Some Housekeeping!

Just a quick blog to bring you all up to date on three things

First Item: I am now an Amazon Influencer. What that means is that I have been approved by Amazon to make a “store” of all the items I have shared with you over the years. These will be mostly household and pet items…and books! This is the part I am most excited about, the books, this will be a timesaver for me and hopefully you will like it also. I will keep a running list of the books I have read in the book category in my Amazon store. Then all you have to do when you wish to find the name/author of a certain book is click on the store and the info is there. If you choose to buy it, excellent I earn a small, small, very small, stipend, or you can jot down the info for a library request. The thing is the list is easy to update, doesn’t pull valuable space from my website and is always available. WIN-WIN

So click here to see what I have filled my store with. And feel free to click here to order anything from Amazon. The pennies earned really help keep two doxies in toys and treats!

Second Item: At this time all the videos for the blocks in the Mic’s Attic Picks series can be found in individual block folders by clicking on the VIDEO tab under the ABOUT section on the MDQuilts Facebook Page. This can be found by access the page using a computer/tablet. Some phone apps do not show this option. You can try yours but it is not guaranteed.

These videos and others will eventually be moved to YouTube. I just need to find a few extra days in my month to clean them up and watermark them for YouTube. I am working on it. Trust me I have learned more about video editing than I even thought I would in the last 2 months. I will get there, but for now you can find them by clicking here.

And Finally: Join me tomorrow for a Let’s Sew Together Facebook LIVE at 9am cst.

Trying out a new time. But if you can’t make it you will always be able to find the videos under the tab mentioned above.

Let’s Sew Together Facebook LIVE
Saturday 9am cst

This LIVE will have me at my machine and talking to you about my latest machine project AND we will also discuss what to do when the fabric you ordered is way off from the fabric you have and your trying to make it work.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Karon Reese says:

    Mickey, keep up the good work. I love the doxy stories and the slice of your life that you share with us. I also enjoy seeing how you fit quilting into you life but make room for other fun things. Commenting isn’t always available to me so I’m taking this opportunity to give you a high five.

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