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Well guess who is back to blogging…..

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Hello Everyone,

My Colorful Friend

YES! I am going to work blogging back into my life. I am not promising daily blogs.

My goal right now is at least a weekly blog.

They probably won’t be pretty at first, I am a bit rusty and  I need to relearn photo placement etc but hey at least there will be blogs.  I have so much to share with all of you and I can’t wait to get started.  

But yes I am back.

Here’s hoping you will find me again.

YAY or NAY Challenge on Facebook

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

For those who are part of the Facebook family you may of caught the start of this challenge/exercise yesterday but for those who aren’t let’s back up a bit and I’ll explain.

20150622_104650Yesterday I tossed up this picture of three fabrics with the question “Yay or Nay?”.   The answer is would you use these three fabrics together in a block.  And if so what color would you add to the block if you could.

This exercise is to help people imagine color combos/textures beyond the obvious.   Yes, the obvious choice would be to remove the brown and go with a teal, orange, or lime green.   And those choices will make a nice block.   But not always an exciting block.   Those choices will make an easy quilt to view…but I strive for an interesting quilt to view.   Yes I want it to be pleasing.  But I also want it to be intriguing.   I want it to invite you in to explore it further.

And so I use colors that don’t always completely match, that are a little off.  I call them my “crazy aunt” fabrics.   20150623_093231

Think of it every family has a “crazy aunt” and she is usually the life of the party.   She brings the joy to family gatherings (quilts) and you are still talking about her long after the event.

So the brown fabric here is the “crazy aunt”.   Not all crazy aunts are loud.  Some stir the pot in the background.

Here is my sample block using these three fabrics and white on white background for this exercise.   Notice how that brown kinda goes with the rest of the group.  That is because the blue tints in it play to the blue in the dotted fabric and the gray undertone of the brown does to.  This is important.  If it was a red under toned brown this would not work.

20150623_093436(0)Now I heard (or saw)  the uproar for teal.  And while I originally did not plan to do away with the brown for a teal, the exercise remember is to work with all three fabrics, I decided to make a block to satisfy the masses.  And because it will help make my point that sometimes you need the “non steller” blocks to boost the other blocks.  Stay with me here.  It will all work out in the end.   Here is your teal block.

20150623_093506Sandy posted that she would like to see a charcoal color added.  And I agree that could be interesting.   So I slipped it into every other star point for what I call the twinkle effect.   My apologies the pic is blurry.  It was a long night of storm watching.  This is the only one not so good.



20150622_181602And Barbara posted that she would try a bright yellow.   That peaked my interest to so I went a pulled a bright pure yellow off the fabric wall and set it next to the other fabrics. 20150622_181656



I was about it cut it, it is pretty, but then I saw this piece in my yellow 2.5″ bin.

Just that little tinge of gray makes it one of the family for me.

So sorry Barbara I tweaked your request hope you don’t mind.

And here is that sample block.



Ok.  I know several of you are still unconvinced that the brown can work.  So here are some images of the blocks together.


Yes a quilt made with the teal points would be lovely…but a quilt made with both would be interesting.  And using that brown makes the teal even more spectacular. 20150623_093603I myself would go with this combo if I had to use just two blocks.  By using the twinkle block with the brown & charcoal it makes that block special too.

20150623_093204And here are all four blocks together.

I looked at this set of four for a few minutes and then as I was just about to head upstairs with these pictures to load into the computer I spotted a fat quarter of fabric that was purchased in Paducah this year. 20150623_093944

OH MY I thought…that is what I would use in this quilt!

It bridges everything and pulls it all together.

But would you of made the brown star point block without urging?  I hope so after reading this.

Or I hope you would at least play and make an experiment block or two.  I am always making blocks combos like this and just playing in the studio.  So pretty awesome combos for quilts have been born this way if I say so myself.

As I posted last night.  Thanks for playing along with your comments and suggestions on my MDQuilts facebook page post.    I will do this again.   I am enjoying it and by the responses I am thinking you are too.

Keep your eyes peeled next week!

I am off to Atlanta in the morning for some fun with the East Cobb Quilt Guild.   I have been home for 16 days…it’s time to get my road warrior feet back in motion.

Don’t forget I will be posting the next block in the 2015 On The Road Challenge on July 1st.  In fact there may be sneak peaks of parts of it on Facebook when in Atlanta as that is what I will be working on in my hotel room at night.

