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Meet Ginger Depre

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Meet Ginger Depre.

Ginger is a 2 yr old smooth red mini doxie. Wait a 2yr old? Didn’t we say we wanted to adopt a couple of seniors??

Yes we did. And we tried in earnest thru the rescue organization we chose for the last 4 weeks. But each time a roadblock popped up. Serious medical issues so the dog couldn’t be released, being several people back in a line, conflicts between coupling up two dogs….it just seemed like an invisible hand was holding up a stop sign at every turn.

When we got the news that a senior male we had our eye on to adopt along with a senior lady (who had some med issues arise) was adopted before we had a chance to even discuss the pairing with the rescue team and well I was at my emotional end.

The problem is Paul and I didnt make our selection(s) on the fly, we contemplated each dog to the point of imagining them in our house. And this with this guy we had already even renamed him (trust me he needed renaming). So each roadblock was a small heartbreak. I just couldnt go there anymore.

And our senior lady may not ever be available for adoption again as her medical issues were going to take some surgery and possible months of follow up care. Again more heartbreak.

I told Paul we needed to take a break on the dream.

We went to bed thinking…ok we will end the year sans dogs and revisit the idea in late March/April.

Then 7 hours later Ginger came into our lives. Paul saw her and he fell hard. He asked me to try one last time. He said I know she isn’t a senior but she will be one someday and based on Mols life we could enjoy 15 years with her. I said yes.

We immediately messaged our intent. And then we waited.

A few hours later we heard her story.

She has had nothing but revolving doors in her young life and this has caused severe anxiety. Enough so that she has had 3 foster families in 5 weeks as she just can’t handle being with some dogs. So adopting Ginger would mean no other dogs. Just Ginger. It would be a bit of a bumpy road with her. She is going to need some serious time.

She sounds like Molly.

And then 6 hours after getting that info, digesting it and deciding to move forward with Ginger…we got a call telling us the senior guy was available again as his adoption fell thru.

Oh my gosh now we are back in a whirlwind of emotions and decision making.

We agonized. And then made a decision. We would be a one dog family again. We would let the dream go of a small pack of doxies at Chez Depre.

And then a friend said these words to us. She said that Ginger needed us. She needs the love, security and patience that we will provide her for the rest of her life no matter what her age is. She needs you.

Those were some very sweet words to hear.

We released the senior guy and found out immediately that another couple was waiting in the wings for him…just waiting for our decision. So we felt we made the right choice.

And so now as you read this we are driving to pick up Ginger.

We have been down this road before. But it is possible to “undo” a good portion of her anxiety at such a young age. Our vet told us with Molly that traumatized dogs usually need the same amount of time in a secure loving home to wipe out the time in the environment that caused the trauma in their memories. So at age ten as Molly was when adopted she would need ten years. Ginger is two. We may have a chance to give her a life without anxiety.

The first stage of our plan is I won’t leave her side for 3-4 weeks so she realizes she can count on me. And then slowly we will venture out for 30 mins, then an hour, always returning with hugs and kisses. We will make her feel secure and loved. We will let her know we will always be here and she can count on us.

The adventure begins.

Welcome Home Ginger.

Paths Crossing Cyberly

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

When I arrived home yesterday I was greeted with…”I’ve got something kinda weird to share with you”.

This is rarely a good thing.

After getting all my stuff in and once cozy on the couch Paul began his story.


Seems he was doing some Christmas shopping while I was away.   The Depre family loves a good book and so he was wandering thru (not we don’t care if the book is new or not it’s all about the content) when he came upon one of his Aunt Cyndia’s book.


Yes I am not the only author in the Depre clan…in fact our nephew Joe is also an artist/author.   But back to the story.



Well Paul was feeling nostalgic as unfortunately his Aunt Cyndia lost her battle with cancer earlier this year and so he went into the reviews.

And guess what he found.


Now Bonnie is not absolutely positive she wrote this review back in 2005, but the genre of the book, lite murder mystery, is to her liking.

We chuckled this morning during a conversation about paths crossing cyberly before “in person”….look at us…friends meant to be.

My plan today is to get the Castle Wall quilt off to the longarmmer’s and fill all the orders that have come in during my two days away.


I posted on facebook and here is your “TAKE NOTICE” here.


The Castle Wall Arcylic templates will have a new price of $25 a set vs. $20 effective January 1st.   Any ordered by December 31st 11:59pm CST will be honored at the $20 price.

I had an order come in and over half are already reserved but that means half are available for immediate shipping.

I am also working on the border pattern this week…watch for an announcement here and on facebook.

Enjoy your day,

p.s. UPDATE!  I just created a page on my website called “CASTLE WALL – The Block & Quilt”.  You will find a tab at the top navigation bar.   This should help everyone  find everything they need.  I hope to add a gallery of everyone’s block pics from facebook soon…it’s on the “to do” list.

