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It’s time for a new project!

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Today I am out the door for a quick trip to Omaha, NE and a visit with the Cottonwood Quilt Guild.   I will be teaching Pieced Hexies tomorrow and so it is kismet that I am starting a new “On The Road” project with this trip.

My row by row hand pieced block quilt, now titled “Zen Sewing” is finished and off to the longarmer.  I will post a full picture of the quilt here and on my facebook page when it is back to me sometime in late April.

I decided that I would go back to English Paper Piecing for my new On The Road (OTR) project.  I have wanted to make a Pieced Hexie sampler quilt of sorts for a few years now and have had one designed and just waiting for me in EQ7.

I will be working from these two books for a majority of the Pieced Hexie designs.



And here is the layout pattern for the quilt.

*please note that for some reason when transferring this image to the website from EQ7 it kept “uncoloring” the first orange Hexie in the upper left hand.   I cannot figure why and so I ask you to realize this is indeed an orange Hexie.  The image on the downloadable PDF is correct.  

Quilt Layout

I am excited.

Here are some highlights of what I plan. GreyDiamond

Blue Rosettes -will be composed of various Pieced Hexies Designs found in my books Pieced Hexies and Pieced Hexies Deux.   I also plan to post a few new designs throughout the year here on the blog with free PDF instructions so watch for them.  These rosettes will be scrappy in nature but blue in color.

Yellow & Orange Rosettes– these will actually be a blend of both colors in a scrappy fashionCogsFlowers but the design used will be COGS which is found in Pieced Hexies in the original version.

White Hexies – These will be a new design that I call CRACKLE.  It is going to make this quilt very unique.  I will post a how-to blog within the next few weeks on this Pieced CrackleBackgroundHexie design as there are 672 of these hexies to make for this quilt and I want to get started on them.

There will be a few constants in fabric in the quilt.  The three that I have already determined are shown here.


I am still deciding on the purples and pictures of those fabrics will be shared at a later date.

I have put together a detailed PDF for this project that you can find here.

2016.2017 OTR Quilt Project Info

It is also on the dedicated page for this quilt entitled 2016-2017 OTR Project.

I am giving myself 2 years for this quilt.  It is a big quilt at 81.5″ x 86″ at this time.  I have yet to decided how to border it and that will most likely add 10-14″ in both width and length.   But remember Pieced Hexies use 1.5″ hexies so a lot of ground is covered quickly.

NOTE: the image shown above does have a small border shown.  That is for graphics only to give the quilt a straight edge.

Now some of this project will be done at home, the sewing of the Pieced Hexie blocks and some sewing of larger hexie units to each other when it is not practical to do so while traveling.    But a good deal of the hand work portion, basting and small unit (rosettes up to the “diamond shapes”) will be done while traveling, both for business and pleasure.  Yes, this year there is a scheduled true vacation on the calendar!

Be sure to “like” and “follow” my facebook page for up to date posts about this project. 2016OTRpic1.2

I have sewn up some COGS blocks for my first yellow/orange rosettes and I am ready to baste them on my flight out.


Ok…I am off to Omaha!






NeedleTravel – Great App!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Yesterday brought some down time and I was finally able to load a few apps into my phone and explore them.

One that wasn’t on my list to load but I stumbled across is NeedleTravel.


This app tells you of shops near your location.  But not just quilt shops.  Shops of any of the needlearts, so embroidery, needlepoint, knit & crochet.

Yes fiber friends this app rocks.

Here’s what my neck of the woods looks like.


And when I click on a dot or pin (I am guessing the pins paid more to be included) a page such as this pops up.


With all the travel I do I think this app is going to be used many many times.

Emily is here visiting to Saturday afternoon.  We discovered that Amazon Prime has just added the last season of Downton Abbey to it’s service and since I only saw four episodes (before travel took over) and Em only saw two we are going to binge watch the season over the next few days together.  And just relax, talk and laugh.

