Not complaining, Just explaining

I can hardly believe it is July already let alone that August is truly just around the corner.   My life has been such a whirlwind of travel since January that life truly has gotten a bit overwhelming and away from me.

Yep, I missed putting out the July Newsletter.  What started out as such a good idea with so much enthusiasm has found itself on the back burner as time becomes more and more fleeting.  But I am not giving up hope on it.   I just need to get my legs back under me and build up some material to share with all of you via the newsletter.  And that will happen as my travel schedule is greatly reduced when compared to the time on the road since January.  Eighty-Three days I was gone from mid January to my typing of this post last night.   That is real close to three months in approximately 6 months time.  whew!

I love to travel.  I love meeting new people and seeing the country.   I am never complaining about the travel just explaining as I tell people.

Try as I might, it is hard to get things done creatively when on the road.   And being creative is what  I need to feed my soul and share with all of you.

Next year is booked pretty much the same on the same level regarding travel but 2017 will be scaled back a bit.  Not much but a bit to give me more time behind my sewing machine at home.

cruise shipOne item I am doing next year regarding travel is the Caribbean Cruise in January with Linda Poole and Joan Shay aboard Holland America Cruise Lines.  Just look for this picture in the sidebar and click it for a pdf full of information.   All our workshops on board are going to be handwork only.  I am teaching the Castle Wall block.  I think this will make for a lovely slow paced zen filled vacation for all.  I hope a few of you can join us.

But before that happens my book of traditional patterns called Half-Scrap will be released this fall with AQS.

Watch for a blog post and preorder announcement on August 1st!

But for now I am going to let you know that I am having a HUGE SALE starting as you read this to midnight Sunday July 26th cst on EVERYTHING in my webstore.  SummerSale1

20% OFF  

use the coupon code: SUMMERSALE20

YES! Even the already discounted copies of the KCStar editions of my books

I took a good look around at all the extra workshop stock that has built up over the last 6 months and well frankly it needs to find new homes so I can move around my office with ease.   NOTE: I have loaded  supply numbers on many items and once they are gone they are gone for this sale.  Some items will be restocked later others may not…just a heads up!

I am home for the next three weeks……hello summer!

Take Care,





p.s. for daily updates of what is happening at Chez Depre and under the needle in my studio be sure to check out my facebook page here.


2 Responses to “Not complaining, Just explaining”

  1. Carole Sullivan says:

    MY goodness Mickey–3 weeks at home?? What will Paul do??? I am excited to have MOST of next week home with the hubster…that meaning not running around to meetings, get togethers, or errands!!!! lots of time for hand and machine sewing. *~*CAROLE*~*

  2. Robin Bunch says:

    I see you enjoying your morning coffee in the garden and being inspired by the flower color combinations and starting another (another!) project.

    Enjoy your three weeks off.

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