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Basic Hand Piecing Acrylic Template Set

Friday, October 28th, 2016

It’s here!

20161028_100125I am so excited to be sharing my latest product with you today.  Over the last few years of sharing and teaching hand piecing the most common thing I heard was “I am afraid the block you are showing is above my skill level”.

I want hand piecing and the quiet joy it brings to life to be available for everyone regardless of skill level.

But I also wanted to produce a template set that would not only help a beginner, and grow with the quilter, but would also hold value for an experienced handpiecer.

After months of analyzing blocks and putting their piece measurements into endless spreadsheets, I have come up with the 17 pieces in this set that I call the Basic Hand Piecing Template Set.   The set ships in a 5″ x 7″ sturdy poly container that latches close for easy use to transport and storage.

This set of shapes can produce literally hundreds of different blocks. 


A 23 page downloadable PDF is included in your set that covers not only pages of tips and tricks for hand piecing, but also my Roundabout Technique that will help you create sharp points and corners in your blocks.  Inside the template set you will find a code that will allow you to download this PDF.  Then this PDF can be used on your computer, laptop or tablet. Or you can print it out if you wish.  Personally I have been using my copy on my phone!  

Shipping of the Basic Hand Piecing Acrylic Template

is scheduled for the week of November 21st.  

And a special preorder introductory price is now available until November 11th.  

You can find the item in my store.

Plans are happening for a new and updated website which will include a page specifically for this product. That  page will be filled with links to PDFs of additional blocks, completed blocks and even some quilt layouts.    And there are additional sets in the works that will expand the number of blocks that can be created even more so.

Be sure to like and follow my professional Facebook page, MDQuilts ,as I plan to use the new Facebook Live feature to help guide you with hand piecing sew alongs and other fun stuff!

Remember the pre-order special price will expire on November 11th so order before then to assure your shipment of your set the week of November 21st.

Piece On!





Lots of Changes Goin’ On!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick blog to catch you up to date.   This Autumn you will see a whole new website appear here!

There will be dedicated pages for Hand Piecing, Pieced Hexies, On the Road Projects, etc.

Content will be deposited on pages where applicable along with the blog in a quick and orderly fashion.   My type A  side of my brain is happy!

It is like building a house and making a separate room for everything!

Plus, I have some new ideas and products for hand piecing I will be sharing and watch for a roll out of all kinds of new Pieced Hexies patterns!   Ideas and plans, years in the making, are coming to life.   It is a bit overwhelming for me but also exciting.

CastleWallBurstEPPpapersPlus I just added the English Paper Piecing (EPP) packs for the Castle Wall Burst Expansion Packs to the store.  These packs contain papers for 3 blocks.

And to kick them off right I have a sale going on of







until midnight Sunday August 7th.

30% OFF!

Use this code at checkout: 30%OFF


Enjoy the day,


The Castle Wall BURSTS- Part Two

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Castle Wall Burst TemplatesI am so excited to get this second in the series of how-to blogs posted.    The response to the template set has been wonderful, I am down to just a handful in stock but more are on their way.   I will leave the orders open on this product and will ship as soon as the next batch is received sometime this upcoming week.  I will get all fillable orders out as soon as that is.   You can place your order here.

For those who have inquired regarding EPP sets of the Castle Wall Burst Expansion they are on their way.   I  will not be able to add them into the store until August 1st due to my heavy travel schedule the last two weeks of the month.  But EPP fans keep an eye out for a special EPP sale I have scheduled to start on July 16th on all other blocks in stock.  And yes there will be a special introductory price on the EPP Castle Wall Burst Expansion pack when released in August.

Now let’s get sewing the Castle Wall Burst!

I have my Castle Wall center done minus the half square triangles (template C) for an overall octagon shape.   Again I will refer you to review the Castle Wall blogs that are linked on the Castle Wall page for piecing this block and general hand sewing tips when working with any of my templates.

sidebar: I am scheduling to post at least two if not more updated general hand sewing tips and tricks blogs in early August.   Please watch for these posts.  They will also be linked on the Castle Wall page soon after posting.  These will cover all the basics for those who are new to hand piecing.

Now back to our block.  Yes I am that excited my head is running in so many directions with so many ideas…this time at home is just what my muse needed.   Ok back to sewing.

The Castle Wall center of this block is sewn in a bulls eye manner, by adding pieces in a circle around the center.   The Burst expansion is sewn by breaking it down into two units, UNIT 1 & UNIT 2.