On the Tree or not?

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Here at Chez Depre we have a tradition that I call “tree gifts”.

It started innocently many years ago when I began to tuck/hang small gifts randomly from the tree in the days leading up to Christmas.

These are very small $1-$5 dollar items.   Little trinkets.   Unique food items even found their way to the tree as we have many ethnic grocery stores to explore in our neck of the woods.

And there are old standbys that brings smiles every appearance. Chocolate is always good.  Unique chocolate is sure to bring a smile.

The kids have grown and don’t even reside here but the tree gifts remain.  Last year I caught dear son scoping out the tree within moments of his arrival home on Christmas Eve.

And same son brought a bag full of local goodies from his new hometown of Madison for us to enjoy thus cementing that this tradition is bound to continue with the next generation.

During a recent visit to the grocers a unique variety of Toberlone caught my eye.  Quickly two bars were added to the basket with the declaration “Tree Gifts” to Paul.


But on the way home a valid point was made that nowadays many of the tree gifts leave with the departing kiddos after the holidays removing the guarantee that we get to “try” the foods too.

“Well” I said “we can always shift these bars to the snack table for all to enjoy.”


What to do…what to do?  Tree or Table?

Funny the thought of buying a bar for ourselves never crossed our minds…we will just sneak some of “theirs”.

Do you have a unique to your abode Holiday tradition?

Enjoy the day,

Home Alone!

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


I have been home alone for the past 4 days.

As soon as I got back from teaching at the jam packed retreat downtown last weekend for Sew Many Places (there really wasn’t time to blog from the retreat) …well Paul scooted out the door to attend some classes in Atlanta for his employer.

So Molly and I have been holed up and sewing.

Well trying to sew.  There has been sewing but no where near the amount I dreamed of.

There’s been a lot of office work, and happily order filling.

And now that I think a lot of things are back on track… there will be sewing for the next few days.

So even though Paul will be home tomorrow night…he will be visiting me in the studio until I shove off again myself next week.  He understands this.  I need to sew.  Another deadline looms.

Funny how we think we will be able to get so much done if left alone.  Then we realize the amount of slack that person picks up in daily life.

Ok. I really miss Paul.  This missing each other might start to be a problem.  LOL.

Apparently as we sneak up to the 30 anniversary of knowing each other it’s clear the “Puppy Love” that some many dubbed it,  isn’t  gonna fade away.

He truly is my muse.


A Midway Adventure

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Em was scheduled to fly back home to Arkansas on Friday Jan 3rd.  

But the snowstorm trickle effect (by then that storm…I forget the name…was on the east coast) cancelled her flight hours before we were even leaving for the airport.

She immediately got online and found she couldn’t rebook a flight out until yesterday.

Again the trickle down effect.  Little Rock flights are sparse to begin with and a day or two of cancellations makes them even harder to come by.

Em’s visit was extended.  And her worry began.

She loves her job and really wanted to just get back to work.  I took no offense.  I completely understood and take joy in that she feels this way.

We tried to fill the bonus three days of visit with activities to wane her worry.

Yesterday we began the day with news that the first flight (of 3) to Little Rock was cancelled.

Em’s flight was at 4:20pm.  Around 1pm her flight went into delayed with no time attached status and a call to Southwest told us to get to the airport now as lines were 4-5 hrs long.

We drove.  I parked.  We went in and joined the end of a line that wrapped into a hallway behind the actual terminal public area.

A Southwest representative  informed us that at the present time all flights outgoing in the next few hours were cancelled with the exception of a small handful.  Em’s flight was in the handful.

The fuel lines and de-icers were freezing up and sporadically working.

Em’s flight was inbound from San Francisco and could make an unplanned fueling stop on it’s way before hitting the frozen tundra of Chicago.  So this fact was her flight’s saving grace.

As we stood in line I did everything I could to cajole her spirit and keep things positive but inside my head was screaming to grab her arm and drag her out of there, toss her in the jeep and keep her until Friday when travel would be easier and safer.

Almost 3 hrs later we reached the ticket agent.

Let me say this Southwest did a wonderful job in this sea of people.  They had 25+ ticket agents and the line kept moving.  

Decision time.  Her flight was still a go but that could change if the de-icer froze.   If we checked her bags they would go on to Little Rock wiithout her even if she was not to fly again for days.

It was her decision.  She is an adult.  With a job full of responsibilities.  I stepped back.

She out her bags on the scale and let them go.

We walked to security where we parted.   The hugs, kisses, and I love yous were heartfelt and bittersweet.

She didn’t see me cry as I went down the escalator to the parking garage.  My head was filled with worry about the safety of any air travel….frozen fuel lines and de-icers rang in my ears.

