Meeting Carol Doak

I have to admit up until about 3 years ago I didn’t foundation piece more than a handful of times in my 20 years of quilting.

But lately it’s a staple at Wild Angel Studio.

So imagine my happiness when Carol Doak and I crossed paths not once but twice in a month! Denver and Charleston!  

How often do you get to have dinner with a quilting icon? 

I did twice!

It was wonderful to hear her stories of her quilting life, and we shared a few chuckles over like experiences.  And I listened intently to her words of wisdom.  She is a plethora of information.


And we shared furbaby pics. 

Her Bailey is adorable.


Obviously one of those encounters was when we were both in Denver shooting our Craftsy classes.   Carol’s was a bit delayed in release due to her schedule but it’s live now!


Learning from a master with 20 years in the field teaching is fantastic.


Her “binder clip” tip is priceless and had me reaching for my never ending Office Depot list.

Even if you have foundation pieced many more years than I, lesson 4 which is filled with many more wonderful tips is worth the price of admission.

Carol has provided a link for 25% off on her workshop if you click on her picture.

Now I am back to viewing, and printing, and cutting, and sewing.  

                         “Don’t forget to cut your fabric exactly larger than smaller.” –Carol Doak

4 Responses to “Meeting Carol Doak”

  1. Jennifer says:

    My very first workshop was with Carol – she was a great teacher!

  2. Unknown says:

    I’ve been fortunate enough to take one of Carol’s classes and meet her in person. She is a fantastic teacher. Now I’m waiting for you Mickey to come to Henderson NV so I can take a class from you.

  3. We were fortunate to have her at our guild a few years ago and changed my attitude towards foundation piecing! I love it now! She is a great teacher!

  4. WIPPYSPLACE says:

    one of my favorite book purchases was your First Quilt Book (or it should be) –I used it so much I took it to print shop and had them put a spiral binding on it 🙂

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