UNIT 1:  MAKE FOURCastleWallBurstUnit1sewingguidev2

This unit consists of three pieces, C-F-C.   Piece C template can be found in your Castle Wall block template sets.  It is the discarded half square triangle shape.

*design note- I have chosen to use two fabrics in my rendition of the Castle Wall Burst block for piece C.   You can do so also or use the same fabric for all pieces. 

There is just one continuous sewing line to make these units and one roundabout intersection.  Roundabout intersection tips can be found in the previously mentioned Castle Wall posts and a general blog about roundabouts will be posted in early August for those new to my blog.   This illustration is your guide to sewing UNIT 1

UNIT 2: MAKE FOURCastleWallBurstUnit2sewingguide

This unit starts off with sewing four more UNIT 1.  This is where I made a design choice and used a second fabric in my C pieces.  I liked the bit of depth that this brings to the block.

The next step is to add G-H-G to each of these UNITS.   This is also done with one continuous sewing line and 5 Roundabout intersections.


Finally, pressing.  While the Castle Wall center is best left unpressed until all rounds are PatrioticCWBurst2completed, meaning the center is fully sewn, UNITS 1 & 2 should be pressed after each line of stitching is completed.  This will help in obtaining the sharpest of points.   Also as in the original block the diamond shapes should be pressed flat or open for the best results.   And a bit of Best Press used at this stage really helps set the seams.

Next blog…putting it all together in a few days.

See, I told you this Burst Expansion is really quite simple.  And the resulting block is quite spectacular if I say so myself.  I have so many ideas for this block in projects.   Now I just need to look into obtaining 48 hour days.   🙂

Enjoy the day,







The Castle Wall Block BURSTS!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

CWBurstgreycenter2copyrightI have had this crazy idea of BURSTing the Castle Wall block for over a year now.  Think “biggie” size.  I wanted to keep most of the original Castle Wall Block ,just drop off the half square triangles, and expanded to a much larger block.

I played and played with the design while traveling and then would put the files back in my folder in my computer and think maybe in a few months.

And on a trip to Texas in April I opened up the folder again, tweaked my design thought it is time.

So off went my idea to Paper Pieces and they provided me with a sample set of templates lickety-split, they were excited as was I.

AutumnCWBurstBlockBut my schedule was a bit crazy and so I didn’t get to fabric pulling and sample block making until late May.  And then I sewed.  Here is the first sample block of what is being called Castle Wall Burst.   It finishes at 18″ square.  That’s a lot of block with a lot of bang!  At that size just 16 blocks with sashing and border and you have a queen size quilt.

I am loving this idea!

Castle Wall Burst TemplatesThe initial run of templates where produced and landed on my doorstep on Friday.  Just in time to kick off the holiday weekend!



The Castle Wall Burst Expansion Pack has three templates.  You will use the C template from the original 9″ Castle Wall set with the new templates F, G, & H to create this  border ring around a Castle Wall center (minus template C in the center).CWBurstlettered2copyright

The Castle Wall Expansion Templates

are available in my web store under the New! and Acrylic Templates Section

at an introductory price of $15 until July 15th.

Now to the tips and tricks of sewing this expansion ring of the block.


I took pictures as I pieced the sample above and was ready to use them for the “how-to” blogs.  But then I spotted my stash of patriotic fabrics while straightening up my studio and like every other quilter I know I figured…well let’s start a new project!     I am going to make 16 Castle Wall Burst blocks in a scrappy patriotic fashion.   I don’t have the full quilt setting figured out yet.  I will design this hopefully this autumn sometime when my travel schedule is full force again.   A lot of computer designing happens when in a hotel room on the road.

Over the next week or so I will post detailed how-to blogs for this expansion.  But for now I will refer you to the original Castle Wall blogs (you can find links to all blogs on this page) to refresh yourself in piecing this center and the Roundabout Technique for making sharp points!  Eventually links to these Castle Wall Burst blogs will also be found there.




I have my center done sans the half square corners and all my pieces cut and ready for the Burst Expansion.

Watch for a blog in 2-3 days breaking down the next round of sewing into units, a review of pinning, and sewing guide illustrations.

Over half the original order of Castle Wall Burst Expansion Templates have been spoken for and shipped out this morning, hoping to have a few of you sewing along with me on this fun block by this weekend or next week.

Enjoy your day,





P.S. All the graphics you will see in the blog(s) are included in a guide sheet packaged with the templates!

Wandering Star Block and a Book Sale!

