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Robin’s Hexiane Swirl

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Another Pieced Hexie Quilt is in the works!

Look what she has done with Pieced Hexie – SPIKE and her own original star!


When I first saw it it just took my breath away.  So delicate yet powerful.  just WOW!

This is Hexiane Swirl by Robin Fouquette , of The Quixotic Quilter blog.  Ok she has been a little lax on her posts but maybe this shout out will give her the push to start up again.

Robin tells me that she was feeling a bit out of sorts quilty-wise as a wrist injury from scuba diving has flared up and but her quilting on the back burner.  Then she saw my episode on The Quilt Show this summer and she was immediately fired up about Pieced Hexies.

She is almost done with the quilt.  Just needs to finish up background.   Then it is into the actual “quilting” phase of completion.   Her plans are to share this quilt with the world via show entries.  I for one cannot wait to round a corner and see it in person.

Thanks so much Robin for sharing!  And I hope we get you back to bloggin’ girl!!!

RFpiecedhexiepincushionOh and look what else Robin shared….she took a recent pattern for hexie pincushions in McCall’s Quilting and after making a few she gave it the Pieced Hexies treatment!

This is what I have been saying since day one of the Pieced Hexies (soon to be) Books!  They are reference tools for the designs.  You can apply Pieced Hexies to any hexie pattern on the market or that you dream up!   Think of these books like the Judy Hopkins Block Books of the 90s.

And YOU CAN design your own Pieced Hexie Star Pattern!   In fact I am typing up the info for a new workshop that will cover just that in anywhere from a 3hr to a multi-day format!

Hex On!


p.s. You can now find the PDFs for the Pieced Hexie Stars on my PDF Page (click PDF Page on the bar at the top of the page)…in fact all the free PDFs will now be hosted there!  Watch for more to come!strawberry pincushions

p.p.s. Robin also shared these wonderful strawberry pincushions…it is quite obvious this girl can sew!



Sarah’s Pieced Hexie Santa

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

It’s been 15 months since Pieced Hexies was released and the Pieced Hexie quilts/projects are starting to pop up on the internet, show up in show -n- tells, and waiting for the first entry in a quilt show.

I cannot begin to tell you how elated I am to see them.

I knew it would take awhile for them to start to peek out.   Let’s be honest hand sewing takes awhile (although Pieced Hexies is a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing).

I myself have several larger Pieced Hexie projects in various stages of completion.

But the emails are staring to roll in with pics attached of your projects.  I love getting them…this was received earlier this week but I promised to wait to post it until after Sarah revealed it to the Friday night hexie club that she started at her local quilt shop.

This is Sarah’s Santa table topper.

Sarah's Sparkle Santa

Sarah’s Sparkle Santa

She calls it “Sparkle Santa”.    It is made using the Pieced Hexie Sparkle.

WOW!  I am still working on the “Fan Page” for the website…as soon as I can find a few minutes to make it this pic will be there.

Thanks Sarah for sharing…and everyone please checkout her blog here for more hexie goodness.

And please email your project hexie or Pieced Hexie…would love to see it.   And I actually have another to share with you on Monday!

Enjoy the day,




p.s You can find Pieced Hexies in my store….and I am currently taking preorders for Pieced Hexies Deux set to be released in January!


Sunday & Monday!

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Hey Everyone,

I have gotten the emails….I think the shop page just might be overwhelmed a bit at times and thus the frustration in trying to place your order.  I am sorry.

I have also gotten the messages about asking to see some of the designs in the book so I have put together the following graphics for you.

This graphic shows the 10 new designs in their “original” rosettes. 10RosettesDeuxDesigns These are shown in 100+ variations in the book.

And here are the 6 Pieced Hexies Star Patterns!6PHStarsDeux

And there are combos!   Sorry I forgot to do a combos graphic…still getting over the nasty cold of this weekend.

I hope this helps everyone who inquired.  Due to my delay in getting these graphics done and the shops stall problems I am going to leave the special up on the book until midnight tomorrow.   And sometime today I will put up my cyber Monday special to.

As I said I am still battling this nasty cold and don’t know if I will be up to push the magic change the shop button or not at midnight so just going to make those changes in a bit.

So if you were waiting for the Monday Cyber deal you can also order that as soon as I have the shop updated.  But it must be a separate order than the PreOrder Special.

Thanks again for all your inquries and orders!

