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FLASH SALE! – Friday the 13th is your lucky day!

Friday, December 13th, 2019

As you may or may not know we will be moving most likely in the within the next 30 days.

This move is so anticipated and we are excited beyond belief.

In order to make the process as stress free as possible it has been decided to temporarily suspend some of the items available in my webstore during the moving phase. These are items I physically have in stock and ship out myself. We are hoping this won’t be for longer then 60 days starting January 1st.

ALL ITEMS under Mic’s Attic Picks, Border Options, EPP and Hand piecing categories will REMAIN AVAILABLE for ordering without any disruption.

So I am putting up a FLASH SALE today to clear the shelves at home. When an item hits ZERO in stock (mostly in the notions/books category) that is when it will go into suspension until we are up and running in our new abode.

EVERYTHING is included in this sale*. Even PDF patterns! Just be sure to use the code: FLASH when checking out for the discount. But once an item reads zero in stock is it gone. So stock up now!

Thanks in advance for your patronage…just wait til you see the plans I have for when the dust settles on the other side of this adventure!

*the only thing not included in the sale is Quilt Kits as they are already discounted.

We have a Winner and a Retreat!

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

This morning I glanced at the calendar while tossing a few more items into my luggage from the office.

Yes I am back on the road today! Whoo Hoo! Look out Kalamazoo Michigan and the Log Cabin Quilters I am headed your way in a few hours!

But what I realized when I looked at the calendar and the “gigs on the wall” as we refer to it here at Chez Depre, that we are just 6 months away from the Mickey ‘n Memphis quilt retreat. I am so looking forward to this. I am excited about the format of my teaching and spending time with a group of about 25 for several days.

When Debby, the owner of the retreat, I am just the happily hired help, and I discussed putting this together I stressed that I would really like a small group, one where we can actually get to know one another with lots of time to “free style” as I say. Individual projects can be worked on and impromptu discussions about fabric/color choices and just working out project problems or sharing a skill in a 20 min demo can happen.

Yes there is some structure with two classes but the learning/sharing doesn’t stop when “class” is done. I can’t wait to slip into my jammies and put my foot down on my machine next to everyone else, share some stories, laugh and enjoy.

If you are interested in joining our small numbers retreat in March 2020 in Memphis please click here for info and contact Debby at the email on the PDF as she is handling all the details. You can also find more info about the retreat by reading the April blog here. Hope to meet you there!

Now onto the pillowcase winner from Saturday’s LIVE….drumroll….

The random number generator chose:

and the winner is!

Kathryn congrats! I have sent you an email and hope to hear from you soon.

And a big Thank You to everyone for your fun comments/answers to the Halloween question on the last blog. Thanks for playing along!

Have a great day,

Some Housekeeping!

Friday, August 16th, 2019

Just a quick blog to bring you all up to date on three things

First Item: I am now an Amazon Influencer. What that means is that I have been approved by Amazon to make a “store” of all the items I have shared with you over the years. These will be mostly household and pet items…and books! This is the part I am most excited about, the books, this will be a timesaver for me and hopefully you will like it also. I will keep a running list of the books I have read in the book category in my Amazon store. Then all you have to do when you wish to find the name/author of a certain book is click on the store and the info is there. If you choose to buy it, excellent I earn a small, small, very small, stipend, or you can jot down the info for a library request. The thing is the list is easy to update, doesn’t pull valuable space from my website and is always available. WIN-WIN

So click here to see what I have filled my store with. And feel free to click here to order anything from Amazon. The pennies earned really help keep two doxies in toys and treats!

Second Item: At this time all the videos for the blocks in the Mic’s Attic Picks series can be found in individual block folders by clicking on the VIDEO tab under the ABOUT section on the MDQuilts Facebook Page. This can be found by access the page using a computer/tablet. Some phone apps do not show this option. You can try yours but it is not guaranteed.

These videos and others will eventually be moved to YouTube. I just need to find a few extra days in my month to clean them up and watermark them for YouTube. I am working on it. Trust me I have learned more about video editing than I even thought I would in the last 2 months. I will get there, but for now you can find them by clicking here.

And Finally: Join me tomorrow for a Let’s Sew Together Facebook LIVE at 9am cst.

Trying out a new time. But if you can’t make it you will always be able to find the videos under the tab mentioned above.

Let’s Sew Together Facebook LIVE
Saturday 9am cst

This LIVE will have me at my machine and talking to you about my latest machine project AND we will also discuss what to do when the fabric you ordered is way off from the fabric you have and your trying to make it work.

Have a great Friday!

Not complaining, Just explaining

Friday, July 24th, 2015

I can hardly believe it is July already let alone that August is truly just around the corner.   My life has been such a whirlwind of travel since January that life truly has gotten a bit overwhelming and away from me.

Yep, I missed putting out the July Newsletter.  What started out as such a good idea with so much enthusiasm has found itself on the back burner as time becomes more and more fleeting.  But I am not giving up hope on it.   I just need to get my legs back under me and build up some material to share with all of you via the newsletter.  And that will happen as my travel schedule is greatly reduced when compared to the time on the road since January.  Eighty-Three days I was gone from mid January to my typing of this post last night.   That is real close to three months in approximately 6 months time.  whew!

I love to travel.  I love meeting new people and seeing the country.   I am never complaining about the travel just explaining as I tell people.

Try as I might, it is hard to get things done creatively when on the road.   And being creative is what  I need to feed my soul and share with all of you.