Take Care,




p.s. There has been a lot of updating and additions happening on the website.  Check out the new workshops and my new store page.  Would love to hear what you think!




Next Up! Sondra Stars

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Blog 12.1401These are my Pieced Hexie Sondra Stars.   They are a free design that you can find under the PDF page on my website. You can find the tab to get you there at the top of this page.   You will need my book to actually learn how to make the Pieced Hexies but there are many free PDFs on the website to take the designs beyond the rosettes shown in the book. The star idea had been percolating in my brain right after the release of Pieced Hexies and then my friend Sondra sent me a box of batik scraps from her studio.   I truly was in the midst of designing the first “Star” (ok, I know they are more like snowflakes as they have 6 points but I am taking creative license…plus the name Sondra Flake just isn’t right.) and had decided to grace them with lady names, Sondra was the very first star born.

sidebar:Sondra dyes fabric, and it is so very very awesome, and she is going to have a book released in mid summer 2015 on her process…check out her blog for details

That was all my creative brain needed.  I tossed in a yard of the black on black polka dot fabric and the piecing began.    And over the course of a few months when I could sneak in time I created NINE Pieced Hexie Sondra Stars.

Five are “cool” and four are “hot” in coloring, look at the centers. Making them was so fun just concentrating on tone and letting colors play amongst themselves.   And then the stars sat as my travel schedule and book schedule ate up lots of time in my life. But now with the new book almost “put to bed” as they say in the publishing world and not releasing the next book until 2017 I have a bit of breathing room in my life.  And so my vow to use the time between Thanksgiving and New Years to put a dent in the projects in flux living in the studio. Blog 12.1402All these stars need is a background and then a border.

After a bit of play on the design wall I like this layout. And I decided to really go simple on the background.   Two fabrics, 2 -one yard cuts of each, sewn together in a large four patch style.  This gives me a grid to use for setting this design. Initially I thought whites with some soft  texture in a second color to give the background some life.


Off I went to shop at Quilters Quest as I don’t have many two yard cuts of backgrounds in my scrappy stash. I pulled whites, nope didn’t like.  Then I pulled soft greys, no they didn’t work for me either.   Then I say this creamy light yellow with the soft orange texture…WINNER!  Found a butter yellow to compliment and I was raring to get home to sew them together. Next step is paper removal from the back of the Star.

Blog 12.1404Some stars have all the papers removed except for the outer ring and others have all the papers still in.   Life was just too frazzled some days to remove papers when the star was done. My trusty seam ripper and my beloved bottle of Best Press and papers are removed and edges are pressed flat as pancakes.

Blog 12.1403


Using the center of the background four patch I lined up the star points on the top and bottom and centers on the sides.

Love my little applique pins.   A movie later the center star is in place.

Blog 12.1408Next star. Remove papers.

Blog 12.1410Line up using the horizontal seam and 2″ of space looks appealing to my eye. Pin…and pin some more.  When appliqueing my motto is “more pins is more better”.

My goal is to have all 9 stars appliqued down by New Year’s Day.  It is the perfect holiday project for me as I can pick it up and work on it while watching movies, hockey games and just hanging with my kids when they arrive home celebrate.Blog 12.1411


Speaking of movies….that is the theme for this years “SEVEN DAYS OF SWAG GIVEAWAY” that starts tomorrow.   Catch the blog in the morning for how to enter.  The Swag Bin in the office was quite full this morning and I have bundled up 14 packages to give away!

Enjoy your day,


Next in Queue

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

I am on a roll.

Projects, both sewing and office are getting done.   This makes me a very relaxed girl.   And when I look at my calendar next year…especially March thru July….well I am relaxing NOW.

Paul and I usually end our evenings playing a game.  Either board, card or electronic.  We are gamers.  We raised gamers.  It’s our thing.

Blog11.26017Last night was electronic.  The Xbox goes on and we tackle Peggle together.  It is the perfect not-to-much-thinking game (that we ramp up with personal goals/competition…it is who we are) when one is feeling a bit under the weather.

It’s a sure sign that Paul is really feeling lousy when he agrees to my suggestion of getting him some over the counter meds and he immediately takes them once they are in the house.

It is also my practice to do some hand sewing while waiting for my turn.  I do this during all kinds of games as some turn waiting can be minutes.   Every little bit of stitching moves a project along.

But the more we played.  I listened to Paul’s breathing …sniffles…and coughing.