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Wandering Star BlockBetter late than never they say!

The final block in the 2015 On The Road Project is the Wandering Star Block!

Trust me it looks much more complicated than it is.



Wandering Star One BlockWandering Star Templates








I have loaded the Acrylic Templates, and English Paper Piecing packs into the webstore and if you make a purchase of them by Thursday, December 17th,  midnight CST using the coupon code: STAR25 in your checkout you will receive 25% off the prices for any Wandering Star Block item.

StudioBookSaleAlso while you are in the store you will see a new category I recently added.  It is the Studio Sale category and it is filled with gently used books from my studio.   Here are some of the books currently in there.


















Most books are priced at $5.00 -$7.50 and of course can be combined with any other purchase and share shipping for even more savings.

I will be working on  another Wandering Star Block sample this week and will be showing the next six blocks being made on my MDQuilts facebook page over the holiday period and to the end of January when my traveling resumes.  You may of missed my post that I have given myself until March 1st to truly complete this entire quilt.   Life just seems to be so jammed packed this year with so many activities that my typical December 31st date is just not going to happen.   HINT: I am already working on my next book!

And so I won’t unveil my next On The Road project until March 2016.  But I will tell you I am heading back to Pieced Hexies for it!

Enjoy your day,


it’s Half-Scrap time!

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Here it is!  I am so very excited. Half-Scrap Quilts!


Nine traditional quilt patterns made in my Half-Scrap method.

  • Whistle Stop
  • Summer Carnival
  • Bloomington Trail
  • Speck’s Fields
  • Woven Argyle
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • WAbash5-6830
  • Pineapple Plaid
  • Simple Midwest

Half-Scrap means there are usually 1 to 3 fabrics that run throughout the entire quilt giving it a base.   And certain units, ie nine patches, broken dishes, square in a square, are done scrappy-style.   To me this makes a quilt unique while allowing a special fabric that you have just fallen in love with shine.

Along with each pattern you will also find bonus blocks showing different palettes to consider for your quilt.

And the stories.  The story of each quilt, how it came to be, why I named it so, and why I chose the palette are also included.  Along with tips and tricks!

I cannot thank everyone at American Quilters Society enough for taking on my manuscript in early April after the unfortunate closing of the doors at KCStar.   And here four months later I am able to present this book to you.  My heart is bursting with joy!

At the present time I can say that the book will be back from the printer no later than October 15th.  But there is a good chance I will have it in September.  Unfortunately because of the circumstances it is not a “scheduled” release thus it is a drop-in print and when it gets thru the process it get’s thru.  But I have been given the green light to start to take preorders!  And you can do that here.

But first here are the quilts of Half-Scrap.













If you would like to receive your copy of Half-Scrap Quilts as soon is it is off the presses then put in your pre-order here!

And then show your friends, take it to your local quilt shop, help me get the word out about Half-Scrap Quilts.  And thank you to all that follow the blog, the facebook page, take my workshops….your support during these last few months of upheaval have truly meant the world to me.

Enjoy your day,






p.s. Any items ordered with the preorder will not be shipped until Half-Scrap comes in.   So if you wish to have other items immediately please place a separate order. Thanks!


Big Sale on Books!

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

KCStarBksSalesmallThe new generation Pieced Hexies, Pieced Hexies Deux and Ring Around The Hexies should be here in a month or so.   AQS/Schroeder Publishing is rereleasing the books, same info, just a new look.

That means I need to find new homes for the small stockpile of books I have been holding on to “just in case”.  And so I am marking them down to help with the adoption process until they are gone.

Maybe you missed getting a copy earlier, or are new to the blog?   Or are looking to get a start on some Secret Sisters gifties.

Head over to my shop page because I have a deal for you!




Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Since I was out on the road during the celebration of National Quilting Day I decided to have my own celebration this weekend.

The plan was to hold a sale Saturday and Sunday on the templates and multipack of EPP papers for Castle Wall, Paris Flight and Jim Dandy blocks.  Well life happens and yesterday turned into a project day here at Chez Depre.

But the sale will happen.  In face it is happening now.


So head over to my store page and get your order it in.

Happy Belated National Quilting Day!



Castle Wall – Acrylic Templates are in the house! (part one)

Friday, September 19th, 2014


Sept19pic2Yes! according to the tracking number the next shipment of the Castle Wall Acrylic Templates should be on my doorstep this afternoon. CastleWallBlockSet That means if you are still waiting for your set they will go out ASAP!  About half the order is spoken for so if interested put your order in by tomorrow evening and I will get them out to you Monday morn.