Hex On!





p.s. The Cyber Monday (now a bit of Sunday too) Deal is the following:

Pieced Hexies Book (the First!)Pieced Hexies


PHBOOKTemplatesand the coordinating Template Set  is




Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – and good ol’ Sunday all rolled into one

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


hexiedeux-coverloresIt’s PREORDER time for Pieced Hexies Deux! The release date for the book is mid January 2014!


And by coincidence it is also “Super Special Savings Sales” here in the United States so I have put together a Pre Order Special Sale.

This SALE will run from 12:01am Friday, November 29th to 11:59pm Sunday December 1st.

(note I have something up my sleeve for Cyber Monday….it will be another product not DEUX)

Here is the cover!  I am so very excited…it’s ORANGE!

The book is 96 pages.   Ten new designs are in the book.

Echo, Rototiller, Layer, Chop, Beaker, Kilter, Boxed, Buzzsaw, Scissors, and Lanes.

The book also has the addition of Fabric Orientation Graphics and an updated system for marking your alignment guidelines on your hexies.

AND (yes my publisher worked wonders and crammed so much in to the book it’s bursting!)

SIX Pieced Hexie Star Patterns!pic3

Bonnie, Cathy,  Diane, Elaine, Linda and Maggie!   You got a glimpse of Pieced Hexie Star Bonnie last week when I blogged about my “Magic Carpet Ride” quilt.

All of this for a retail price of $27.95!

Cover PROOF for Deux Acrylic PackNow I as you know you don’t need the templates to make Pieced Hexies…I will always give the alignment guides to mark your papers with pencil and ruler.   But let’s be honest the fantastic templates that Paper Pieces has designed for all the previous designs rock.   They make marking those guidelines a breeze and free up time for more sewing.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that there will be a Pieces Hexies Deux pack of templates.   And even better as the Paper Pieces girls and I came up with a way to put two designs on one template so the pack is only 5 templates and thus just $29.00!

SOOOOOOOO……here’s the PreOrder Three Day Deal!

Pieced Hexies Deux BOOK and TEMPLATES Pack


You can place your preorder in my store or just click here to go right there.

Now you will see that the “button” is a BUY IT NOW button and not a place in shopping cart button.   Due to the fact that the book release will not be until January I must ask that these preorders be for the book/template combo ONLY.   You can order other items from my store but they will need to be a separate order.

ALSO please note that the shipping option for this combo for US CITIZENS is PRIORITY MAIL ONLY.   The only way I can make this work is to only offer this shipping option.  The cost for shipping on this combo is $6.00 (note that the post office is taking a small increase in Priority Mail postage on January 26th.  While I expect all orders to go out prior to then I cannot  control the shipment of books to me.  And in order to offer this pricing I need to make a small increase in shipping from $5.65 to $6.00).

FOREIGN ORDERSPlease Please Please email me (mickey(at) for standard shipping and Priority Mail shipping costs.  DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER VIA THE WEBSITE.  I will issue you a personal invoice for your total.

Ok I think I have covered it all.

Thank you ALL in advance for you wonderful support and for loving Pieced Hexies, Ring Around the Hexies, …and now Pieced Hexies Deux.



Can we have a background please?!?

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Finally….a background.

When the idea hit for the Pieced Hexies Stars way back in February  I also envisioned a background…actually several for them.  And then traveling and second book writing and another booklet writing…and well lots of quilty stuff got in the way.

But I had a file filled with some sketches.   And a plan.

Finally last week there was time in my schedule and I set to work.   I have been carrying around the makings for 4 Pieced Hexie Stars – Bonnie since late September on the road.  Making progress with each evening in a hotel.

And then it came to the final ring on the final star and I hit that wall that we all know.  The star sat for one week, then two.  And I knew if I just did a little leap frog and got the sketched background idea into EQ for easy pattern writing later that Star would get done.  And so I did.  And it did. And now this train is moving full steam ahead.

The original plan was to share this next week to kinda coincide with the start of taking preorders for Pieced Hexies Deux (January 2014) release.   But sometimes I don’t have the patience of a saint and I just want your feedback.   So here we go.

DSC07467You’ve see the Star.  I have heard the deep breath intact at the color choices.   But well this is me.  I am not always traditional and I am not always “basic blue” in my choices.  Always expect the unexpected.  I swing wildly from Civil War Repros to what you see here.   Remember back in September when I facebooked (is this a word now?) the picture of the “fish eye” fabric and the citrine yellow fabric that I bought while in St. Louis at The Quilted Fox?   Well here it is.

