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Cyber Monday..err Sunday too.. Deal

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

I have been a bit under the weather thanks to the giving nature of my dear husband.

I have “windows” of energy.   A headache like no other and a slight fever that comes and goes.   So this is a very strange bout of a cold, flu, whatever.   I am looking at it as I am winning as Paul was much worse then I have been, so that’s a positive!

I have one last gig to venture off to for the year later this upcoming week so I am pretty much laying low and making sure this “illness” doesn’t progress so anything more.

With this in mind knowing there is no way I can guarantee being up at midnight tonight to push the magical buttons for my Cyber Monday Deal I am posting it now and giving everyone an extra 12 hours of deal.

Nov.2014 Studio016Back when I showed everyone my recent studio redo on my blog I talked with Paper about a special deal for my readers/Facebook group on their awesome Polar Notions Fabric Boards.

So if you ever considered jumping in a organizing your stash for optimum visual impact now is the time!Blog11.30002


I cannot tell you how much just having all my fabrics visually available to my eyes, even for just about 6 weeks now, has made a creative difference.  So easy to just walk up to the wall and look for that perfect blue than digging thru a basket (sometimes neat…most times not) in search of what I wanted.

I told Paul that had I had this system in place that more than half the fabric I did buy for the quilts in my upcoming book I would not of as I actually had what I needed in my stash if I could of seen it.

(note I still would of bought fabric…just other fabric…because well I am all about buying fabric)

SuperSaleImageSo here’s the deal.Blog11.30003

Paper Pieces is putting together special 25 board packs just for this deal.

This number of boards I feel is the perfect amount if you just want to dip your toes and try them.  Twenty five boards make a lovely shelf of fabric that you can have for your current project(s).  A special fabric collection that you absolutely love with all your heart.

Or just a color….how fun to change out a spotlight color grouping in your studio every season!   Decorating with your stash!


Along with the special package number of boards they are allowing me to give you a special price.

LARGE BOARDS – meant for yardage – 25 pack – $32.00

SMALL (fat quarter size) BOARDS – can store up to a yard in fabric – 25 pack – $22.00

That is 20% off Paper Pieces sale price.  I can guarantee this is the lowest price you are going to find on these boards and thus why the deal is only good for such a short time.

In order for this price to happen the boards will be shipped directly from Paper Pieces to you so any order of boards thru my store must be BOARDS ONLY to get the special price.

One little hiccup in this system.  You will be charged a flat rate of $10 for shipping.  But on the store page you will see a breakdown of what shipping could be for multiple package orders.  Because this sale is only happening to midnight CST on Monday, December 1st.   It is much easier for me to bill you the additional shipping cost (if any) via a separate invoice rather than set up literally hundreds of variations in my shopping cart.  I hope you understand.  And please feel free to email me (mickey-at-mdquilts-dot-com) with any questions or for a shipping quote.



Blog11.30008I am off to the studio to attempt to sew three last long seams on my Sixty Scrap Dash quilt top and get this project off the “to do” list.

And I am baking some cookies.  So much tea is being consumed here that cookies are needed.

Happy Cyber Sunday-Monday,



Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

imagesCAQQ1QLH imagesCAWYSDJG  imagesCAZQX986








By random number generator the winners of a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 10 are:


Winner 1

Winner 1.1


Winner 2

Winner 2.1

Congrats to Amy and Pamela!


On the home front looks like another resident of Chez Depre has caught “the cold” as Molly woke me this morning sneezing and a bit glassy-eyed.

So on that note, since I will be nursing two sickies today,  I have just gone ahead and flipped the switch on the my website store to


which is my Black Friday /Small Business Saturday deal for you!



I hope your holiday is filled with Love & Laughter.  Even with two “sickies” mine will be because we are together!



A Winner and Borders Please.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

First order of business.


We have a winner in the Polar Notions Board Giveaway!

The Random Number Generator picked…Winner

That made SHARON the Winner!Sharon Winner

An email has been sent …thanks all for participating!  Don’t forget the Polar Notions Boards are on sale until Midnight (12:00am CST) tonight on the Paper Pieces website that you can find HERE.

Oh and how many boards do I have on my wall.  980!

but honestly another 50 boards just arrived so I can truly finish the wall.  You will note that the lower middle had a shelf of solid reading prints that needed to be wrapped.  So the true total when I am done will be 1030.  Remember this is a stash almost 25 years in the making.  There are some golden oldies up there.   And of course my bins of Civil War Repros and 30s Repros are still alive and over flowing.

Tomorrow is another day.

But today I vow to get the final 32 diamonds done that I need for the borders of my Castle Wall Quilt.   I really do need to get this done as I am off again on Tuesday up to Janesville, Wisconsin  for a two day visit with the Rock Valley Quilt Guild and I would like to share it with them albeit in just top form.

