Ring Around the Hexies BED SIZE Part 2


I apologize for forgetting to take “step by step” pics during the sewing of the 36 blocks but well I was in a zone.

Sept21 1














I remembered about pictures truly as I was pinning the final blocks to the wall.  Since the quilt is basically 4 wall hangings put together as a bed size quilt I am dividing all the blocks in this manner.  This actually helps make sure that the quilt is balanced in colors and light/dark.   So 4 columns of 9 blocks each.

As you can see scrappy rules at this time.  But I will be using a few fabrics as constants to give some continuity to the quilt.

I call this “Stable Scrappy”.   🙂

This is what my design wall looks like with all 36 Collaboration Star Blocks sewn.


Sept21 2












I breezed thru the background blocks for the Boomer Rosettes (tomorrows post) and I  started laying out one “wall hanging” on the design wall.

Sept21 3

I am loving this.

I hope you are too.

Tomorrow I will share the Pieced Hexie BOOMER Rosettes.

Sept21 4








But in the mean time I started making the 240 half square triangles I need for the setting blocks.

The green fabric will be used on all.  That is one of the constants.

Bonnie and I are going to start taking preorders for Ring Around The Hexies Pattern Booklet (16 pages) on Monday, Sept 23rd.

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