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Nothin’ can be finer then a quarter Carolina

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Earlier this month while making workshop set outs for the Carolina Favorite block I had a light bulb moment.

First let me say that I will NEVER be able to make all the quilts I dream up using my hand piecing templates…but I can make the illustrations and share them with you in blog posts such as this.

There is no formal pattern. It is pretty straight forward in regards to construction.

My thought was….what if you treated the 6″ quarter section of the traditional block as a block itself. And set it on point. Hmmmmm.

Here is what I saw in my head.

I can see this layout done “scrappy style” too.

I truly wish there were 48 hours in each day at times, but I know that wouldn’t even be enough time to get it all done. So I hope you don’t mind the digital quilt shares.

Off to piece….

But as a treat if you have read this entire block post and are thinking of piecing your weekend away during snow or sunshine ….well guess what…the coupon code on this sale will work now. One day before I announce it to the world.

I am waiting for someone to make a Snowy version of Sweetwater Tiles.

It is on my someday list…again when I have a few spare minutes…lol.

Enjoy your day,

Stars of Twilight Quilt Block – Facebook LIVE schedule

Monday, January 7th, 2019
Stars of Twilight Quilt Block

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick run down of the schedule for the Facebook LIVE segments on the docket for this week.

These will cover the Stars of Twilight block.

Please note if you can’t make the actual LIVE presentation at 11am CST each day you can always watch the segment later. You will find them on the page front (the latest will be pinned to the top of the page) or under the Video category on the MDQuilts Facebook page.

Wednesday January 9th – Coloring options for the block, general template info, marking/cutting your fabric pieces

Thursday January 10th – general handpiecing instructions and using the roundabout technique to obtain a beautiful intersection/point in your piecing. I will be demoing the technique live.

Friday January 11th – another round of piecing tips and tricks

Saturday January 12th – final piecing and block pressing

I can’t wait to get started on all of this….see you Wednesday!

Enjoy the day,

Happy New Year SALE!

Monday, December 31st, 2018

I am sitting here typing while watching Ginger chase her tail. What a year it has been. I still miss Molly each and every day but Ginger has found her own special place in my heart.

I have the house to myself for the next 24 hours. A rare event these days with Paul Jr moving back in temporarily for 3-4 weeks. Just waiting on his work visa to be issued and he will be on a flight to Stockholm as soon as possible. He hopes to get there by late January to give himself 7-10 days of settling in before starting work in early February.

He is so excited to be working at Paradox Interactive. I think it is a good fit all around and both he and the company will benefit.

And now we wait for Emily to throw us a curveball. It’s a twin thing…lol. Maybe I shouldn’t of typed that…that girl loves a challenge.

And finally I am loving that so many are enjoying not only the Border Options modern line of rectangles and corner blocks for English Paper Piecing but also the new Mic’s Attic Picks series of more traditional blocks based of my antique quilt collection. They are also being offered in both the hand piecing templates and English Paper Piecing format.

And so that brings me to the announcement of a New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day sale in my webstore.

You can get to my store quickly by clicking here or the tab at the top of the page.

And finally thank you for all your support this past year.

I truly appreciate it.

Happy New Year to Everyone,

Spring Cleaning Sale!

Monday, March 7th, 2016

With the temperature warming up my “cleaning gene” is in full force around Chez Depre.   I like to go thru the house and declutter.  Paul and the kids would fear this time of year and I am ruthless and stuff has to go!  And I do this with the studio and office also.

With my 2015 project winding down, just a two more blocks to make, it is time to move out the EPP papers and Acrylic Template sets for these blocks.  YES, I am teaching the blocks as workshops and I will always keep a few sets on hand in the store but truly it is time to clear the stock on hand out so I can move in some new items I have on the horizon.


There are some foundation spacer rows that still need to be done.

But I am kicking off my next “On the Road” project March 20th when I head out to Nebraska for a few days.   I am raring to get started on this quilt as it was been a dream quilt of mine for several years now.   And I am going back to hexies, Pieced Hexies,  that is!

But more on that in a future blog.


Today is about SPRING CLEANING.   I counted up all the English Paper Piecing blocks I have in stock AND the acrylic block templates from last year’s quilt and decided to put them ALL on sale at 35% off!

These are just some of the block designs available.