All of this coupled with the weather conditions in Little Rock made me very uneasy.

5 hrs after our parting (several more delays) she was airborne.

At 11pm the text came in that she was in her apartment.

Finally I could relax.

Today I plan to just veg and sew. 
Sewing is good.

Take Care,

Posted on the whim of my phone. 🙂

Uh Honey you left a receipt on the table.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

I woke up this morning and I immediately found myself in a dilemnia. How does this always happen?

You see when I wake up, Molly wakes up, and that means even if I just need to “go down the hall” I must also go down to the side door so Molly can “go down the hall”.

And then she wants breakfast, and so then I want coffee, and then the “not gonna go back to bed” reality sets in.

So I made my coffee and grabbed my laptop and figured some news reading, pinterest surfing, maybe a game or two would kick off my day.

imagesCAJCBNX0 I settle into the couch, click on the light….and find Paul’s reading glasses sitting on the table along with his eyeglass case.   No big deal.   But lately Miss Molly has begun to act like” Dora the Daschund Explorer” and now I look at everything that is left out and think “how can she break this or hurt herself”.

(Yesterday we returned home to find my stitching box was tossed like she was searching for valuables…err edibles.   Needless to say someone spent a few hours in her bed and I considered a shaming sign.)

So I fold up Paul’s glasses and go to put them into his case…and then I see it.  An Ikea receipt laying next to his eyeglass case.   It’s not folded, well it was at one time, but it is in an open state when I find it.

Then it clicks. When I brought my suitcases in on Sunday  I put them in the studio…and something was missing in the studio.  I couldn’t figure out what.   But immediately when I see the receipt I remember the four table legs from Ikea that we bought for a project but they didn’t work out and thus needed to be returned.   They were gone.   I put my suitcase where they had sat for the last two months awaiting a visit by us to Ikea.


I just sit and look towards the receipt.

Sip of coffee.


On Saturday night when I was out of town I didn’t hear from Paul at all.   To be honest I was hoping to return home to the new – old light fixture hung in our bedroom that has been on the “to do” list for awhile.  But when I went upstairs upon my return the fixture was still the yucky old one.


Yesterday was a pretty crappy day in the afternoon due to some Village government wrangling and honestly I woke up still feeling like I had been punched in the gut.


malm--drawer-chest__61935_PE168411_S4I think I might know that the receipt is for.  I have been wanting a jewelry/accessories cabinet that matches our bedroom furniture now that we have the larger bedroom there is space for it.malm--drawer-chest__0132830_PE196481_S4


oh look when I placed my coffee cup down the receipt is right there and ………..


Ok it’s 9 days ’til our Anniversary.   You would think after 26 years someone would know better than to leave a receipt out on the shared end table between our respective morning coffee seats.

Did I mention that suddenly I am smiling ear to ear.

untitledI am a very happy (and only human) girl.

And I won’t tell him I found the receipt until he reads it here.

But I will begin to gather jewelry and accessories that will be living in a new home soon.

hehehe….happy dance.

So some might think me wrong to look at the receipt but I am who I am and I will tell dear hubby he should learn to “hide” things better…like in the back of a closet…behind a stack of pj bottoms…where his gift is.  😀











Another Road Warrior is born.

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Where does time go?  Oh I know we have all heard this over and over again.

But truly this year just seems to be flying by.

I can hardly believe it is September already.

And I can hardly believe that the Holiday weekend is basically over.  Well at least for us.

It can’t be that just 72 hrs ago we were wild with anticipation for Em’s flight to come in at 6:50pm from Little Rock.  Well by the way of Baltimore.





And then the storms blew thru.

And we all know what happens next.




And we eventually picked her up at 10:30pm.

So much for hanging together the first night.  Paul has had to work this entire weekend and well Em was just exhausted from her marathon travel day.

So we squeezed a whole lot of together time into Saturday and Sunday.

But I was also able to squeeze in some studio time.

Kitting up blocks for my next two projects.

One that I will be able to share with you starting later this month and well the other will most likely remain between me and the design board until late spring next year.



With Project #1 I decided to put a dent in my overflowing Civil War tubs of stash.

Going totally scrappy in this quilt so for 36 blocks I needed a minimum of 216 different fabrics. I lost count after 250.   Now keep in mind these are very small amounts of each fabric.  Some might appear as only a 4.5” square in the quilt.









I was so happy I had this jelly roll (but cut at 3.5” x 20”) of shirtings in the stash.   I bought this earlier this year while out in Tucson, AZ.   Perfect for this project!

So I sliced and diced and cut some more and now I have the “fixins” for 36 blocks to sew while out at Quilt Expo later this week.

YES! Traveling up to Madison.  So that means I will get to see Pauli this week.  Oh my both kids in one week.  I am truly a lucky mom.