I so love The Dowager…she and I would most definately get along.  Dry wit rules…toss in a spot of sarcasm and life is good.

While watching I will work some more on my latest EPP project.


No name yet.  Loving the combination of 1″hexies and jewel shapes. The solids are an array of very light pastel solids to give the overall design some “twinkle” and depth. This quilt may take a few years of off and on work but it will get done.  Loving it.

Happy July 4th!

Quiltmaker Issue # 157 is in the house!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Quiltmaker#1570001This weeks mail brought the May/June issue of Quiltmaker that will be soon be out to my mailbox.

First the Hexie Lamb on the front is adorable and is a must make in my queue….hmmmm. my lamb may have some Technicolor Fleece… that’s another story.

It is a rockin’ magazine….that kicks it even more with this issue as it has a quilt designed by ME in it!

This issue is all about hexies and I was honored with Quiltmaker asked me to design a quilt using a Pieced Hexie design and 3 inch (yes these are bigger and better- makes quick work of an entire hexie quilt)  hexagons.



“Marquette Park” was born!

The finished size on this quilt is 75″x92″ and the maker, Peg Spradlin, did a bang up job in less than 2 months.   I just didn’t have the time in my schedule to make the actual quilt but I do plan to.  In fact there is a stack of oranges pulled in the studio…a few more quilts under my belt for the next book and I will be making my own version.  A perfect summer project.

Marquette Park…where is that you ask… is where I met Paul 30 years ago on Saturday April 5th.


yes it’s a valentine but you get the point

HEADS UP Paul!!!  LOL.

So to celebrate the quilt/magazine/and April 5th I am going to give away two copies of this magazine.

Leave a comment telling me you most fav date in your life and I will pull two winners on Saturday April 5th and announce them here.

NOTE: If this is the first time you are leaving a comment on my blog it will not appear immediately.  I promise to check back and “approve” while on the road.  Once your approved your comments will appear without further approval needed.   The only way I can keep the spam posts in check.  sorry for any inconvenience.

Love is in the air……



Sarah’s Pieced Hexie Santa

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

It’s been 15 months since Pieced Hexies was released and the Pieced Hexie quilts/projects are starting to pop up on the internet, show up in show -n- tells, and waiting for the first entry in a quilt show.

I cannot begin to tell you how elated I am to see them.

I knew it would take awhile for them to start to peek out.   Let’s be honest hand sewing takes awhile (although Pieced Hexies is a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing).

I myself have several larger Pieced Hexie projects in various stages of completion.

But the emails are staring to roll in with pics attached of your projects.  I love getting them…this was received earlier this week but I promised to wait to post it until after Sarah revealed it to the Friday night hexie club that she started at her local quilt shop.

This is Sarah’s Santa table topper.

Sarah's Sparkle Santa

Sarah’s Sparkle Santa

She calls it “Sparkle Santa”.    It is made using the Pieced Hexie Sparkle.

WOW!  I am still working on the “Fan Page” for the website…as soon as I can find a few minutes to make it this pic will be there.

Thanks Sarah for sharing…and everyone please checkout her blog here for more hexie goodness.

And please email your project hexie or Pieced Hexie…would love to see it.   And I actually have another to share with you on Monday!

Enjoy the day,




p.s You can find Pieced Hexies in my store….and I am currently taking preorders for Pieced Hexies Deux set to be released in January!


I am the Keurig-master at Chez Depre

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Every morning the Keurig gets a workout.   IMG_20131111_064134

It is timed to turn itself on a 5:00am..but trust me the on button is pushed way before that most days.

Several cups of coffee are brewed before Paul is out the door at 6am.

But I have noticed that apparently I am of a higher skill set then dear hubby…as I am the only person who knows how to fill the water reservoir on the Keurig. Note the water level in the picture indicated by the spoon, this is how I found the Keurig after someone brewed their cup and was out the door.  I have come home from being on the road for three days to the water even lower than it was this morning.   I have filled the water pitcher and placed it in front of the Keurig only to find it gently pushed to the side and another cup brewed.

