My Pillowcase Pattern

By now my Facebook LIVE event covering my pillowcase pattern should be finished and you are here to download the My Pillowcase Pattern PDF. YAY!

You will find the pattern right here. Click and download

To enter to win this pair of pillowcases you will need to leave a comment below answering the following question. This giveaway is open to residents of the continental US and a winner will be drawn from all comments received by Monday, Sept 14th at 10pm. The winner will be announced in a blog post on Tuesday, Sept 15th.

The question – If it wasn’t frowned upon to trick-or-treat at any age would you still do so, and if so what costume would you wear?

Have a great day and don’t forget to stop back on Tuesday to see if you have won!

44 Responses to “My Pillowcase Pattern”

  1. Becky Gonzalez says:

    I worked as a pre k bus aide for over 18 years. I always loved to see the princesses at Halloween. I would love to dress as a princess, just once!!!

  2. Alice McFarlane says:

    Don’t think I would trick or treat, but if I did I would have to dress up as a witch or Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Debbie says:

    I would wear my Cat in the Hat costume!

  4. Jane Cleveland says:

    I don’t think I would.
    The best one I remember was listening to a friends uncle play his player piano.

  5. Susan Ertel says:

    I’d love to go trick or treating. I’d be a witch, just wear a hat and cape over my regular clothes

  6. Michele Coleman says:

    I would not trick or treat by going house to house as I love seeing the kids come trick-or-treating to my house. I don’t care if they’re little kids or high school kids! It’s just fun to hand out candy from my own front door.

    Michele Coleman

  7. Genia L Cooner says:

    Don’t think I would, because I live in the country and we don’t have many little ones, but I enjoyed it as a child .

  8. Linda Maddox says:

    I would go as the wicked witch of the west. I have her laugh. Thanks

  9. Judy says:

    I would love to go trick or treat but it’s not like it used to be. I made a Pumpkin. Costume and Raggedy Ann so I would wear one of those. I used to make special treats for the kids but it’s a same I can’t do that anymore because of bad people who put harmful things in the treats.

  10. Thank you for demonstrating how make a pillowcase, your way is so much simpler than they was I have done in the past. Thank you so much for the clear directions and I like the 1/8″ seam first then the 1/4″, my granddaughters will also like this better. Plus the idea of not having to buy 1-1/2 yards just to have the fabric in the right direction. Can’t wait for your next live, this was my first time catching it to watch. Rest your back, I also have a rotten back that needs to be babied often. Thank you again – Gayle

    • Gayle says:

      I’m not into Trick or Treating,as the times have changed and it just isn’t safe. I support my Granddaughters going to their church that has a Autumn Festival party for the children. My husband and I go out to dinner and early to bed as he is a school bus driver and gets up at 4AM. In the old days I dressed up as as a worn out Mom – half my hair in rollers, no make up, old bath robe and old slippers. My kids were embarrassed which made this look perfect. heehee

  11. Debbie says:

    I wouldn’t trick or treat, but is ok with me that adults trick or track. If I did I would dress up as an old time granny (of which I am one- a granny that is) complete with bonnet, apron and long dress made out of pretty flowered feedback fabric. Of course my candy bag would be a pillowcase made from a feed sack.

  12. Felicia Beaston says:

    Yes. I would go as Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.

  13. Di Wilsey Geer says:

    I would in a heart beat and I would go as the crazy quilt lady!

  14. Brenda Foley says:

    I loved Halloween as a child!
    Homemade costumes were my favorites!
    If I could go,
    I’d make myself a victorian ball

  15. Nancy Brieschke says:

    When I worked at Forest Road Elementary School in LaGrange Park, IL I always dressed as the witch from Wizard of OZ. One year even brought my bike to ride around the first floor hallways!!

  16. Lesley Staples says:

    Yes I would trick or treat. Love milky ways! I would dress as a princess because I always wanted to wear a tiara. And my wand! I would wave it and poof! All the nasty people are gone!! LOL

  17. Tammy says:

    I dont think I would actually go trick or treating. I find it much more fun to dress up at home and hand out treats to the trick or treaters. Young or old, matters not. To me it’s the kick off to the holiday seasons which I love!