ParisFlightEPP.6    JimDandyTemplates   Augusta EPP Six Blocks   Lady of the Lake EPP 6 blocks





This sale starts now and ends Sunday evening or when stock is gone.

I have included the Castle Wall papers and templates sets also just to keep it easy as they fall in the same store categories. Castle Wall Arcylic Template Set

Molly PaysAnd the Molly Paws EPP papers will be on sale also!

ALL ITEMS in the following categories are eligible for 35% off when you enter the coupon code: SPRINGCLEAN at checkout.

                                     ENGLISH PAPER PIECING>QUILT BLOCKS

                                     ACRYLIC TEMPLATES > HAND PIECING BLOCKS



And one more thing….I am now accepting SQUARE UP payments in the store.  Check off Credit Card Payment and you will be able to run it thru Square Up!  PayPal will still be accepted along with mailed personal checks.

I am off to clean out my closet now…it’s in the air….spring cleaning!

Enjoy the day,




P.S. Be sure to check out the two SALE categories in the store…all my stand alone patterns are leaving the nest…once they are sold they are gone so get your copies now!   And there are still a few book deals in the Studio Sale category.    Gotta love Spring Cleaning!

Half Pint Girl & a New Page

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

I think it was July that I first heard about the Little House on the Prairie fabric line release.   And I knew sight unseen I would need to own them all.   Because for me, like many of you, Little House on the Prairie (LHOTP) meant the world to me growing up.

LittleHouseonthePrairieI first identified with the show as my family was a family of three girls also, although being the oldest I in no way felt a pull towards Mary.  Meek and mild are never words that would be identified with me,  I am most definitely a “Laura”.

I can remember sitting in our kitchen watching the show with both my parents on a 7 inch black & white screen because well that is what we owned at that point.   It wasn’t the size of the screen that mattered, what mattered was I was allowed to stay up to watch with them while my sisters were off to bed.   And either ice cream or some sort of bakery was dished out for this event.  It was Mom & Dad and I.  It was magic.

I told my family.  I am buying the entire line.  No one blinked an eye.  They know how much LHOTP means to me.

I stalked…err faithfully followed the Andover website, Facebook page and Instagram feed for glimpses of the fabrics.  I was my drug of choice for the rest of the Summer and Autumn.   I called all local quilt shops and non were carrying the entire line.  I was stunned.  How could none of them see that an entire generation grew up being “Laura”?

I searched out an online retailer and placed my order.  A fat quarter bundle of the entire line.  As a scrappy quilter this made my heart soar.   And of course I knew once a saw the line in person I would then seek out more of favorite prints.

And then I waited.   And while waiting I tried to figure out my plan for this fabric.   I have never made a single line of fabric quilt before but there is always a first time for anything and this seemed to scream “keep them together” to me.  Plus I wanted to make a quilt just for me.  One that would go with me thru my life like an old friend.  One to wrap myself in to read a good book or do some hand sewing…or even to play a video game.  Just a quilt for me made of my sight unseen LHOTP fabric.

Then the fabric arrived…oh my!LHOTP001

I still had not picked out a pattern from the hundreds I have stored in EQ that I have designed over the years.  Nor had I gotten around to designing something new.   What to do…what to do!

And then a lightbulb moment.

I would just play.  I would make any block, any size, any time I felt like it.  No deadline.  No sprinting thru the process.  Just pure play.  I will stack the blocks and once I reach a considerable number I will begin to work them into a sampler quilt design.   I mentioned this idea on my MDQuilts facebook page and many commented and messaged that they liked this idea of the freedom to play and create too.

LHOTP003LHOTP005I cut 2.5″ strips off several of the fat quarters and matched them up in pairs and using the Easy Angle ruler I cut them into half square triangles.  These will be fed thru the machine while working on other projects.  Finished half square triangles never go to waste.


LHOTP007And here is block #1 created this Holiday weekend.   There will be no pattern for each block.  They may be posted in a blog but definitely on the facebook page.   This quilt is just for me.  But I want to see all your blocks too.  And actually all your quilting projects.   It has been the one bane of the MDQuilts page is that in order to see what you are working on your have to post your pics to the MDQuilts page and then I have to “share” them with everyone so we can all see.  It is the quirks of this type of professional page.  I don’t get to see your individual pages.

