Quiltmaker Issue # 157 is in the house!

Quiltmaker#1570001This weeks mail brought the May/June issue of Quiltmaker that will be soon be out to my mailbox.

First the Hexie Lamb on the front is adorable and is a must make in my queue….hmmmm. my lamb may have some Technicolor Fleece… that’s another story.

It is a rockin’ magazine….that kicks it even more with this issue as it has a quilt designed by ME in it!

This issue is all about hexies and I was honored with Quiltmaker asked me to design a quilt using a Pieced Hexie design and 3 inch (yes these are bigger and better- makes quick work of an entire hexie quilt)  hexagons.



“Marquette Park” was born!

The finished size on this quilt is 75″x92″ and the maker, Peg Spradlin, did a bang up job in less than 2 months.   I just didn’t have the time in my schedule to make the actual quilt but I do plan to.  In fact there is a stack of oranges pulled in the studio…a few more quilts under my belt for the next book and I will be making my own version.  A perfect summer project.

Marquette Park…where is that you ask…..it is where I met Paul 30 years ago on Saturday April 5th.


yes it’s a valentine but you get the point

HEADS UP Paul!!!  LOL.

So to celebrate the quilt/magazine/and April 5th I am going to give away two copies of this magazine.

Leave a comment telling me you most fav date in your life and I will pull two winners on Saturday April 5th and announce them here.

NOTE: If this is the first time you are leaving a comment on my blog it will not appear immediately.  I promise to check back and “approve” while on the road.  Once your approved your comments will appear without further approval needed.   The only way I can keep the spam posts in check.  sorry for any inconvenience.

Love is in the air……




34 Responses to “Quiltmaker Issue # 157 is in the house!”

  1. Gloria Strader says:

    My first favorite date is June 25, 1966, my wedding day. But my most favorite date is June 3, 1975. On this date, I gave birth to the first baby we got to take home! It took almost nine years to have a family. It was the best day of our lives!!

  2. Emily says:

    My favorite day in my life was when I married my husband and best friend. We are going on 48 years!
    Would love to win one of the magazines. I love Hexies!

    Take care.

  3. Mary Jane Cardwell says:

    September 3, 1987 – day I married my husband

  4. pat smith says:

    Maybe not my favorite date, but my most memorable was my second with my now husband where I choked on my drink and spit it out all over the table! And he still married me! *LOL*

  5. Shirley Thompson says:

    My husband and I have been married 50 years. Met at a dancing hall and got married 3 months later.He my best fiend! I would love to win- I would loves to try hexies!

  6. Kim says:

    Love the quilt! My husband and I went to Arby’s on our first date, December 6, 1991. We go there every year on that anniversary now!

  7. Cathy Keevill says:

    My favorite date … the time my husband took me out to dinner without pre-planning. Okay, just kidding. There are two, the day my two grandbabies were born.

    Love your blog, love your books!

  8. Terry Donati says:

    My favorite date is September 13, 1969; that’s the day I accidently bumped into my husband at a freshman college mixer – though there is some discrepancy in the story about “who bumped into who”.

  9. Michele Etter says:

    My favorite date October 27, 1983 My first official date with my husband Mike! He was the little geeky boy I went to grade school with (black rim glasses and all) but boy did he change! We went to different high schools so hadn’t seen each other since 8th grade. Our first date he took me to his parents home because they couldn’t believe we were dating! We married a year later and 30 years later here we are!

  10. sophie says:

    A favorite first date started with a long leisurely dinner, followed by more talk-talk-talking … until we realized it was almost morning and decided to drive to the beach to watch the sun rise over the ocean together.

  11. Kathy says:

    My favorite date is the day I married my best friend…August 31! Thus began our encredible journey together…

  12. wendy says:

    My favorite date is August 19,1978.when the love of my life carried a case of books up two flights of stairs and came into my life. We will be married 35 years this june 2. My second favorite date.

  13. My fav date is July 12, 1983 the day after I turned 20 and met my future husband. Second fav date is January 26, 1984 when we were married. 30 years together feels like we are just beginning!! Hugs, Allison in Plano

  14. Lorraine says:

    There are so many! I will go with the one with the most impact….July 2, 1975…met Jesus. He is central to all the other special days!