YUCK!  He is really getting sick.   And then I did this during a coughing jag.

Yep I was stressed out listening to him and worrying about it that I bent my hand needle.  Time for  a new needle.

After the game, he won, he would like me to say that, I decided it was time to get the “H*ll out of Dodge” as they say and I ran to my studio in the hopes of avoiding any further contamination.

During the making of the fabric wall (see this post) I uncovered several fermenting projects.  See I don’t use the standard UFO term.  I like to think of my projects as fermenting.  🙂

I decided that this group of blocks was next in queue for finishing.  I started this last year at Quiltvilla.  That place is magic let’s be clear, when I am there I can just sew and laugh and sing for hours with Bonnie.  Things get done.  Blocks/Quilts are created.   Yes another visit in already on the 2015 calendar.



OK.  Twenty Six blocks done of the planned 42 for a 6×7 setting. Blog11.26020

  Easy peasey.  No border plans as of yet.  A scrappy throw quilt at 72 x 84.

The block is “Sixty Scrap Dash” that was in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 9.  (I think I posted Vol. 8 last night on facebook…my bad)

I started this project using the hundreds, if not thousands of 4″ squares that I used for the “color workshop” I taught for years (since retired).  I have a bunch of center rail fence units done and hundreds of half square triangles were also in the project box.  I just needed to organize and cut up the set of four same color 2.5″ squares and sewing would be a mindless yet enjoyable event.  Just what I decided would be my holiday plan as I will most likely be nursing a sick hubby.

So I cut. And when I finally ran out of 4″ squares to use for the 2.5″ squares I turned to my newly cut bins of 2.5″ strips.

Life is good.

The cutting and kitting flew by and in just two hours I had this lined up on my sewing table just waiting for me to begin assembly.








And I even tossed a few blocks up on the design wall to give me something to look at as I sew.

Like I said nothing earthshattering in this quilt.  Very easy.  No sashing.  No borders.  Just blocks.

Scrappy goodness.














When I ventured back upstairs around midnight I was greeted by this on couch.

Seems she knew exactly where I planned to lay my head that evening to avoid all the coughing going on up the stairs.Blog11.26016

Don’t forget to post your comment on yesterday’s blog for a chance to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 10 tomorrow at noon.  I have TWO to give away!

I’ll be in the studio sewing until then,


The Rainbow Wall of Awesomeness!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

*note due to the large amount of pictures in this post I am experimenting with smaller pics that can be clicked on to reveal a larger picture.  Hopefully this will make blog reading for those on mobile devices easier.  Feedback is welcome.

Back in September I made a decision that during my 5 week break between gigs in Oct to Nov there was going to be some editing (see previous blog), some sewing (I’m trying), and some serious reorganizing of my stash.

Nov.2014 Studio004Nov.2014 Studio005

After four books in just about 3 years…well things had gotten a bit out of hand.Nov.2014 Studio010

In normal times all my fabric lived here for years in these wire bins.

But somehow over the last few years it has just…well…spilled out…everywhere.



And in a kismet moment while teaching in North Dakota I received an email from   They were now the owners of Polar Notions the makers of Polar Boards and would I like to give them a spin?  I couldn’t  type YES fast enough.   I have dreamed of a wall of fabric in my studio for years.   One where I could actually SEE what I have to work with rather than search.

Nov.2014 Studio001Nov.2014 Studio003

Even just the ten boards (large size) they were offering to “give it a spin” with were gonna be so much fun.  I envisioned using them for project organization.

The boards arrived.  I wrapped.  I fell head over heels in love.


And then another kismet moment.  An app that I discovered while in North Dakota called “Offer up”, think Craigslist and Instagram have a baby, brought an offer of two CD/DVD shelving units for $25.   I pounced.  Within an hour they were in the jeep and on the way back to my studio.

Nov.2014 Studio007I order more boards.  A lot more boards.  And Paul got to work stabilizing the shelves to the wall and helping me figure out the best strategy for shelf space.  Since the shelves cover an outlet, and outlets are at a premium in my 70 year old home, the back was cut out to give access to that electrical outlet.  This caused that line of shelves to include two larger areas that would accommodate the yardage size boards.  All the other shelves where figured for the fat quarter size boards as that is 90% of my scrappy stash.    We decided to mirror image this shelving setup on the second set of shelves even though it was not absolutely necessary for symmetry.