The solution.    I made a new page called Piece & Hexiness with MDQuilts.   This is an open community page so everyone can post to it.  (You do have to “join” but that is to try to keep the spammers away.)   I dream of it being like a quilt guild meeting that we can all attend daily.   I will always post to the MDQuilts page, that is home base, but you will see some of my posts also pop up on the Piece & Hexiness page from time to time.  But truly that page is all about all of you sharing your projects.  And they don’t have to be my patterns, or my books, truly let’s just have a full out show & tell.

There will be some monitoring and guidelines will be put in place when situations arise.  My goal is a spot where we can all sit back, cheer each other on, share our passion.   There will be no negativity tolerated.   If you can’t find something nice to say then don’t say anything is going to the page motto.

I hope to find pictures there every morning to make my morning coffee time awesome!

Now off to play with some more LHOTP fabric!

Enjoy the day,



Giving Thanks Sale

Monday, November 23rd, 2015


Effective immediately until Monday, November 30, 2015 at midnight CST all items in my webstore are 30% off.

This is limited to items on hand so once they are gone they are gone for the sale.

This does include ALL books…so now is the time to stock up on Half-Scrap Quilts, Pieced Hexies, Pieced Hexies Deux and Ring Around the Hexies!

I will begin processing orders on Friday, November 27th.  ALL orders will be shipped out no later than Tuesday, December 1st.

Thanks to all for your support during this year, it has been one heck of a ride in 2015.  Looking forward to calmer waters in 2016.

Happy Thanksgiving to All,




Threads & Beds Retreat Center – Danville, IL

Monday, September 28th, 2015

girlsewing9Last month I took a look at my 2016 calendar and decided I needed to schedule in some “get away and quilt myself” time.    You will remember that I scheduled some time in August 2016 at the Whistlestop Quilt Retreat and you can find that info here in this blog post.

Well I also scheduled some time, May 26-29, 2016 at Threads & Beds Retreat Center which is attached to Threads of Time Quilt Shop in Danville, IL.logo

A retreat center with a quilt shop attached…oh this is going to be a whole lotta fun!

Same as before, I am just sewing along on my projects as you sew along on yours.  I know Threads of Time will have my books in stock and I will be happy to sign them and answer questions during the weekend.  I just will not be teaching.  I will be sewing with along with anyone else who decides to book a stay.

So if you live close and Memorial Weekend next year is open for you and you want to swing on by give Missi a call and she will hold a room for you.  I do believe they are open ended about the number of nights you can book, you will need to contact Threads of time directly for booking and pricing.

Note I am only staying until Sunday but the retreat center is open thru Memorial day.   But I will be shoving off to the North Carolina Quilt Symposium that Wednesday so this girl will have to leave.

Now back to more computer works for me so I can possible sew a bit here at home tomorrow.

Enjoy your day,





Saturday, September 19th, 2015

One more day!

Decided to extend the “ALL THINGS ENGLISH PAPER PIECING” Sale for another day as last night and it’s 8 hours of storms (storm after storm after storm) kept me from answering a lot of emails/questions from first time shoppers to my web store.

So hoping this blog will help answer all those questions as this girl is heading for the studio as soon as I hit send on this blog.FlashSale40

1. What’s on sale?

ALL English Paper Piecing papers are on sale.  This includes hexie packs and ALL block packs (one block and 6 blocks).   YES! This includes CASTLE WALL!

2.  How do I get the sale price?

Load up your shopping cart and then when checking out put FLASH40 in the coupon area and viola 40% discount will appear.

3.  Really ?!?  Pieced Hexies and Pieces Hexies Deux books (KCStar stash) are also included?

YES YES YES!  They are!  This is it.

The new editions of the books from AQS will be on their way to my studio next week so these copies have to go at just $9.60 a copy!  The holidays are just around the corner….Think Secret Santa gifts at guild!!  Help me find new homes for these books!   This sale also includes all the templates that go with the Pieced Hexies books…even the sold out Ring Around The Hexies! 

4.  Once an items is “SOLD OUT”  it is sold out.  So don’t delay in placing your order.

Ok I think that covers it.   Feel free to tell all your friends.  I would love to check back later tonight to a cleaned out webstore as I have several new things I want to add next month.

Oh yeah…one last thing.   I will have a delivery date for Half-Scrap Quilts next week.  Stay Tuned!

Half-ScrapCoverEnjoy your day,


August 2016 – Whistlestop Quilt Retreat TN

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

391x294_img_6765jpgHere is the info about the quilting retreat in August 2016!