DSC07469On Saturday I stated pulling background fabrics.   I knew after seeing Pepper Cory’s Peppered Cottons in Houston at Market that they had to be used in this quilt.  These fabrics appear solid but they are not.

DSC07472A close look will reveal that they are woven with two different colors.   So there is a shimmer in person when viewing.  It can’t be see truly on a screen you have to see these in person.  Seek them out…you won’t be disappointed.   sidebar: Wild Angel Studio (that’s my place) will be stocking all colorways by year end.  Merry Christmas to me.

DSC07484Sunday afternoon…let the piecing begin!   DSC07485I am a process sewer.  Confident in my color choices I jumped right in.   The concept is 4 large quilt blocks, more like panels, each to serve as the background for each Star.  So once the Star is appliqued (and note you can use ANY PHStar!) you sew the 4 big blocks together and TA DA! You have a quilt…or a wall hanging in this case.









Here is one block all well…blocked out.  Again a process.











And here are all four blocks…not sewn together but hanging on the design wall so I can get a look at the over all of things.  I like!





And here are the Stars!


One Star is already hand appliqued down.  Another will be done tonight.  And I will prep the last two tomorrow (remove papers , starch edges, pin) and bring them with me for my trip to North Carolina on Thursday.  I will also bring the file and start writing the pattern.



My next goal…have pattern and picture of finished top (note I am still under doctor orders of no quilting until the new year) on the website in December.  I hope by the 5th.   I am aiming for it.   I am also adding a workshop that can be booked for as little as 3 hours to as long as 3 days called “Build Your Own Star” or BYOS!…..I know you can all create your own and I can’t wait to see them!

Off to sew,



I am the Keurig-master at Chez Depre

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Every morning the Keurig gets a workout.   IMG_20131111_064134

It is timed to turn itself on a 5:00am..but trust me the on button is pushed way before that most days.

Several cups of coffee are brewed before Paul is out the door at 6am.

But I have noticed that apparently I am of a higher skill set then dear hubby…as I am the only person who knows how to fill the water reservoir on the Keurig. Note the water level in the picture indicated by the spoon, this is how I found the Keurig after someone brewed their cup and was out the door.  I have come home from being on the road for three days to the water even lower than it was this morning.   I have filled the water pitcher and placed it in front of the Keurig only to find it gently pushed to the side and another cup brewed.

He cracks me up.

But then again…I do not know how to take the garbage out either.  (ok I do..but I can count on one hand how many times I do this task a year).

So I continue to be the Keurig-master at Chez Depre as long as he keeps me in k-cups.   🙂

Looks like we have a cover for Pieced Hexies Deux.  Yes that is now officially the next book’s name. Title approval was obtained last week and this weekend my dear editor sent three cover choices to me for a looksey.

There is some tweaking that will be going on but I feel confident I will be able to share it with you soon.



And heads up…I will be kicking off preorders on …..BLACK FRIDAY! 

I have an awesome deal for you my faithful readers and friends.

I can also start sharing some of the book designs.

As you may know there are 10 new Pieced Hexies Designs in the book…and this time around we put SIX Star Patterns in the book!   These STARS are named (in alphabetical order) Bonnie, Cathy, Diane, Elaine, Linda, & Maggie.   Named for a group of very good friends and my Great Aunt Elaine.  Or Aunt Mitzie as we called her, who left this earth the day before her copy of the newly released Pieced Hexies hit her doorstep in Texas.   She was so proud and happy for me.   For those of you who are fbook friends you might remember her posts to my page ALL IN CAPS…lol…she loved her iPad.    I hope she can see the design in heaven.

I am currently working on a wall hanging that will show off 4 of the stars (well I am choosing to do one design four times at first) as applique to a pieced background.   As I have said your entire quilt does not have to be Pieced Hexies…..although I do have a new project as such in the works too.     The “to do” list is long.


So I better stop typing and get back to sewing.


And for the Molly Fans I have heard you.  Here is your “Molly Fix”.

She was slightly annoyed as she was in the midst of her early morning bone chew when I asked her to look up.

Enjoy your day,





p.s. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you haven’t already so I can get you approved in my comment spam-a-nator system.  There will be a giveway on Friday’s blog and your comment wont post until I approve…so if you get “preapproved” it will make life a tiny bit easier on Friday if you don’t mind.   Thanks!


Purple Luggage is in the house…and quilty news

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Yesterday my new luggage arrived home.  While I dreamed of orange, the fact is all that I could find was a bright yellowy orange and I realized that just a few trips in this would not look so bright and cheery.