Nov.2014 Studio008Then I pulled out one packed-to-the-brim-and-then-some basket and began the process of laying hands on every piece of fabric I own.  I had two containers nearby.  One for scraps to be cut down to strips and the other was my “it’s leaving” bin.    I actually do cull my stash every few years (the last culling sent 32 pounds of florals to a friend in N.C.) so this is nothing new, but this time I was brutal.

And I began to wrap.  And wrap.Nov.2014 Studio012

And order more boards.  And wrap.

And then just fold and put fabric in holding for even more boards to arrive.

And finally after several weeks the wall is done.

Behold “The Rainbow Wall of Awesomeness” as it was named by a friend.

Nov.2014 Studio015

Already having my stash on the boards where I can see EVERYTHING has spurred on so many creative ideas.

Paper Pieces currently has the boards on sale for this weekend.  You can find them here.   I won’t go into the technical details about the boards, that info can be found on the PaperPieces website.


Nov.2014 Studio014

You deserve a Rainbow Wall of Awesomeness too!


To get someone started…yes I am enabling with the help of Paper Pieces…a set of set boards, winners choice in size, are up for a Giveaway.  Just give me your best guess in a comment on this blog posts  as so how many Polar Notions boards I have on my wall to enter.  The winner will be a random draw on Sunday morning so the guess truly doesn’t count but I am curious what you think.   If you are new to my blog and this is your first comment please note it will appear as soon as I put you on the approve list.  I will monitor the blog every few hours so don’t worry you will get your entry in.

Enjoy your day and sew something!



Castle Wall – Acrylic Templates are in the house! (Part Two)

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

WARNING: This is a very long and picture intensive blog.  

It’s time to begin to sew.

First thing is to get your supplies together.  I like to use Hemmings Milliners needles for my hand sewing.  I like the longer needle so that a few more running stitches can be made with each pass.  I am a big fan of Aurifil or Precensia thread for hand sewing.  I think when it comes to thread the saying “you get what you pay for” applies and I would rather work with a quality thread that will work with me than a thread that will work against me.


I think of the Castle Wall Block as a bullseye and I am going put it together working in rings.


Ring #1 = Squares

Ring #2 = Diamonds

Ring #3 = Trapezoids

Ring #4= Half Square Triangles


Begin by lining up the corner intersection on your first square with a corner intersection of the center octagon.  This is done by stabbing a pin thru both.


Then using a very fine pin (these are Karen Kay Buckley’s new pins) I pin right on the seam guideline.  I sew just a smidge above the guideline.  This takes in consideration of the fact that getting directly into the angle edge of the template when drawing this line is nearly impossible.


I always make three backstitches on every length of sewing done.  One as I begin, one in the center and the final at the end of the line.

My running stitches are about 10 to an inch in length.

Sew the first square to the octagon along one side.


And now you are at your first intersection.  An intersection is where three or more pieces meet.  The trick in hand sewing to accomplishing nice neat intersections resulting in sharp points and no pin holes is making a circle around each and every on when you reach it.

If you have roundabout traffic stops, or have ever encountered on, it’s like that.  You literally go around in a circle.


First you are going to line up Square #2 to Square #1 much in the same manner as you did in the beginning.  Note the first pin is between the corners of each square.  A second pin lines up the second corner of the new square to the octagon.  Once they are lined up I pin again on the sewing guideline.


Now I bring the needle & thread thru to the corner of the second square.


And now thru the square two and the octagon.


From the backside, the octagon to the first square. Sept21pic10

And back to from square one to square two.  Now take a backstitch at the start of square two.


Sew square two to the octagon.  Repeat this process until all squares are sewn to the center.

Don’t forget your backstitches and do circle the final intersection when the final square meets square #1 then knot off.


Ring #1 done.  On to the diamonds.


The diamonds are attached to the block by sewing two sides into the space between each square.  Basically a “V” shape.

Each of these “V”‘s are independently sewn, knotting off at the end of each diamond.

Apply the same methods for lining up the diamond to one side of a square .


Don’t forget to backstitch when you reach the end of the first length of the “V”.

Then you want to line up the second length of the diamond to the other square edge in the space.


This is an intersection as three or more units are meeting at that point.

2 Squares and a Diamond

So you circle the intersection.


At the end of the “V” you backstitch and knot off.


