Let’s Play with the Lady of the Lake block!

This blog is full of ideas for using the Lady of the Lake block with Paris Flight (January  block) and Jim Dandy (March block).  Let the visual parade begin.

This is my layout for my row quilt showing the Lady of the Lake block row dropped in.  I plan to put up the foundation pattern for the triangle spacer rows this summer.  keep an eye out on the blog/website for that to appear on the 2015 O.T.R. page.

 So what if I just wanted to make my row quilt using the three blocks released.  Here is one setting I might consider.

Or maybe this.  I love the secondary pattern of the Jim Dandy block so might want to repeat that block in side by side rows for it.

Or how about just Lady of the Lake (center) and Jim Dandy (borders) in a quilt.   Almost looks like a flower bed with lattice around it.

But it’s this checkerboard setting that has my head imagining another project.

I am loving the secondary “circles” that are formed when these two blocks meet.

Short and sweet post.

Remember all the templates and EPP papers for the blocks, Paris Flight, Jim Dandy and Lady of the Lake PLUS Castle Wall are currently on sale on my shore page until midnight on Sunday, May 10th.

Happy Mother’s Day to all….I am taking the weekend off myself and going to enjoy doing a whole lot of reading in the gardens and laughing with friends and family.

Catch you all on Monday with a blog post and heads up a giveaway!





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