A Doggy Car Seat – Ginger Approved!

Last week one thing on my to-do list was to Find/Research/Purchase a car seat for Ginger. And on Saturday a decision was made.

The reason we decided on this model of dog car seat was first and foremost the reviews it has received and that it was constructed with a metal frame vs a chipboard/cardboard or no disclosure of material frame that we found on all the other car seats we looked at.

And a doggie car seat is not something you can easily find in a brick ‘n mortar store so online reviews and information regarding construction in descriptions is extremely valuable. And why I have chosen to write a blog vs just throw up a Facebook link about this product for all the pet parents who have seen the pics of Ginger in her seat and inquired.

This car seat is also mid range priced. Which goes with my theory is the best quality for your money is usually found mid-range.

Ginger weighs 12 pounds and is obviously a bit longer then the standard 12 pound dog due to being a dachshund. But she comfortably fit in the basket and had room to move around and roll on her back/side and even with her feet up in the air. This is a sleeping position she has shown us that she loves in the summer heat and it still cracks us up every time we witness it.

Especially when it is just four paws peeking over her car seat basket. Sorry no pic we were on the expressway driving but trust us it was hysterical.

I really like the metal frame as it provides a nice solid place for Ginger to put her front paws up and lift up to see out the car window. Note you can either have your car seat rest right on the seat bottom or you can have it elevated so allow your pet to see out the windows. We chose the later knowing her nature.

And if you look closely in the picture above you can see the safety strap that clips onto her harness keeping her from exiting the basket/car seat so she is in no danger of being thrown if we were in an accident. This strap is adjustable and thus can work with many different pets and their size.

The Sherpa fleece interior is very soft and she snuggled right in after a few minutes. Several of the other car seats I looked at had simple flat fleece or even felt as the lining. This was far better I feel.

That there is my review of the Dog Car Seat by Devoted Doggy. For more detailed information or if you wish to give one a whirl with your own pet you can do so by clicking below.

If your ad blocking software has blocked the link above you can click here for a non-photo link.

Now we are back home and hibernating once again from the unbearable July heat. Another movie and stitching afternoon on our horizon.

Enjoy your day,

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  1. carole says:

    Thanks for the blog post about this basket…..it is just the thing for Ginger..alas, I dont think this would work with my girls….we have harnesses that are set to the console in the truck and that it what they are accustomed to riding on–the console of one on my shoulder. I am going to get one though and see if it would work for the girls in my car 🙂 thanks for the info!

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