and the Facebook winner is : Becky R. 

Ladies I will contact you with an email and/or message as soon as I can to get you mailing info.  If you see this and wish to just email me your info that would be great.  It maybe tomorrow before I can email you…..or later….hopefully not.

And if you unfortunately are not a winner of the free issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol 8 you can always find it to order in my store right here

And a big Thank You for all of you who posted such lovely comments here on the blog and on Facebook regarding the block.  You certainly made me smile.  I hope you will stick around, we have quite convos/information posts on facebook, show ‘n tells, and well…I love to give stuff away…you won’t want to miss December’s 10 days of Swag Giveaway!

Enjoy your day!




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  1. Genee Davis says:

    Congratulations winners! Love “Bonnie” and the real Bonnie too! 😉 Stay safe! Wish we had a basement right about now! Eek!

  2. Dee says:

    Woohoo – thank you ever so much for the 100 Blocks magazine – I am so excited!

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