Whistlestop.Quilt.Retreat PDF


No formal classes, just bring your machine, bring your projects, bring some laughter and let’s spend some time sewing together.

I long for just “sewing together time”.


In the world we live in today Facebook kept throwing the Whistlestop Quilt Retreat center into my feed after I posted about my quilt “Whistle Stop” that is in the soon to be released Half Scrap Quilts.     So I clicked on the link and promptly knew that I must visit this retreat center and just veg…with my machine…and other quilters.

330x248_img_2608jpgI posted this wish and well here we are with a weekend set up.   I sure hope some of you will want to join me and just spend a weekend sewing.  New projects, old projects, let’s just veg and sew.  And of course do some walking and adventuring….but always sewing.

Jodi/Whistlestop Quilt Retreat is handling this event so if you wish to join in on the fun you will need to contact her directly.  I am just showing up and sewing like everyone else.225x300_img_7121jpg

I plan on bringing a machine but will have some hand sewing with me also.   And even though I am not formally teaching a class I will always be happy to answer a question or two about any of the hand sewing blocks or quilts in my books.   🙂

Hope you can join me for 4 days/3 nights of fun filled sewing!

See you in August!,


Lady of the Lake – How to Part #2

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015


Ok let’s tackle the rest of the block today.  Here is the breakdown of the block again in sections.  We tackled the B-A-Br (r meaning reverse) section last blog, and you will need 4 of those units for this block.


Now let’s tackle the center  C-E-F-E-C section.  There is just one of these and since there are only single seam sewing there are no roundabouts to do.  The hardest part of this section are the slight curves in the seams joining E & F but you tackled those in the first sections so I am sure you are a pro by now.


The next section is the D-C-D-E section.  Two units to sew.  Everything thing gets sewn to E.  Start on either D, continue to C and finish with D.


Remember the trick to nice tight intersections and sharp points is the “roundabout move”.  This has been covered at length in previous blocks (Castle Wall, Paris Flight) so I won’t go back over it here, you can easily refer back to the blogs for a refresher.  But quickly a roundabout is all about passing your needle thru TWO pieces of fabric at a time and making a continuous stitch thru an intersection pulling all the intersecting fabrics together.  An example of this sequence if you started with the right side D piece in the image below, the roundabout would be finish with a backstitch at the end of D/E.  Pass thru D/C, then C/E, back to D/E and finish with D/C again.  Make a back stich and continue sewing C to E.


All units done.

Blog 05.0501

Now let’s join the two D-E-C-D units to the center unit of C-E-F-E-C.

Blog 05.0502

Because this entire length of seam is a curve you must pin.   I pin vertically at each end, at each intersection and then twice, splitting the length, in each D section.   Don’t forget your roundabouts at those two center intersections.

Blog 05.0503

Now on to the sewing the four corner units.  Yes you can sew these in one big circle around the block.  But that’s a lot of thread to load into your needle.  Too much thread to have a successful and zen sewing time.  So I have decided to just sew each seam individually as I would if I was at my sewing machine.
Blog 05.0505

Pin your ends and intersections.  Since there is no curve you shouldn’t need to pin your lengths in the B/Br edges.  But if you feel you need to then by all means do.

Blog 05.0507

The red circles indicate the roundabouts.


Two more corner units to go!

Blog 05.0508

And now when joining these units note that there will be NEW roundabouts as indicated by the green circles at the beginning and end of the block.  While some might think these are overkill I feel that in the long run they will make for crisper block when sewing rows together.   And what the heck it’s not like you aren’t a pro at these now to…so sew the roundabouts I say!


Ta-Da!  Your Lady of the Lake block is done!

Blog 05.0509

So as mentioned before, all my blocks will have red fabric in the area (piece D) indicated as a way of pulling my scrappy row by row quilt together.


and I have started kitting the remainder of my blocks for the next two months of travel.

Blog 05.0510

Join me tomorrow for some inspiration quilt settings with the Lady of the Lake , Paris Flight, and Jim Dandy blocks!

On the homefront I will be shoving off to my guild visit with the Gems of the Prairie in Peoria, IL tomorrow morning.   This being said any orders that come in for templates by midnight tonight I will get them in the mail before I shove off…if not orders won’t go out until Monday, May 11th.

Off to finish packing!