Midwest Star Block – How to Blog #2

Let’s finish up our Midwest Star Block.

Here is where you should be at the end of the first How-To blog that posted on Tuesday.

It’s time to add sew Piece C (background) to each side of the B – Triangle Units.

Each of the lengths will have a Roundabout in the center of your seam line.

Let’s tackle the roundabout in still pictures.

Using a pin – line up the start and end of this seam. Then pin on the drawn seam line on both pieces.
Your sewing should float just above the drawn line. Think of it as hand sewing a scant quarter seam.
Here is the intersection of three pieces, time for a roundabout to pull all the points together for a crisp intersection with no pin holes.
You will be passing the needle thru each set of two fabrics, traveling around the intersection in a clockwise movement.
TWO pieces at a time is the key. Try to do then that and chances are you will end up with a pin hole.
OK – Needle thru Piece C to Piece B
Next move your threaded needle thru Piece B (burgandy) to Piece B (peach). Each move around the intersection will be using a new point (hole) at the apex. You can’t travel around thru the same hole as that will not draw the pieces together. So just move over a thread or two but keep as close to the apex of all the pieces as possible.
Now Piece B (peach) to Piece B (second burgandy)
Last move in this Roundabout. Piece B (second burgandy) to Piece C (background) and now you can continue with your running stitch (backstitch every 3-4 stitches) to the end.

If you wish to see the Roundabout Technique demoed LIVE join me on Saturday at 11am cst on my MDQuilts Facebook page.

Now repeat – joining another Piece C to the opposite side. Repeat both seams on another Triangle Unit.

Join the two Piece B – triangle units that do not have C pieces attached to opposite sides of the center 9 patch.

The final seams are two long lengths attaching the C-triangle B- C units to each side of the previously created unit. There are many roundabouts in these seams. Take the time to do them. You will be happy you did.

Ta- Da! Your Midwest Star Block is done!

A blog full of coloring and quilt ideas will be posting Saturday morning.

And another blog will post on Sunday with a unique variation of a quilt you can make using the templates from this block.

And don’t forget the Let’s Sew Together – Facebook LIVE event on Saturday that will cover this block.

See you then,

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