Cookin’ with Em -A New Book

Now that Em is settled into her new apartment it is time to get back to our “cooking together” adventure.

You will find a blog about all of this here.

But a quick catch up is my daughter, Em and I, decided earlier this year to cook together even though we presently live almost 700 miles apart. Em is quite the cook (she takes after her father) and I am just a few seasons into my oneness with the kitchen. It is a way for us to enjoy discovering new recipes and really has been fun. We each take turns picking a weekly recipe out of a chosen book. Once we have both made the recipe we compare what we liked, didn’t like, what we could add or take out.

So, as I said now that Em is settled in her new apartment it is time to start again. And I think it is time for a new book. We spent approximately 4 months with MILK street and found some wonderful recipes will be repeating, But I say it is time for a new book. I am ready for a new book. I like new books. LOL.

But what book? Here is where you will play a part. I am going to put links to two books below. Just click on each book to get to their Amazon listings so you can peruse all the info easily available.

Afterwards just comment below which book you think we should tackle. On Monday, June 29th I will order which ever book decided and we will begin again the following week!


click on the book picture for more info


click on the book picture for more info

So thanks in advance for your comment and have a great day!

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  1. carole says:

    now I got them—looking forward to this–thanks

  2. jill siewert says:

    Book 2. Interested to see what you make!

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