If not due to my travel schedule the next shipping date out will be September 29th.

Sept19pic3To order head over to my store page here.

As you may or may not know I recently shifted gears a bit on the making of my Castle Wall Blocks.   Still handsewn, still my 2014 On The Road project.  Just preparing my fabric using acrylic templates to mark my cutting and sewing guidelines.

Have I mentioned how much I love handwork, whether it be sewing, English paper piecing, knitting, crochet…if my hands are busy I am happy girl.  And these templates make this project totally portable , even the block prep part.

So let’s cover that part.Sept19pic4


Marking:  I have a phletora of marking pens, all different colors of gel pens, a few Sakura gelly pens (white-grey- yellow) and of course a good old fashion sharp pencil .  Each tackles a different type/color of fabric when I choose to use it.  So gather up several marking utensils and keep them together so they are always readily available.


Keeping your fabric stable when marking.   I like to use a sheet of freezer paper tacked down to the front side of my fabric by the heat of my iron.  Since I do a lot of projects using freezer paper, ie needle turn applique…yes I love the “A word!”, I buy it in the 8×11 sheets.  But you can just tear off a strip from the roll you pick up at the grocers, that will work.Sept19pic6

Different fabrics/fabric backs all for different pens.

I could only find “sparkle grey” in the Sakura pen when I was purchasing so until a solid grey is found this is what I use.    Oh pretty!

Make sure you mark those corner intersections of your sewing guidelines.  Those will be important when lining up your pieces.

Sept19pic1I forgot to take pictures late last night as I was cutting out all my pieces.  It is important to be as accurate as possible when cutting but if you nip a bit off it’s ok as long as you have your sewing guideline accurately drawn.  This will be covered in Part Two of this blog.

I kitted up the final 9 blocks needed for my quilt.  Yes I am into the single digits!  My hope is to have all 56 blocks done by October 3rd.   I have a lot of travel on my docket between now and then so I think I can reach this goal and be sewing the center of my top together soon.

So this is where I am presently on this block.

I will sew as fast as I can today  and will have Part Two of this blog up before I head out to the airport on Sunday morn. Sept19pic8

 I am loving the wavy plaid of the blue print in the diamonds one of my all time favorites!

Enjoy your day,


Store and Workshop Updates!

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Just a few updates to bring to your attention!

Posted TWO new workshops available for booking immediately!



“Castle Wall – The Block”

A hand piecing workshop that will cover how to use INKLINGO (powerpoint presentation) and then we dive right in to sewing up your very own Castle Wall block using the preprinted kits I will have available.  Hand piecing tips and tricks will be demoed hands on and you will find the serenity that hand sewing can bring to your day when we sit, sew and chat together.





RingAroundTheHexies Cover


“R.A.T.H. – Snack Sized”

RATH is the acronym for Ring Around The Hexies pattern that Bonnie Hunter and I designed.  This began as a retreat workshop designed to pitch to venues so that we could teach together as we found our very busy schedules were not overlapping like they had in the past.   But now we find that it truly would be hard to fit a joint booking into our calendars until 2017!  So with Bonnie’s blessing I am offering this hybrid of the joint workshop.  The project will be scaled down to a table runner to keep with my concept of making workshop projects easily completed and not UFOs in the making.

My sample picture will be posted soon but if your guild is on my books (or if you wish to be just two weeks in 2015 open and 2016 is half full so contact me soon!) you can let them know you are interested in this program.

Please note that I do not post my schedule for security reasons but I am always happy to search and provide appearance info to anyone who emails.  Also I do post this info as “Heads UP” posts on my facebook page.  You can find the link to this page no the right.  Please link over and like to keep in the loop. Thanks!




Some updates on the store too!CastleWallEP

I have added Paper Pieces Castle Wall EPP pattern for those who wish to make this fun block in that style.  The papers will make a 9 inch block and you have enough in each bag to make two blocks.  Remember you can remove all papers and make a new block (I have reused papers many times over) as these blocks will  eventually be sewing together in the traditional style.

The cost for the papers is $6.00.



PiecedHexiesCOVERsmallAlso note the special OOPS Sale on Pieced Hexies Book will end on April 16th.   So if you want to get this book at a great price (less than Amazon!) please order by then.

I am off for two weeks of back to back to back engagement in Indiana and Wisconsin.

Enjoy your day,