NeedleTravel – Great App!

Yesterday brought some down time and I was finally able to load a few apps into my phone and explore them.

One that wasn’t on my list to load but I stumbled across is NeedleTravel.


This app tells you of shops near your location.  But not just quilt shops.  Shops of any of the needlearts, so embroidery, needlepoint, knit & crochet.

Yes fiber friends this app rocks.

Here’s what my neck of the woods looks like.


And when I click on a dot or pin (I am guessing the pins paid more to be included) a page such as this pops up.


With all the travel I do I think this app is going to be used many many times.

Emily is here visiting to Saturday afternoon.  We discovered that Amazon Prime has just added the last season of Downton Abbey to it’s service and since I only saw four episodes (before travel took over) and Em only saw two we are going to binge watch the season over the next few days together.  And just relax, talk and laugh.

I so love The Dowager…she and I would most definately get along.  Dry wit rules…toss in a spot of sarcasm and life is good.

While watching I will work some more on my latest EPP project.


No name yet.  Loving the combination of 1″hexies and jewel shapes. The solids are an array of very light pastel solids to give the overall design some “twinkle” and depth. This quilt may take a few years of off and on work but it will get done.  Loving it.

Happy July 4th!


4 Responses to “NeedleTravel – Great App!”

  1. What a find with that app!!! Thanks for sharing that Mickey! Love the EEP you are working on too!

  2. Cynthia says:

    What a cool app. I wonder if there is a version for Australia for me but next time I am in the US I must download it so it can help me find stores to visit.

  3. Maggie Szafranski says:

    Thanks for the app find! That one looks like a real winner!

  4. Cathy Baer says:

    Love the Hexie design and the ideas it has given me…. Thanks Mickey

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