Project #2 involves my using the 4000+ 4” blocks of fabric that I used to use in my Coloriffic Workshop.  I have decided to retire this workshop after 12 years and it will be gone from the line up with the unveiling of my brand new All-Spiffed-Up website in about 10 days.

So I have conjured up an plan and it involves many 6” blocks.   So I started with making a bunch of half square triangles…and some other mystery pieces.  And then put all the pieces together for a block with a pin.  More things work on the road.

IMG_7046-58But for now I just dropped Emily off at the airport.

Tomorrow she begins her life traveling for Hendrix College in the capacity of an Admission Counselor.   With just 14 days home from tomorrow until Halloween she most definitely will be a road warrior.   I have shared with her all the bits of wisdom I have compiled myself over the years of traveling.

She makes her father and I so proud.   She and her brother make us look like great parents.

I can hardly wait for her batch of road stories at Thanksgiving.


P.S. Please note I was forced to purge my personal Facebook Page and ask all of you to move over and join the Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre professional page.  This will allow all of us to talk and share all aspects of quilting (and life) under one “roof”.   Smile

Who is this dog?

Monday, July 1st, 2013





I just had the bejeezus scared out of me and witnessed a miracle at the same time. 





On our afternoon walk Molly and I encountered four bike riding kids.  They whizzed past us from behind and I heard them coming so we moved over to the side of the sidewalk and stood still. 

Not a peep from Molly (oh my!). 




We rounded the corner and we were face to face with a Doberman Pincher pup out for a stroll with his human too.  We walked right by…there was no time to “get out of the way” and nada from Molly.  She even looked back at the dog a good 15 feet past and said nothing. 



imagesCA3ZRFFUA few blocks later I decided to head back home by cutting thru an alley.   We were halfway down the alley when I hear a chain jingle behind me and turn to see a full grown Boxer heading toward Molly.  I screamed just as he literally leaped over her and turned getting down on his fore legs in a let’s play stance.  And to my surprise Molly attempted to do this also.  But I was already dragging her in via the leash and scooping her up in my arms.  The Boxer’s owner ran out into the alley and the dog immediately ran to her.  She apologized again and again and said her dog loved to play and she hoped we were ok.  We were.  


I walked a few houses with Molly in my arms.  Then put her down.  We walked home. 

She never even cried.



Who is this dog?!?


Things I never miss.

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Yesterday I happened to enjoy two things I NEVER EVER miss.  So I thought I would share.








Absolutely never miss it. And by that I mean if I do miss an episode on Sunday night (rare) I watch it as quickly as possible on OnDemand before the next airs.  I never let myself fall away from Mad Men.  Even when some of the storylines frustrate me.  I hang in there.

I am thrilled that a long forgotten storyline was touched on in last night’s episode.   I was hoping it would be resurrected before the series end.  I would like closure. 

I am not one for seeing a movie twice let alone a TV episode.  I drives me crazy to “rewatch anything”.  But Mad Men will someday be an entire snowy weekend event where I plan to watch all episodes back to back to back.

mm3The love of Mad Men is also shared by Emily.  In fact she is the reason I initially got hooked.  That first summer home from college she quickly caught me up on the series.  And then last summer she hooked me into Downton Abbey but that is another story. 

Thru the eyes of my daughter I see that this series opens up the discussion that many things in the world today are the same as it was 20 years ago when I was her age and even 40 years ago in the world of Man Men. 

Every generation likes to think the “times” are unique unto them.  But if we are honest.  It’s much the same just the wardrobe and music are different.  

Now onto my second never miss.

A new release book by Mary Kay Andrews.




The latest was released a mere 6 days ago and downloaded by 8am on release day to my Nook.  I held out for three days hoping to keep the book on my “to be read” shelf by June 18th when I hit the road again.   I failed.

496 pages later.

I finished it last night.  Smile

A fun little chick read. 



Revolutionary-Summer-201x300Next up.




Revolutionary Summer by Joseph J. Ellis.

I like to mix it up like that.


What are some things you never miss?






Now two other things I am missing….Paul Jr. & Emily.

this may take awhile to get thru.

Brews for Drew

Thursday, June 6th, 2013



I held off writing this blog until the kids were settled and life had slowed down just a tad for us.  Now both Paul and I are turning out free time to raising awareness to the fundraiser for his brother Drew that will happen on September 8th.

You can read all about Drew and his medical situation on this PDF that I posted on facebook about a week ago.

Already blocks are arriving and we cannot thank everyone enough for making a block and sending it.  It is going to be an awesome Scrappy Chicago Bears Trips Quilt!

I plan to put together the quilt the first week of July so if you could have your block to me by July 1st that would be great.

Bonnie Hunter has graciously allowed me to link to her tutorial here for easy peasy instructions to make a Scrappy Trip Around the World Block.

Thank you all for your support,