  18. Cathy Means says:

    We trick or treat at work 🙂 and my favorite costume is the “Red Queen” from Alice in Wonderland 🙂

  19. Pam Duffy says:

    Yes and I’d be a witch

  20. Suzanne Golden says:

    My usual witch as in my childhood. Used a old black dress of grandmas. It had a few black seed beads sprinkled around.

  21. Annette Key says:

    I would go along with my grandchildren and dress up as a national geographic photographer (my dream job).

  22. Connie Verbeck says:

    I wouldn’t do trick or tweet. My next birthday is my big 70. That time is past. LOL.


  23. Cindy Walker says:

    It’s not really a website but a FB page. Love your pillow cases and thanks for the pattern!! I think adults should have their own trick or treat night and I would dress up as Professor McGonalle in Harry Potter. I’m already old and wise so just need the robes and hat to make it work!

  24. Carol K says:

    Thank you for showing us how you make your pillow cases. I love answering the door and passing out treats, so no I wouldn’t go trick or treating. Happy travels to Michigan and Iowa!

  25. Laurel Pryor says:

    I AM too old! Regardless, I’m going as a mad scientist.

  26. Jana Richey says:

    I definitely would. Penny or Amy or Bernadette from Big Bang theory!!

  27. No, no. That’s just too much work for this old lady.

  28. Nancy Johnson says:

    I would love to go again,and I would go as Glenda the good witch as I’ve always loved her dress!

  29. Penny Holliday says:

    I would love to go trick or treating in my witches costume that I made when my adult children were young! I made the costume to answer the door to neighborhood trick or treaters while I played loud spooky music. Because we are pretending now I would love to wear this costume while riding my broom from house to house around the neighborhood!

  30. Charlotte Clark says:

    Yes I would go and dress up as a witch

  31. Janet Bland says:

    I’d have to be Cinderella before her fairy godmother changed her into a princess. I’d wear a patchwork dress.

  32. I love Loved to go treat or treat. The most fun I had was
    A pair of Dice with my husband.

  33. Thank you for the pillowcase tutorial and pattern. I will have a go now that you have explained clearly. Here in Australia Trick or Treats was not done when I was a kid but it has grown here so there is some Trick or Treaters doing the rounds. So I would like to do it even if it was only once. I would most likely be a witch since I have two black cats.

  34. Heidi Schoening says:

    I love the little trick-or-treaters! I wouldn’t trick-or-treat myself unless my Grandson lived close enough to take out on the spookiest night of the year. As a full time caregiver to my total care spouse for the last seven years, I always say I want to be a Princess. I would definitely be a beautiful Princess!

  35. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I think I would like to go trick or treating with my grandkids just to be able to show them you can always be a kid at heart no matter how old you get. I love the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus so I think I would go as one of the witches in the movie. What a wonderful question to ask and thank you for doing the video and the giveaway

  36. Cathy Baer says:

    Yes, I would go as the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown…. Love those kids Oh and than I would donate all the candy I got to the little ones who don’t get to go Trick or Treating….

  37. Marsha says:

    It would be fun! Cowgirl!!

  38. Pam says:

    Yes I would tick or treat in a Raggedy Ann costume.

  39. Pamela walker says:

    Can’t wait to make grandkids holiday pillowcases! Thanks Mickey

  40. Kathryn Bridwell says:

    I probably would not trick or treat but do enjoy seeing the small children dressing up and learning to say “trick or treat”. Loved to go as a child in the 40’s.
    Thank you for sharing your video. I enjoyed seeing you and hearing your voice too!

  41. Nancy Pitzer says:

    I would go in my horse drawn carriage dressed as Lady Violet from Downton Abbey wearing one of her fabulous dresses.

  42. Regina BAUER says:

    I would love to be a gypsy that reads fortunes with a water globe. Just think it would be fun and I would make others happy with their readings.

  43. michele breault says:

    I sometimes do dress up and trick or treat. I have a “good fairy dress” complete with fairy wings and a magic wand. If I were a costume with a mask, I can even get some candy because I am small enough to be mistaken for a 10 or 11 year old (I’m 4’10”)

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