Cases Galore!

The cases are finally in and now available for stand alone purchasing!

In December, it was discovered that the cases that were previously being used to house the Hand Piecing Acrylic Templates were no longer available. This sent everyone involved into a scramble to find a replacement.

And at the same time we (meaning me and my manufacturer) wanted to provide a product case that would work well for both the product, purchaser and retailer.

Standard Size Case
size: 7″ x 4″ x 1″

This wonderful case was tracked down and a large purchase was made. Then the waiting game began as it needed to not only be manufactured itself but then it had to shipped. And shipping took a very long time. Something no one anticipated and fingers crossed won’t ever be a factor again, as replenishing the supply will happen knowing this timetable.

I love the new case and for those who purchased the pre-order of the Windmill block your templates will arrive in this case. YAY!

And because I know so many wish to put past purchases (blocks released and purchased since December) into a case I am now offering the case for sale in my webstore. Just click the store tab above and you will find it in the NEW Category and also in the Notions Category.

This case is also great for creating a Sew on the Go Kit that can easily slip into your bag or purse. And I am thinking I may use a second case for block pieces vs my usually baggie in my purse….hmmm.

Also added to the store is a larger case. This cases measures 12″ x 9″ x 1″. This would be great for putting blocks, block fabric and sewing items together in one case if you wish.

From Today until July 19th at midnight cst (so this will encompass the next two Throwback Thursday sale blocks) you will find them on Sale in the store no coupon needed.

I hope you love the new cases as much as I do!

Happy Stitching!

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