  15. Susie says:

    I have so many favorite dates, but one of the BEST was Jan 12, 1982, when I got to hold my newborn daughter! See, after years of visiting infertility doctors, we put out our name for adoption. That is the date my baby was born and we got to take her home! During her birth, I was out jogging! It was the easiest labor and recovery EVER!

  16. Suellen Dehnke says:

    I’m thinking my most fave date was the one that actually wasn’t a date. My department at work was going out to dinner and everyone was bringing their husbands. I was single and seeing a couple of people at the time but neither of them could make it so I asked my friend Dave who was actually my Pastor’s son. We had so much fun at dinner and then stood out in the bloomin’ parking lot for hours talking afterwards. January 20, 1991. And the rest is history.

  17. Robin Bunch says:

    My fav date is not along the others’ lines, mine is Jan 10,2010. That is the date I left an emotionally abusive marriage of 27 years. I live a much better, simpler life now.

  18. kathy pfaltzgraff says:

    My favorite date is when I get a new Quiltmaker, any issue. Well, not really, I have many, our wedding of nearly 50 years, birthdates of my 5 kids, dates of their marriages, births of the grandbabies, etc. Keep up the good hexies, Mickey. I have started an hexie bee at our local guild and want them to see what you do with pieced hexies, the “winner” copy will become the start of our new library. Kathy in Colo

  19. Susan Earl says:

    The day I married my husband is an obvious choice. However today I would have to say Monday March 31 as it was the last day I spent with my loving cat of 16 1/2 years Buddy before she passed away.

  20. Eunice Donges says:

    My most favorite date has to be the day of my birth. The numbers are all “4’s”: 4/4/44. That always gets a reaction from anyone who needs to know my birth date.

  21. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I have many favorite dates. Wedding and birth of daughter are two. But many more as Christmas is big for me with family.

  22. Bev says:

    One of my favorite dates is 1/23/09 which was the day I became a grandma. One of the best blessings in my life.

  23. Laura Williams says:

    My favorite date is July 1 1996, on this date a regular customer at the restaurant I worked at, slipped me his phone number. I looked at it and threw it away. On July 26th 1996 I called him ( memory for numbers here)and he helped me move out of a bad relationship. August 27th 1996 we were engaged. Married on May 17, 1997.Divorced February 16 2007, only to have him follow me to Texas and one August 22, 2012 we bought our first house.

  24. Janet Leigh North says:

    Congrats on magazine issue!! I will definitely get the magazine! Love your work!

  25. Ann McNabb says:

    My best day is July 4——this year will be 41 years married to my wonderful husband.

  26. Patty Neuspickel says:

    My favorite date is the day I found out about how easy it was to make hexies which started my love of making them….September 1, 2013 ~~~thanks Mickey DePre ~~~~~~

  27. meg edwards says:

    Had a wonderful time today at your workshop! I have a long list of pieced hexies that I want to try now!
    My favorite date is Dec. 30, 1989. That is my wedding anniversary and the beginning of a wonderful journey with a great man.

  28. Silvana says:

    The most beautiful day of my life was August 31, 1982 when I gave birth to my first and only son Marco. I’ll never forget. Thank you for this opportunity I love your hexagons ….

  29. Debbie H says:

    My favorite date was my first date with my hubby. He was so sweet!

  30. Genee Davis says:

    I have so many dates I love! But my favorite date is the beginning of all my favorite dates! March 5th, 1983! When we were married! My love and best friend! ♡ He is always supportive in everything I want to do…As long as I’m happy doing it! 😉

  31. I’m going with the day I picked up hexies for the first time (National Quilting Day: 3/12/11)!

  32. Pamela Dorman says:

    My favourite date is 01/08/1934 – as I will be 80 this year, but I really have many, many special dates and they cover the births of all my daughters and granddaughters. Have just received my copy of Pieced Hexies Deux over here in Australia and am about to make use of the wonderful patterns!

  33. Debbie M says:

    One of my favorite dates is March 20, 2008, the day my oldest grandchild was born. Thanks Mickey and Happy Anniversary!

  34. Michele says:

    Very egocentric of me, but my birthday is my favorite date– july 12 never mind the year!

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