Seven more diamonds and you are done with round #2


I am going to end this blog here.   I am out the door tomorrow to Virginia and a quick less than 48 hour visit with the Cabin Branch Quilters.

So quick that I am not going to bring my laptop because honestly there will no time to do anything but teach, lecture, and sleep.

I will post the finishing up the block and pressing instructions either late Tuesday when I get home or early Wednesday morn.

Then I am out the door again.

I am sold out of the templates again.  (you like the Castle Wall block  you really like it!!)

I am ordering my next supply of templates (basically the waiting list and then some) on Tuesday.   So if you want to be guaranteed a set place your order off my website store (see the tab at the top) by Monday night .   The next shipping date out from my studio to you will be Monday, Sept. 29th.

Til Tuesday…or Wednesday,


P.S. I have received several inquiries asking if Paper Pieces makes a template such as these with the inside window for the Lucy Boston/honeycomb shape.

THEY DO!  You can order it by contacting Paper Pieces directly.  You will find phone number and/or email contact info here.

Tomorrow I quilt.

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

It’s been quite some time since I have actually quilted.  And I have been nervous about it since all the back therapy starting last August.

But tomorrow I plan to sit behind George (APQS Machine) and as they say get back in the saddle.

I will spend a good hour just warming up and then I will begin quilting “Magic Carpet Ride”.


This quilt features four Pieced Hexies Bonnie Stars…the star patterns appear in Pieced Hexies Deux. 

The quilt will hang in the Paper Pieces Booth in Paducah.  Either in their convention booth or satelite booth at their soon to be permanent home location in Paducah.

Yes that’s right Paper Pieces is moving to Paducah. I will post a blog next week with all the details. 

For now I am just pulling threads and taking deep breaths.

The quilt pattern will be an all over “Spikey Swirl”, if you have ever taken my machine quilting class you know what that is.  It’s a favorite of mine and my thought is to ease in with something second nature and well worn…like a favorite pair of jeans.

Deep breath.
I can do this.

……fingers crossed,


30 left!

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

About a month ago I was able to lower the price on Pieced Hexies to $19! due to a situation with a wrong shipment of several cases of books to my doorstep. PiecedHexiesCOVERsmall

These cases have been stacked up in my office and slowly they are dwindling down. Pieced Hexie Sampler

Yesterday I plotted out my schedule for Paul for the next two months.   A quick count shows that I am teaching Pieced Hexies Buffet eight times.  Since these are all driving gigs (my toes don’t head to Midway Airport until April 30th) I won’t be shipping cases of book ahead…I will be pulling them from the stash in my office.

That being said I can pretty much figure out that I have just one case (30 books!) left to offer at the $19.00 price on my website.   Priority Mail or Media Mail shipping options are given.

Just a heads up!  The minute I order a case shipped the price goes back to $25.00.

This is the original Pieced Hexies book with 7 designs and 75 variations shown.  You will find additional Pieced Hexie Star designs on the PDF page of my website that are free.  And I am always adding free designs.  Working on one right now that combos both Pieced Hexies and Pieces Hexies Deux.   As I have said before, they are like potato chips…you just can’t stop at one.

Now back to Olympic curling,



A Fiber Field Trip.

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


On Tuesday morning it was decided that there would a Fiber Field Trip that day.   I was in need of two fabrics for two borders on two different quilts.  Hope that wasn’t to confusing for you.  🙂

Quilters Quest 9The quilts for the next book, which will be traditional pieced patterns, are really coming along.  I want to keep the pace as my travel schedule heats up the first week of March and really doesn’t cool down a bit, and just a bit, until the second week in June.   There will be ALOT of hotel sewing.

Paul suggested we head out to Quilters Quest in Woodridge as he loves this shop almost as much as I do.   It opened last year in June and has quickly blossomed into a shop with bolts on the floor.   THAT to me is a sign of a great shop.  When they keep ordering fabric to add to the offerings, so much that there is no shelf room…well it plays into one of my sayings.

“Bolts on the floor means fabric out the door!”

New fabric sells old fabric and vice versa.  It’s the intermingling that adds to new looks etc.   And while I know the perfect scenario for any shop is to have stuff sell before “new” stuff comes in….that doesn’t Quilters Quest 3always work.  another saying….

“Skinny Bolts motivate Fat Bolts to become Skinny”   

Sometimes the perfect partner for a fabric wasn’t born in the same season.  But when they meet…swoooooooon.

