Cookin’ with Em #2 – Milk Street Tuesday Nights Cookbook

RECIPE: page 209 – Palestinian Crispy Herb Omelet

Last night was a “Cookin’ with Em” night. And this weeks recipe is Palestinian Crispy Herb Omelet.

One thing that is absolutely right about this recipe and is addressed in the cookbook, the prep of the herbs will take longer then the actual cooking.

I am so happy that recently I purchased this nifty kitchen gadget to make cutting of herbs easier and quicker. These scissors saved this recipe as far as I am concerned. Chopping three different herbs is not something I would chalk up as great fun. My knife skills are still in development. So multiblade scissors are for me!

snip- snip-snip

Worth every penny!

I am putting a link to these scissors here. You can also find them at Bed, Bath & Beyond, not exactly the same scissors, if I remember correctly they didn’t have the soft grip, but a version is there. I have used them several times. But this recipe did give them a workout. I love my gadgets, quilting and now cooking!

We used 8 eggs per the recipe. But in hindsight I think 2 more were needed. Although our eggs were labeled Large, they were really “fluffy” Mediums.

Dinner is served.
We added a side of aspargus.

I also substituted half a poblano pepper for the serrano chilies the recipe called for. Personally, that would of been too much heat for me. But both Paul and I agree that next time, I will use the whole poblano.

And I substituted Naan bread for pita bread. Just a personal choice there.

All in all we are giving this recipe 3 Stars out of 5. It needs some more tweaking, 2 more eggs, more poblano and less greek yogurt in the sauce we feel . We did enjoy it and will make it again.

Going to spend some time today looking thru the book for the next recipe. Oh wait it’s Em’s turn to pick. Well, I will just pick out something to make the following week on my own as she will be away. There are so many recipes in this book that we will never get thru all of them together.

Here is a link to the book for additional information.

That’s it for now. Just a side note, I am working on a reading list page for those who have asked about a list of the books I share on Facebook. Hopefully that will get done and up in the next week or so. But for now I am signing off and heading to the studio to sew!

Have a great day,


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