Those luggage belts are nasty.

Note...Molly just decided she wanted to be in the pic.  She is a ham.

Note…Molly just decided she wanted to be in the pic. She is a ham.

Common sense had me order this very concentrated “but not gonna show all the dirt” purple!

Yes. I have Barney Luggage.   And I love it.   And it loves me.  We are all good.

Nov7Pic2But of course someone else could have Barney Luggage and so my classic band of duct tape must be applied.  It is now tradition in the Depre household.  No luggage shall wander off into the world of travel without it.


Even before the luggage arrived I had found my newest Duct Tape Design.  (Check Home Depot and Michaels).  One word of advice, make sure it is indeed DUCK TAPE brand.  The others do not last as long.  This is the voice of experience.




Do you like?   I can guarantee that if I ever need to describe my luggage to a handler/agent there is no way it’s going to be missed.   In fact I keep a pic of my luggage on my phone.   Just in case I need to ever show it to anyone at an airport.   (yes I do think of these things in the middle of the night).

And so just a few minutes later…viola!


Now on to quilty news.

My next book is off to design.  Which means if all goes well I should have a cover image and title approval within a week.  I got a look at the rough cut pages this week and it is looking good.

I am also in the midst of designing a wall hanging using one of the Star Patterns in the book.  When it’s done I plan to post it as a free PDF on my website.

Now that the book is in the works and I know all the designs and patterns are going to be included I can begin to share.

Nov7Pic4So here is a sneak peak.  I know its a bit  evasive.  I just want to wait until I have a cover to show this latest Star full on.

Please just hang with me for a few more days.


Off to sew…





Ring Around the Hexie BED SIZE it’s DONE!

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Sept29 pic 2I have sewed my brains out for the last 16 days (ok a few days off in there) but last night I finished the bed size version of Ring Around The Hexies.   I truly love Civil War Repros.  Some people think they are drab and without spark but I beg to differ.  I think when working with them scrappy is the way.   Individually the prints and colors can be “very quiet” but when they get next to one another they start to shout for the viewer’s attention and things get exciting.  Well at least that is how I see it.   Sept29 pic 1

So even if you aren’t a scrappy girl.  And I am not always.  But most of the time I am.  I always say “more is better” if you want a quilt that has “ZING”.   Give the eye a lot to take in.  So if you want a blue and yellow quilt.  Well use 15 blues and 15 yellows.  Variety is the spice of life.

So the top is done and I cheerily call out this fact to Paul who is in the kitchen making the most delicious sour cream apple pie.  Which I really can’t talk about because we landed up slicing into it and eating some before we remembered to take pics.   But I can share a link to the recipe.  Trust me it is wonderful and will be made again.  Now back to quilting.

So I call out to Paul that the top is now done!  YIPPEE!  And then I realize.  I have no where I can take a full head on pic of this quilt (84 x 84) in my small abode.   Sept29 pic 3


This problem is being addressed and might not be “fixed” for a few months.  So this is the best I can do at this time.

I am so in love with this full version.

I am going to put a 2.5″ temp border around the edges to stabilize it as it travels for a month with me before I get to quilting it.

You will be able to see this top in person at the Schoolhouse session for Ring Around the Hexies during Market.  And it will be hanging in the Paper Pieces booth at Festival!

So excited.

NOTE: The special preorder package of both the Ring Around The Hexies Book and Template will cease at midnight on Monday.

This morning my bag is packed and I am ready to hit the road for a whopping 58 miles to Michigan City, Indiana.   Tomorrow I am teaching Pieced Hexies for the Come Quilt with Me & Pat Yamin Retreat.  Then it’s back home til Friday.

I have a lot of travel kitting to do this week.  October is jam packed with trips.

But for now I am going to just sit back with some morning coffee and read the Sunday paper.

Enjoy your day,





p.s. I would really appreciate your posting of comments.  I am in the midst of trying to tweak this new format of blog.  My webmaster and I have the goal of once your first comment is approved all your comments will automatically be approved and immediately posted.  But in order to do this I need some comments posted.   Of course I ask this when I will be off on the road and unable to “approve” comments for 36 hours.  But if you could try to post a comment this week I would most appreciate it.   Thanks!

Ring Around The Hexies BED SIZE Part 5

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Sept27RATHpicHalfway done!