Anyway this shop is so bright, and well lit….and stuffed full!

My head was spinning.  I walked the shelves three times, each pass slower then the last and pulled some bolts.   Paul pulled too.  In fact he was behind a few yards of purchase.

Quilters Quest 2Debra and Bob are the owners of Quilters Quest and they are so sweet.   Deb runs the shop and Bob runs the Long Arm Department.  His quilting has already given him a cult like following in the Chicagoland area and am going to be jumping into that pool.   Bob is going to be quilting a few of the quilts for the next book.  The decision was made when we seriously looked at my calendar and the time frame for the book.  Toss in my back and the learning curve I would need to do my own long arming (I can do one or two quilts at this time on George/APQS but not a book full) well it’s time to bring in some help.

This area is the “man spot” of the shop.  A computer terminal to look at all the designs you can select from for quilting (or freehand is available too).  Toss in a 60″ TV screen showing the Olympics/long jump and Paul was a happy camper.  I found a doxie panto that will definitely be going on some quilt in the book.  I can guarantee that one.

You can see the two machines set up in the picture.  And that’s Bob on the far left talking to a quilter who was dropping off her top.   It is buzzing back there let me tell you.


Quilters Quest 7I like when a shop does both…..separates some fabrics by colors, but keeps new fabric lines together.   This is so smart to me.  Keeps quilters moving from one side of the “play pen” to the other.  And new players in a quilt palette keep jumping out at you.

I like that.  I want to search out combinations.    This activity will make my choices unique to me.  But I also like to see the  newest fabric lines together as a whole if possible.   Because sometimes…actually many times…it’s not the key fabric that grabs me but a supporting stripe or texture print.   So yes those need to be spotlighted in a shop for a bit to!



There is just fabric everywhere at Quilters Quest!     Quilters Quest 6   I didn’t get to take a picture of the classroom as there was a class going on so I didn’t wish to interrupt the teacher.  But it to is so bright with full windows on two sides.   They rent it out for open sewing on days when no workshops are scheduled  and I am definitely going to be doing that with a friend or two this year.   Their location is perfect for all of us to easily reach.  They are just a block off a major interstate!   And just imagine the quilts that can be born while being surrounded by so much fabric for a few hours and sewing at your own pace or just tapping away at EQ…hmmm…maybe I can just brainstorm on my laptop instead of sew…hmmmm..

It wasn’t until we had already checked out that I spotted this by the door.  Something new.  I blew right past it on my way in.

Quilters Quest 8FABRIC SCRAPS being sold by the pound.   OH MY!

My plan is to be back next week with at least one if not two tops for Bob.

A pound of scraps will be relocated to my abode at that time.

It’s always good to have a plan.


Quilters Quest 10
Here is the fabric we relocated home from Quilters Quest.  Several yards for two borders.  Some yardage for pillowcases (that would be Paul’s bike fabric) and some fun prints.

Looks like we most definitely were in a teal, black and grey mood.

….but I did see a maize batik that haunts me….it too will have some yardage relocated next week.   If your in the neighborhood it’s a must stop shop.  If your not…well their online shop is awesome too!

Enjoy the day,






Flexing muscles in the studio.

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

I’ve decided to “sneak peak” what’s being sewn in the studio lately.  Just one block of this new quilt as it is destined for my next book release…next year!

Yes next year!

A book full of pieced patterns (with some applique…at least at this time that is the plan).   And all eclectic in nature.  The only thing joining all the quilts is they were created by moi!

Offset Squares Quilt Block
I am a very eclectic person.  I will and want to try anything once.   Even beyond quilting.   So when asked by my publisher that would be the “theme” I said… eClEcTiC.   There will be something for everybody.  And all kinds of fabric too.  Because I absolutely love them all.  I say there are no ugly fabrics…just misunderstood.

So for this quilt I wanted to do a truly masculine quilt.  And I say that just as a direction because honestly I am loving the look of these colors/prints.

This is a quilt block called Offset Squares.   There are several other blocks in the quilt, some old and some brand new.  But this is the one I chose to share.  Because last night I got a huge smile from Paul when he saw the mock up on the design wall.   And trust me there have been many a times he has not smiled and I take his eye for design and input to heart.

He loved it too.


As you can see I it’s got a semi-scrappy nature to it.  And it is a relatively simple block…but just wait to you see it’s quilt buddies.

Ok…I am back to work sewing away the day.