It will remain in top form until my last gig of the year the first week of December then it’s off to quilting so it will be ready to travel off to California when I hit the road again in January.  Whew!

And just wait to you see what I have dreamed up for my 2015 On The Road Project.    There are 30 gigs on the books so lots of hand sewing time.

But for today I will be in my studio.  Working on the outer borders.   It involves foundation piecing (yes there is a difference…paper piecing is wrapping fabric…foundation is sewing on paper).

Castle Wall Quilt Inner Border

98 diamonds are needed.  I have 32 to go.


I hope you find time to sew today to!

Enjoy your day,



Feet on the ground.

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Been home from a trip to Kentucky for a week now and just finally feeling like my feet are back on the ground.   So much going on.  I start everyday with a plan…a goal..and lately if I get half the stuff done on that list I am calling the day a success.

I am really pondering hiring a personal assistant.   It’s in the pondering stage.  I am thinking a virtual assistant would work well.  Someone to just take care of some of the behind the scenes stuff…basically so I can just be able to create more.  After all that’s what it’s all about right? Like I said still in the pondering stage.

On the homefront we are counting the days to Em is back at Chez Depre for a glorious week.   We will further add to this joy by visiting Pauli for a few days .  Molly will hold down the fort with a house buddy.


This short time we are all together is all the four of us can talk about lately.   We truly miss each other.  I sometimes think about what life would be like if we didn’t have text, facebook, and even cheap long distance for traditional phone calls.   The ability to “touch base” with P & E in a moment’s notice is what makes them living in separate states bearable.   I know in years to come we are moving ourselves.  In fact it has become an almost weekly topic here as we near the “in 10 years” mark….and again I think of the freedom we have to make this move knowing we will still be able to communicate with the kids easily no matter where we roam.




Also on the home front I have finally gathered all the “loose books” (no not wayward..loose) from all my travels (17 trips since January!!)  and did an inventory count.   These books are the leftovers from visits that were shipped prior to my arrival by my awesome publisher Kansas City Star. They ship books in cases of 30 but the books are plastic wrapped into units of 10 inside.  This helps keep corners and covers pristine in shipping.   So when a “brick of books” (10 pack) is broken and not all are sold the remaining are shipped back home without that cover.  And they survive…but they are now awkward  to reship out so they become website shop order stock.

Well this stock needs to be depleted a bit so I can actually get them on the shelf.

So how does one do that quickly.   You hold a sale.



From the posting of this blog to the end of Sunday June 22nd the following items are one sale in my webstore.

Pieced Hexies DEUX (yes the new book!)  $20

Pieced Hexies (the original) $20

Ring Around The Hexies Book AND Boomer Template $20

SIDE NOTE: Decauter Quilters Guild that I am visiting next week…I will honor these prices to you girls in person when I am there so no need to order.  Since I am driving I can bring the loose books to you.

I am linking the #20 (which to me is June 20th is the start of summer) to this sale as I gave the season of Summer some grief earlier this week on my facebook page by stating that I just endure it to get to August.  I was a bit grouchy that day.  I do actually enjoy Summer…a bit.   So I am hoping to temper it’s anger (last nights storms were indication of it’s fury) and hold a sale celebrating it’s start.

Well that’s my story.

And finally…

The change of my name on my professional Facebook page has been approved.   It is now MDQuilts.

My dear daughter and her marketing knowledge is so very happy I did this …because after all in the long run everything is always about making your kids happy.  🙂

Now I am back to the studio…halfway thru QUILT #8  for the new book.   I do see the finish line.

Enjoy your day,


Sweet Home Chicago

Sunday, June 1st, 2014


It’s June 1st.
And I have just landed back home in Chicago from my visit to Wilmington NC   for the North Carolina Quilt Symposium.

Life is going to slow down a bit for the next three months.  Just 5 gigs between now and September….not 5 in a month.

There’s going to be alot of sleeping in…sewing late….and just rocking in the gazebo with Paul.

I am home for 7 days til I head out to Kentucky. 

It’s time to pause.  And snuggle Molly.

This Chicago Girl is home.  🙂

Send Me the DEAL!

Thursday, May 15th, 2014


travel-clipartI have been remiss in my blogging.  But if you follow my Facebook page (Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre) you will know that I have been pretty much on the road traveling nonstop since April 21st.

The final leg of this adventure is when after 15 years of being a traveling teacher it was my turn to be stuck overnight due to multiple…yes multiple reasons for cancellations of flights.

I won’t go over all of it here …you can scroll back to Monday on Facebook and read about the adventure.