He cracks me up.

But then again…I do not know how to take the garbage out either.  (ok I do..but I can count on one hand how many times I do this task a year).

So I continue to be the Keurig-master at Chez Depre as long as he keeps me in k-cups.   🙂

Looks like we have a cover for Pieced Hexies Deux.  Yes that is now officially the next book’s name. Title approval was obtained last week and this weekend my dear editor sent three cover choices to me for a looksey.

There is some tweaking that will be going on but I feel confident I will be able to share it with you soon.



And heads up…I will be kicking off preorders on …..BLACK FRIDAY! 

I have an awesome deal for you my faithful readers and friends.

I can also start sharing some of the book designs.

As you may know there are 10 new Pieced Hexies Designs in the book…and this time around we put SIX Star Patterns in the book!   These STARS are named (in alphabetical order) Bonnie, Cathy, Diane, Elaine, Linda, & Maggie.   Named for a group of very good friends and my Great Aunt Elaine.  Or Aunt Mitzie as we called her, who left this earth the day before her copy of the newly released Pieced Hexies hit her doorstep in Texas.   She was so proud and happy for me.   For those of you who are fbook friends you might remember her posts to my page ALL IN CAPS…lol…she loved her iPad.    I hope she can see the design in heaven.

I am currently working on a wall hanging that will show off 4 of the stars (well I am choosing to do one design four times at first) as applique to a pieced background.   As I have said your entire quilt does not have to be Pieced Hexies…..although I do have a new project as such in the works too.     The “to do” list is long.


So I better stop typing and get back to sewing.


And for the Molly Fans I have heard you.  Here is your “Molly Fix”.

She was slightly annoyed as she was in the midst of her early morning bone chew when I asked her to look up.

Enjoy your day,





p.s. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you haven’t already so I can get you approved in my comment spam-a-nator system.  There will be a giveway on Friday’s blog and your comment wont post until I approve…so if you get “preapproved” it will make life a tiny bit easier on Friday if you don’t mind.   Thanks!


Oh Houston I have another problem

Friday, October 25th, 2013

After doing the convention center visit yesterday and running into several friends, quick chats as everyone is busy busy busy, I headed back to my hotel room to get some work done myself.

First I must say I am staying at the DoubleTree which is at the other end of the strip from the convention center, a good mile walk away.   This is my hotel of choice because I love to walk.  And yesterday’s round trip felt wonderful.  So all the intense work of late with the chiropractor is so worth it.  I want to be able to walk and enjoy it for the rest of my life.

Ok…so back in my room with a sandwich and salad I picked up on my walk “home”.  I am good for the entire evening.


Spent some time working on paperwork stuff and then settled into the awesome firm chair in my room to do some handsewing.


First project out of the bag….rut roh…that has to go back in the bag….to be resewn at home….I cut some pieces a bit short.  Drats I really wanted to work on that. (Hint: it’s the next Collaboration project).  I can share the awesome fabric that inspired the “colorway”.


Next…I am making another Pieced Snowflake sample.  Well I will be making a bunch of these…anyway I shoved one in the bag to baste/sew on this trip.


Rut roh….somehow I lost forgot two of the jewel shaped papers to finish.  Well I can finish that at home.   But don’t you love the colors?   This is not your traditional snowflake.   I give everyone artisitic license to always recolor, recolor…RECOLOR!

I knitted a bit more and then snuggled into bed under “Ring Around The Hexies – bed size” for the night.


Today it makes it’s debut at schoolhouse and it will hang in the Paper Pieces booth during Market/Festival.

So truly Houston….there is no problem.  🙂

Hex on!

Posted on the whim of my phone. 🙂

Pyramid Hexies

Friday, April 5th, 2013

I love a good treasure hunt. 

The latest find has arrived home and I am so happy to share.

The minute I saw it on eBay with a “BUY IT NOW” option it was all over.  The ebay app strikes again.   A bit more than I usually part with for a top but it is a setting I have never seen before and I am loving the Red, White and Blue solids.

