Ring Around The Hexies Preorder Time!


RingAroundTheHexies Cover

A Collaboration Celebration Quilt

by Bonnie K Hunter and Mickey Depre

A match made in fabric-heaven – the first collaboration quilt by Bonnie and Mickey.  The combination of Bonnie’s passionately pieced scrappy quilt with Mickey’s vibrant Pieced Hexies makes it a true Collaboration Celebration!

Easy instructions guide you thru two techniques: Bonnie’s easy machine piecing and Mickey’s innovative Pieced Hexie rosettes.

Join these two talented quilters as they share their love of fabric, passion for color and creative design in a project that is wonderfully challenging- yet easier than it looks.

-Kansas City Star Books

$14.00 (suggested retail is $14.95)– 16 page pattern book is now available for preorder in my store. 

Schedule release date is Oct 15th. 

Shipping from my studio will be between Oct 17th -23rd.

An acrylic template for easy marking of your alignment guides is also available for $8.00  NOTE: This guide is not needed to make the pattern but it is a very useful tool if you plan on making many  Pieced Hexie BOOMER designs.COVER MICKEY DEPRE BOOMER Acrylics 3 on a page

Ring Around the Hexie Quilt

Ring Around the Hexie Quilt

A PREORDER SPECIAL is available until midnight Sept 30th in my store.

It is a package deal of the Ring Around the Hexies Book and BOOMER Acrylic Template for $20.00 plus shipping.

Now back to my applique work,





3 Responses to “Ring Around The Hexies Preorder Time!”

  1. Carole Sullivan says:

    well, well, well! I gotta go preorder! CONGRATS!! I am excited for you—was this the surprise you mentioned a while back–what a surprise! *~*CAROLE*~*

  2. Sue Webb says:

    I’m so excited. I would have loved to have attened the workshop but finances don’t allow. Now I caN still make a Mickey and Bonnie quilt. This is my Christmas present to me!!!!

  3. Maggie Szafranski says:

    totally awesome! You two ladies rock!

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