Robin’s Hexiane Swirl

Another Pieced Hexie Quilt is in the works!

Look what she has done with Pieced Hexie – SPIKE and her own original star!


When I first saw it it just took my breath away.  So delicate yet powerful.  just WOW!

This is Hexiane Swirl by Robin Fouquette , of The Quixotic Quilter blog.  Ok she has been a little lax on her posts but maybe this shout out will give her the push to start up again.

Robin tells me that she was feeling a bit out of sorts quilty-wise as a wrist injury from scuba diving has flared up and but her quilting on the back burner.  Then she saw my episode on The Quilt Show this summer and she was immediately fired up about Pieced Hexies.

She is almost done with the quilt.  Just needs to finish up background.   Then it is into the actual “quilting” phase of completion.   Her plans are to share this quilt with the world via show entries.  I for one cannot wait to round a corner and see it in person.

Thanks so much Robin for sharing!  And I hope we get you back to bloggin’ girl!!!

RFpiecedhexiepincushionOh and look what else Robin shared….she took a recent pattern for hexie pincushions in McCall’s Quilting and after making a few she gave it the Pieced Hexies treatment!

This is what I have been saying since day one of the Pieced Hexies (soon to be) Books!  They are reference tools for the designs.  You can apply Pieced Hexies to any hexie pattern on the market or that you dream up!   Think of these books like the Judy Hopkins Block Books of the 90s.

And YOU CAN design your own Pieced Hexie Star Pattern!   In fact I am typing up the info for a new workshop that will cover just that in anywhere from a 3hr to a multi-day format!

Hex On!


p.s. You can now find the PDFs for the Pieced Hexie Stars on my PDF Page (click PDF Page on the bar at the top of the page)…in fact all the free PDFs will now be hosted there!  Watch for more to come!strawberry pincushions

p.p.s. Robin also shared these wonderful strawberry pincushions…it is quite obvious this girl can sew!



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4 Responses to “Robin’s Hexiane Swirl”

  1. Genee Davis says:

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks, Mickey, for the kind words! I’m working on the background rounds now!

  3. Maggie Szafranski says:

    I love the energy and the movement in this pattern! It will definitely grab attention at the shows!

  4. Wow! Robin’s Hexie swirl is amazing! So glad I found your blog.

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