Just rows of triangles/pyramids.

Simple and Dramatic.

Straight to the point as they say.

By the slight sheen to the fabric and a touch of age smell I am thinking a bicentennial quilt.

It is pretty big at 80 x 82 at this time.  The edges have been cut straight so I can easily add a border.  I am thinking some 6” Sawtooth Stars in patriotic fabrics will do the trick.



Looking closely at the setting I see some inspiration for other settings.

I am loving this quilt top!  

And also in the genre of a treasure hunt, the following landed in my email inbox this morning to share.

Looks like Craftsy is having their seasonal “BIG SALE” this weekend.  This one is with a twist.  New classes will be on sale each day.  Friday thru Monday at midnight. 

You can click on the image all weekend to check out what the new offering is.

Craftsy Spring Sale: Select online classes up to 75% off. Sale ends Monday, April 8th, at midnight! 

Today there are some goodies.  Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist and Celtic Cables (knit class) are in my basket!

A great way to spend my evenings during next weeks trip to Arizona.

It’s a Hexie Ice Cream Cone Block!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Start hexing now!  This would make a cute set of pillows or a table runner for summer!

                                You can find the PDF pattern for it at the side of the blog!

Pieced Hexie Star EMILY

Friday, March 15th, 2013


Here is your free Pieced Hexie Star Pattern for March. 


It is named Emily, after my daughter who brightens my day every time she calls.  Soon she will be a college graduate and off on the adventure of life.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

I did a fabric sample showcasing Em’s favorite colors of green and lavender/periwinkle. 

You will find a PDF link at the top of the right hand side column on the blog. The PDF will give you all the info necessary to make the “Pieced Hexies Emily Star”. You will need a copy of my Pieced Hexies book to make the actual Jacks and Jazzy hexies.

April’s star is already being sewn….check back on April 15th to meet her!

What did you do today? I hexed.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

As promised a blog with an update on the “Hexie Quilt”.  

It has been named…and it is

Whist Jubilance

Kind of a haughty name for such a scrappy quilt.  But there is meaning.   Basically if you break it down it’s a fancy-smancy way of saying “Quiet Joy”.  

And that is most definitely what this quilt has been.  First the quilt then the back story.




As I type ONE SECTION (SECTION #2) has been done!  Woot!  Well except for the appliquéing of the 1 3/8 circle in the center of each inner flower (10 have been done and you might see them randomly).  I am saving this job for later (this will make sense in a few paragraphs)







This is basically next to my seat in the living room where I have been spending countless hours since October 20th. I am quite organized. 


Side bar: my friend Brenda’s hubby makes these fantastic seam rippers…if interested you can contact Ken at the following email addy.



I am almost thru a second section being put together.  You might note that I am figuring out the layout of each section on the design board in my studio but sewing them together upstairs in the living room.  What gives?  The comfy cozy chair in my studio left in early October to join it’s partner and the couch in the living room of Paul & Emily’s apartment in Arkansas.  I have found a chair I like but as of right now I haven’t purchased it yet.

During the putting together of the first section I would whip stitch a few flowers together and then run downstairs for more “parts” of the section to add on.   This arrangement was not gonna happen for the remaining sections this I was sure.  Too much running.


So I came up with lightly taping a section of the section (how’s that for confusing) to some butcher paper and viola I have a couple hours worth of work right at my fingertips…no more stair running.

So this has been my life of late…lots of hexing.

Ironically between lots of doctors appointments and tests. I will be having some surgery later this month that will most likely put me out of commission for awhile. So if you see a few week gap in blogging well just know that I am resting well.   You can always friend me on Facebook for daily updates.




But in the meantime the leaf in the dining room table (the only table in this small abode) has been put back in….meaning Paul and Emily will be home soon.  

My heart is filled with more joy.




p.s. I am counting on doing all the center circle appliqués during my recovery. 

      How’s that for ambition!