30 left!

About a month ago I was able to lower the price on Pieced Hexies to $19! due to a situation with a wrong shipment of several cases of books to my doorstep. PiecedHexiesCOVERsmall

These cases have been stacked up in my office and slowly they are dwindling down. Pieced Hexie Sampler

Yesterday I plotted out my schedule for Paul for the next two months.   A quick count shows that I am teaching Pieced Hexies Buffet eight times.  Since these are all driving gigs (my toes don’t head to Midway Airport until April 30th) I won’t be shipping cases of book ahead…I will be pulling them from the stash in my office.

That being said I can pretty much figure out that I have just one case (30 books!) left to offer at the $19.00 price on my website.   Priority Mail or Media Mail shipping options are given.

Just a heads up!  The minute I order a case shipped the price goes back to $25.00.

This is the original Pieced Hexies book with 7 designs and 75 variations shown.  You will find additional Pieced Hexie Star designs on the PDF page of my website that are free.  And I am always adding free designs.  Working on one right now that combos both Pieced Hexies and Pieces Hexies Deux.   As I have said before, they are like potato chips…you just can’t stop at one.

Now back to Olympic curling,




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