Pieced Hexie Star ANNA

This post will be short and sweet.  Want to get this up before the storms hit.

April’s Pieced Hexie Star is named ANNA.  

Anna is the name of two very special people in my life.  My grandmother. Gramp&Gram0001

and Pauli’s girlfriend of several years. 

Paul&AnnaRecital2014HendrixSMALLYes….we love her.   Yes….we hope.   ‘nuf said.  Smile

So Anna is a very special name. 

I do have a finished ANNA in fabric to show you.  But the overcast skies are proving difficult in taking a picture of this Star’s soft color palette.  Hopefully later today and I will post it.

As always you can find the pattern to the right on the blog.

Enjoy Anna!



3 Responses to “Pieced Hexie Star ANNA”

  1. WIPPYSPLACE says:

    ANNA is beautiful–thank you so much!

  2. Sarah says:

    Another great design! I’m wondering…do you use EQ to design these? I’ve tried and had some trouble… Thanks!

  3. Mickey Depre says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Yes you can design them using the EQ Boutique Pieced Hexies Program. I use the individual hexie designs and drag them into the one patch hexie quilt design in Level 2 (the program considers the designs applique) there you can twirl them around and make all kinds of designs/motifs. Hope this helps.

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