Next year is booked pretty much the same on the same level regarding travel but 2017 will be scaled back a bit.  Not much but a bit to give me more time behind my sewing machine at home.

cruise shipOne item I am doing next year regarding travel is the Caribbean Cruise in January with Linda Poole and Joan Shay aboard Holland America Cruise Lines.  Just look for this picture in the sidebar and click it for a pdf full of information.   All our workshops on board are going to be handwork only.  I am teaching the Castle Wall block.  I think this will make for a lovely slow paced zen filled vacation for all.  I hope a few of you can join us.

But before that happens my book of traditional patterns called Half-Scrap will be released this fall with AQS.

Watch for a blog post and preorder announcement on August 1st!

But for now I am going to let you know that I am having a HUGE SALE starting as you read this to midnight Sunday July 26th cst on EVERYTHING in my webstore.  SummerSale1

20% OFF  

use the coupon code: SUMMERSALE20

YES! Even the already discounted copies of the KCStar editions of my books

I took a good look around at all the extra workshop stock that has built up over the last 6 months and well frankly it needs to find new homes so I can move around my office with ease.   NOTE: I have loaded  supply numbers on many items and once they are gone they are gone for this sale.  Some items will be restocked later others may not…just a heads up!

I am home for the next three weeks……hello summer!

Take Care,





p.s. for daily updates of what is happening at Chez Depre and under the needle in my studio be sure to check out my facebook page here.


Castle Wall Gallery is in the house!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

wpid-IMG_20140216_061957.jpg A quick post to announce that if you click on the Castle Wall – The Block tab, up at the top of this page,  you will find a sub page pops up for the Castle Wall Gallery!  Over 100 blocks!

It looks awesome if I say so myself!  And this chick has learned alot in doing this and is setting the same for Paris Flight blocks this weekend.

If you shared your Castle Wall blocks with us on Facebook you will find it here.  If I missed anyone, my apologies, just send me an email and we will get it in the gallery.

Facebook doesn’t always tell me your home location due to your privacy settings so if you would like either your full name (I defaulted to first name – last initial) and/or your state shown please let me know.  It’s easy fix on my end.

Another project off the to-do list.  😀


Rapid Fire Emails

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Today my editor Deb and I will hopefully pull together 1/2 to 3/4th of my next book.  The process at this point is that we will work thru one pattern at a time.  Going over words.  Streaming or expanding areas that we deem necessary.  In other words getting things in order.   It can be a tedious process.  But we have done some structural work already so it’s just matter time.

This is done with sometimes rapid fire emails traded back and forth, back and forth with book sections attached and highlighted questions/changes dropped in.  We go over and over stuff until be both agree it’s at it’s best, and then that section/pattern is put into queue for the technical writers to have their looksey. (YIPES!) and the graphic artist begins to do his work with the sometimes hand drawn scribbles we (Deb and I ) give him as to what we see as the illustration needed.   And then finally the graphic artist steps in and gives it all a spit shine and polish with love colors and sets the look of the book.

Then one more time…very very carefully a team of 4-5 of us go over all the entire book in painstaking detail.  Truly making sure every i is dotted and t is crossed.  Page by Page we sign off.

The first time I went thru this process I admit there was a general panic.  I looked at my book pages with newbie eyes and it looked like a bunch of garbley-gook.

There are strikeouts all over the place and all kinds of editing jargon about what pictures/illustrations go where.

Previously I was not a part of this process in book writing.   But I like that Kansas City Star makes their authors a part of this process.  I like to learn and see “behind the curtains”…even if it causes me some distress and I begin to worry if this will ever be the book I see in my head.

I know it will.  I have a fantastic team of at Kansas City Star that make me look good.

This book writing thing…it’s not easy.  And in no means fast.   I am learning new tricks to help streamline things and the next traditional pattern book will be smoother.   I’ve promised my editor.

I thought you might like this very brief look “behind the curtain”….we are pulling levers and spinning plates as fast as we can.  🙂

Enjoy the day,




This goes here and That goes there

Friday, February 7th, 2014

messy deskIn a crazy fit of organization madness yesterday I finally did something I conjured up several months ago on my fantasy “to do” list.

I made an email file for every engagement I have on my books.   Yes I did.   Now I have multiple email files for every company I work with, newsletter I subscribe to even All Recipes has it’s own file that new recipes fall into immediately and wait there for me to see.   But I never got around to doing the engagements.  It was just one of those things that kept being put on the back burner.imagesBY62AV5Y

Yesterday I decided I was not leaving the desk until it was done.  It took 2 hours.

I linked the contacts email addy to the file so if any email comes in from that person it automatically drops in to that file.   The file will show me that new email is in there waiting for my eyes to see it.

While this may seem like an over the top type A activity it is really a brain cell saver for me.

Last year I had three guilds in the same month that the contact person was named “LINDA”.  My head was spinning.  I admit I actually made a cheat sheet with their full names and guild that stuck to my computer monitor for the three months prior to gigs.  The last three months is the heaviest correspondence time as all the little details are worked out.

Many times correspondence comes from a guild after they have been contracted without any identifying information regarding which guild this person is associated with.  And I understand that as the contact person feels that you should know who they are.  I do pretty well in remembering names, I do a little grade school memory game in my head as soon as they officially contract in an attempt to associate the name with the guild immediately.  But sometimes that fails then I have to do an email search of their address to find other correspondence from them to figure out which guild they are with as I don’t want to be rude and say “Hey…who are you?”.

letterI realize that many guilds don’t understand the amount of email that comes thru on a daily basis.   And sometimes keeping all the conversation (email strings) in order is a challenge.

Now life will be so much simpler.   It took awhile but the feeling that chaos is somewhat removed from my inbox is so satisfying .

How many guild files you ask?

At present the count is 47.  I am thrilled that so many wish me to visit.   And now I can easily keep track of them.  😀

Off to sew…I’ll check my email later…it will be easy peasy.