Midwest Star Block – What if?

I was cleaning up my studio last week when I unearthed these two extra Piece B – Triangle Units that I made when working on the Fric ‘n Frac pattern using the Midwest Star Block.

I somehow miscounted and landed up with two extra units when all the piecing was done. And they just got pinned to my design wall in a corner… and then something got pinned over them…and they sat for a few months in hiding.

Then I found them. And as soon as I unpinned them and set them on my cutting table this happened.

Oh hello future row quilt.

I went to bed…but my brain was on fire and I did the math and yes the triangles from the 12″ and 8″ blocks would sync up. More on that later.

In the morning I raced back to the studio to see if this would work for squaring up the end. My brain said yes…but my eyes wanted to see it.


Now here is the math part. I did a same to scale drawing and found the syncing of the two different sized triangle units ( 8″ & 12″ templates) match up at 32.5″ inches in length. So you can double or triple this depending on the total you would like for your quilt.

NINETEEN – 8″ triangle units = TWELVE – 12″ triangle units

I am not thrilled by the non matching edges. To be honest if using the two different size triangles I may just cut the edge triangles in half at both ends for the finish.

But then I got to thinking what if I just used one size of triangle. (the graphics were make using the size 8″ units but obviously you can use the 12″ units if you wish).

This would make the edges be a reflection of themselves and I would use the hinged C piece to square them up.

Now what if I reflected the triangles in coloring to make diamonds.

Oh boy….I see a lot of design opportunity with these templates! I hope you agree.

If you were still on the fence but now truly want to give this great block a whirl – well here is the link to the templates in my store.

Have a great day!

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  1. Kris says:

    I think I’d have to turn that blue one into a gnome ornament! That’s all I can see. The white looks like a beard, and, of course, the red hat.

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