What I do want to do is put up a special offer that I dreamed up while praying that my suitcases full of quilts and supplies would find their way home to me.   Since I elected not to go to Spring Market due to all the travel (would of been on a plane to Pittsburgh today) I wanted to just celebrate by giving you the quilters some Market like deals.

I am calling this very special sale…. SEND ME THE DEAL!

From the posting of this blog until midnight on Sunday I am offer the following.

Order $35 worth of items from my webstore and receive a copy of Ring Around the Hexies  FREE! ($14 value)RingAroundTheHexies Cover

Order $50 worth of items and receive either Ring Around the Hexies or a 300 pack of 1.5″ Hexie Papers ($20 value)150Hexies300CT

Order $75 worth of items and receive BOTH!

These amounts are before shipping charges.

All you have to do is put the words SEND ME THE DEAL! in the space for communication when placing your order.  If yours is a $50 order please indicate what you would like book or papers.

This is the easiest way for me to do this as I try to dig out my office from all the days away traveling.

Let’s celebrate this Springs Quilt Market together and let me SEND YOU A DEAL!    Remember this offer expires at 12:01am CST on May 19th.

I have a ton of notes of stuff to blog about…trying to get back on track.

Take Care,



$5 off my Craftsy Class

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


Click HERE for $5.00 off my Craftsy Class.

Click here for $5.00 off my Craftsy Class! That will make the price just $9.99! (yes it was an experimental short class by Craftsy last year). But good things come in small packages!!



Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

imagesCJ3JHGLYMy Christmas wish is that this post finds each and every one of you surrounded by family and friends.

Enjoy your holiday from my house to yours!

Merry Christmas


New Workshop debuting at Retreat

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Been spending a few hours every morning learning WordPress software and adding and sprucing up my website even more.  The tweaking never ends and neither does the education.  But I am fine with it.  I enjoy learning new things and giving my brain some new creative knowledge.  The problem is I now have so many ideas racing thru my head I have a hard time focusing.  So 3 hours every morning and then I am off to the studio.  3 hours that is it and the computer is put to “sleep”.  I keep a college ruled notebook on my desk and jot down every idea.  They will keep until I can get to them or find some help.  Which may truly be on the docket for 2014.

The files of new workshops to put into  the offerings is pretty high. (as are the pattern files)  And once Em gets home (tomorrow…fingers crossed with the impending weather that is forecasted) we might dabble with my new brochure making on Sunday.  It is one of the things on our “to do” list during her 2 week visit!  With Em’s graphic knowledge and artistic eye I can only imagine what she will come up with.    I know I mentioned it on facebook but she finally started her own blog/website.  You can find it here!

Ok..back on track….

EPP5PointStarWkshpPic2MDEPREOne of the new workshops is called EPP 5 Point Star.   I am excited about this workshop as it takes the “Pieced Hexies” idea and applies it to other shapes.   I wanted to design a 3 hour workshop so it can fit many situations and yet be new and exciting.   So it is just one design pattern (but trust me like the hexies the binder of patterns is quite thick…watch for more shapes/ideas over this year).

What is fun is there are two bonus blooms that can also be made from this 5pt Star Design.  You can find all my workshops under the tab at the top.chicago_lake_0114_cropped

I will be debuting this workshop (temporarily renamed EPP Pieced Snowflake to fit the theme) at the Lake Shore Quilting Retreat sponsored by Sew Many Places right here in Chicago!  The retreat runs from January 16th -19th and is going to be a winter pajama party blast!  This city girl is so excited to share not only this new design idea but “her city” (Native Chicagoan here!) during the prettiest time of 40sStringQTMDEPREthe year.  Winter.  I am hoping for some snowfall either Friday or Saturday night.  We can scout out an area in the hotel with big windows and sit and stitch together until the wee hours with the snow falling.  Wouldn’t that be magical.

I am bringing all sorts of quilts to share…since this is a driving gig for me the jeep will be loaded up!  So come join Pam Holland, Sue Bouchard, Brian Haggard, Jim West and myself for a weekend of quilty fun!

AntiqueStringBoxQuiltTopAntiqueStringBoxQuiltTopAlso Mr. UPS, Mr FedEx and Mr USPS have all been making their way up the stoop with packages the last few weeks.  One contained a new antique quilt top. Oh my.  String Pieced Blocks from the 40s.  Just my style.  I plan to make a very bold border for it and finish it.  I have made my list of tops to finish by August 1st and it is long.  But with a list it will get done.


Til Monday, (taking Saturday & Sunday off to hang with my favorite daughter)



Drawing of yesterday’s winners slight delay.

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

The drawing of Day Two’s winners will be delayed to tomorrow as I have a slight family emergency to handle.

No worries.  No one is sick or injured.

Posted on the whim of my phone. 🙂