Sarah’s Pieced Hexie Santa

It’s been 15 months since Pieced Hexies was released and the Pieced Hexie quilts/projects are starting to pop up on the internet, show up in show -n- tells, and waiting for the first entry in a quilt show.

I cannot begin to tell you how elated I am to see them.

I knew it would take awhile for them to start to peek out.   Let’s be honest hand sewing takes awhile (although Pieced Hexies is a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing).

I myself have several larger Pieced Hexie projects in various stages of completion.

But the emails are staring to roll in with pics attached of your projects.  I love getting them…this was received earlier this week but I promised to wait to post it until after Sarah revealed it to the Friday night hexie club that she started at her local quilt shop.

This is Sarah’s Santa table topper.

Sarah's Sparkle Santa

Sarah’s Sparkle Santa

She calls it “Sparkle Santa”.    It is made using the Pieced Hexie Sparkle.

WOW!  I am still working on the “Fan Page” for the website…as soon as I can find a few minutes to make it this pic will be there.

Thanks Sarah for sharing…and everyone please checkout her blog here for more hexie goodness.

And please email your project hexie or Pieced Hexie…would love to see it.   And I actually have another to share with you on Monday!

Enjoy the day,




p.s You can find Pieced Hexies in my store….and I am currently taking preorders for Pieced Hexies Deux set to be released in January!



8 Responses to “Sarah’s Pieced Hexie Santa”

  1. Robin Bunch says:

    Absolutely love that! What a great idea Sarah! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Connie Massner says:

    That is just so pretty!

  3. Genee Davis says:

    Love it!

  4. Robin says:

    Sarah, you really came up with a great design! Your color work is excellent. I had to look at each patch to convince myself they were all “Sparkle”. Thanks you so much for sharing!!

  5. Carole Sullivan says:

    OK–THAT IS SIMPLY ADORABLE!!!! I dont decorate per se for any particular holiday but for seasons–I just bet my daughter would love somethings like this for her table…thanks for sharing this lovely project!

  6. Kathy Isaacks says:

    Awesome, Sarah!

  7. Andee Neff says:

    I love the Sparkly Santa! I am seriously going to start one of these in January! I know Santa is bringing me your book with Bonnie and I want to make that one, but this one is too cute too! I see lots of hexies in my future!

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