Well actually much more than that.  I just need to applique five more rosettes to backgrounds and sew together the remaining two wall hangings, join them to this half and viola the bed size version of Ring Around The Hexies pattern will be done!

Since this quilt top, no unfortunately it will not be quilted in time, will be traveling to Market and Festival I plan on putting a 2-3″ plain border on it of the burnt red paisley print that you see in the outside setting triangles.  This will keep those outer edges stabilized.   Then when it is back in my hands over winter I will remove it for quilting.

The debate is whether I will be quilting this myself or sending off to someone to do.  Time will tell with my chiropractor visits.   There is much discussion about rearranging the studio and making some changes to may be accommodate a stand up long arm.  But I am thinking this is just a dream for my current studio and it’s size and I will remain quilting on my APQS George machine.

Next blog post I will tell you exactly where you will be able to see this full quilt (top) at Festival.  I hope you will check it out.

Sept 27 Pic 2Along with a whole lot of sewing yesterday there was some homemade applesauce making.  My father-in-law’s apple tree has been bountiful again this year and several Depre abodes are simmering versions of apple sauce, chutney and spices slices to be canned this weekend.

Sept 27 Pic 1I wish there was a way to attach scents to posts….because it is unbelievable.


Speaking of scents I was trilled yesterday to learn that Yankee Candle had unretired truly my all time favorite candle.  Autumn Lodge.  This candle fills the house with the aroma of a wood burning fireplace.  And since my home is sans this wonderful feature. ..well this is the next best thing.

Two large jars are on their way.  Yankee Candle is having a wonderful Buy 1 get 1 Free sale….get over to their website to order or print out the coupon if you are lucky to have a brick storefront in your neck of the woods.

Sept 27 Pic 3And I have begun to decorate the house for Autumn.  Not Halloween, Not Thanksgiving, Not Columbus Day.  AUTUMN.

My very favorite season of all.






Ring Around The Hexies BED SIZE Part 4

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

There has been a lot of sewing going on.  Hand sewing  and machine.

Between some intense chiropractor visits.  Seems my decades old back problems are finally being addressed by a great doctor.  I have been to several chiropractors over the years for my back and while some helped no one has truly helped and made me feel comfortable like my current doc.

One week into an intense regime of visits, stretching, massages, e-stim treatments, and general cracking and popping of the vertebrae and I am already feeling movement I have not felt in years.  But it comes with some very uncomfortable times of great back spasm pain.  So this has sidetracked my getting this top done.

But I do think I will still get it done within the next 10 days.  Just not be today. Life happens.

Sept25 pic2

I am down to just about 1-2 hours of setting triangle sewing.  I have almost all of them done.


Sept25 pic1And hand appliqueing the rosettes to their background squares and then putting each of the 4 wallhangings together and joining all four like a giant 4 patch.

Sept25 pic3I have gotten a few questions regarding the appliqueing process.  I treat my rosettes (or any other EPP design that I am appliqueing down…yes that is a hint for future projects) like I would any other applique project.

I like to hand applique but you could machine applique if you wish.  The choice is yours.

I remove the papers one at a time and immediately treat that hexie to a spritz of Best Press and a visit from the iron.  It’s a slow process but the final ease of working with the applique and look is worth it.

Sept25 pic4In this case my pieced background block makes aligning the rosette on it very easy.  But I do also make ironed hash marks for myself.

Sept25 pic5Once I have the rosette set in a manner that appeals to me I give the center a swipe with the glue pen to hold it temporarily.  Then I use my trusty applique pins and anchor the outer edges.  I am just kinda old school like this.  I like my pins.   NOTE I have chosen to set my rosettes on point but they can be shifted to be lying down.  This difference is shown in the two wall hanging samples in Ring Around the Hexies.

Then it’s hand applique time for me.  I do cut away the background fabric to reduce bulk when I a done.  (sorry I forgot to take a pic of this).

Sept25 pic6And with some early morning sewing I have one wall hanging completely done.   Three more to go (and I will be appliqueing all day today) and I will have the top done.

I will address the recoloring I chose to do in the final blog post to make these four wall hangings into my rendition of Ring Around The Hexies – BED SIZE.

Yes this quilt will finish 84″ x 84″.

PreOrderPackageRemember my preorder special for both the book and alignment template (BOOMER design) for $20.00 plus shipping is only good to midnight CST Sept 30th.  You can order this thru my shop.  Shipping will be between Oct 17th -23rd.

Now it’s off to the chiropractor for more terror err treatment.