I am the Keurig-master at Chez Depre

Every morning the Keurig gets a workout.   IMG_20131111_064134

It is timed to turn itself on a 5:00am..but trust me the on button is pushed way before that most days.

Several cups of coffee are brewed before Paul is out the door at 6am.

But I have noticed that apparently I am of a higher skill set then dear hubby…as I am the only person who knows how to fill the water reservoir on the Keurig. Note the water level in the picture indicated by the spoon, this is how I found the Keurig after someone brewed their cup and was out the door.  I have come home from being on the road for three days to the water even lower than it was this morning.   I have filled the water pitcher and placed it in front of the Keurig only to find it gently pushed to the side and another cup brewed.

He cracks me up.

But then again…I do not know how to take the garbage out either.  (ok I do..but I can count on one hand how many times I do this task a year).

So I continue to be the Keurig-master at Chez Depre as long as he keeps me in k-cups.   🙂

Looks like we have a cover for Pieced Hexies Deux.  Yes that is now officially the next book’s name. Title approval was obtained last week and this weekend my dear editor sent three cover choices to me for a looksey.

There is some tweaking that will be going on but I feel confident I will be able to share it with you soon.



And heads up…I will be kicking off preorders on …..BLACK FRIDAY! 

I have an awesome deal for you my faithful readers and friends.

I can also start sharing some of the book designs.

As you may know there are 10 new Pieced Hexies Designs in the book…and this time around we put SIX Star Patterns in the book!   These STARS are named (in alphabetical order) Bonnie, Cathy, Diane, Elaine, Linda, & Maggie.   Named for a group of very good friends and my Great Aunt Elaine.  Or Aunt Mitzie as we called her, who left this earth the day before her copy of the newly released Pieced Hexies hit her doorstep in Texas.   She was so proud and happy for me.   For those of you who are fbook friends you might remember her posts to my page ALL IN CAPS…lol…she loved her iPad.    I hope she can see the design in heaven.

I am currently working on a wall hanging that will show off 4 of the stars (well I am choosing to do one design four times at first) as applique to a pieced background.   As I have said your entire quilt does not have to be Pieced Hexies…..although I do have a new project as such in the works too.     The “to do” list is long.


So I better stop typing and get back to sewing.


And for the Molly Fans I have heard you.  Here is your “Molly Fix”.

She was slightly annoyed as she was in the midst of her early morning bone chew when I asked her to look up.

Enjoy your day,





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28 Responses to “I am the Keurig-master at Chez Depre”

  1. Judy D in WA says:

    OHHHH, sew excited for the book. I’m sure your Aunt is doing the happy dance in heaven for you.

    Our Keurig gets a morning workout too. Hubby is the obsessed filler, I fill as needed. 🙂

  2. Genee Davis says:

    So happy for you and can’t wait to see it!!!! Loving Molly in her toasty pink! ♡

  3. Lynda from Chicago says:

    Enjoy your FB page your blog and books. Also took your Craftsy Class, a project is in the works. Thank you for all you do for quilters.

  4. Good to see Molly in her sweater. Excited and anxiously waiting for your new book

  5. Emalee says:

    I can’t wait for the new book to come out!

  6. Frances Ledenbach says:

    Congratulations on the new book. I can’t wait to see it. I need to plan a hexie project, I finished my hand project a while ago and don’t have anything else to do.

  7. Carole Sullivan says:

    of course Aunt Mitzie is looking down! I am very excited for your new release! YIPPEEEE
    I have a Hexie project in mind –soon as I catch up on other hexie projects! LOL

  8. Stefanie Hank says:

    Gotta love having ‘roles’ with your spouse! Love the new book cover.

  9. Maria says:

    You are a crazy woman!!!! I mean that with the utmost respect.

  10. Bunnie Cleland says:

    Book looks great! Can’t wait.

  11. Ruth K says:

    Love your website. And I am the o nly one who knows how to fill the Keurig in this household also!

  12. Leslie says:

    Looking forward to your new book. I’m not one to run out & go shopping on Black Friday but I will be pulling out the old iPad to order preorder your book!!!

  13. Deborah Marshall says:

    Love it! Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!

  14. Woot Woot! A new book! Life is good…can not wait!

  15. Sandie says:

    So excited! Will the templates be ready for pre-order then too? (I know, I’m a nag, aren’t I?!) 😀

  16. Jackie says:

    I have the same problem with the Brita pitcher. I have pulled it out of the fridge empty, oh and ice cube trays.

  17. Alice M says:

    Can’t wait for the new book to come out!!

  18. Mandella says:

    We can’t get Keurig’s in the UK, more’s the pity. Looking forward to adding the new book to its predecessor.

  19. Donna Coffey says:

    I know about filling the water reservoir on my Keurig too! Funny, mine even flashes a bright blue but no one seems to see it flash except me 🙂 So excited to know a new book will soon be out, I am happily stitching some pieced hexies for a Christmas quilt, planned to be finished for Christmas 2014 (way too many to go for this year. Yes, my To-Do list is waaay too long too. Thank you for your wonderful designs and inspiration 🙂

  20. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I am hoping that I am approved. I am making pieced hexagons as fast as possible and doing some applique till a pesky tendinitis appeared in my wrist. Not much sewing going on at my house right now. (sad face)

  21. Sherry says:

    Love those pieced hexies!!

  22. Maggie Szafranski says:

    Geez, I keep our Keurig full AND take out the trash! I am woman, hear me roar! LOL! Can’t wait to see the new book!

  23. Carolyn Teter says:

    Nice going on all accounts. I, too, am the Keurig master at our house! I guess we ladies need to do some of the heavy lifting. Kudos on book deaux!

  24. Karen Egeberg says:

    Congrats on your new book!

  25. Nancy of IN says:

    I love hexies. I got a Keurig for our cabin. We both love; next one will hold more than one cup of water!
    I an handle the addition!

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