01/02 Pieced Hexie Diamond & Medallion


Ok..I’m a day late but the sentiment is still the same.  🙂

I am thrilled to ring in 2014.  So many plans for this year and creative goodness in the works.

I gave myself the gift of joining Adobe Creative Cloud for Christmas.

This means my illustrator software zoomed from version 3 to version 6!  And I have been exploring all the new tools at my fingertips for the last few days with my wonderful teacher Emily.   The tables have truly turned as I have become the student and she the teacher on this journey.  Her skills are amazing and I can’t wait to show you my new supply lists and workshop brochure PDF later to day.

So many other projects in the works with her.  I will be sad to see her depart tomorrow back to Arkansas and work.   It’s been wonderful to have her here for 12 days.  I have been lax on my blogging and fbook posts this week but I have just been soaking up the magic called Em.

One thing I did do yesterday was design a new Diamond/Medallion pattern.  You can find the print out pages for the pattern on the PDF page on my website.  Just look for the tab above and on the page look for the 01/02 Diamond & Medallion.  Remember these designs will always be named for the day the appear on the blog and you can always find past designs on the PDF page too.  Maybe you missed the design I posted on December 22nd?  You can find it right above this design on the PDF page.

01.02DiamondColoredThe diamond is composed of Pieced Hexies you will find in Pieced Hexies book.

And then I took the diamond to the medallion design.

01.02DiamondMedallionColoredAnd with the ease of Illustrator v6 I took the diamond design to a bit more of a mock up of a quilt setting. 01.02DiamondQuilt

I hope you find these designs inspiring!

I have one last full day with Em today and it will be a “snowed into the office” day as we are expecting another 6-10″ of snow.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it.

Off to learn some more.



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10 Responses to “01/02 Pieced Hexie Diamond & Medallion”

  1. Genee Davis says:

    Wow! You are truly a marvel! 🙂 absolutely amazing!

  2. Connie Massner says:

    Does your brain ever shut off? This design is awesome! Thank you for your constant inspiration!

  3. Carole Sullivan says:

    I am in love with this! looking forward to Part Deux and playing the year away! THANKS for everything Mickey!

  4. Beautiful! Such an inventive twist to an old pattern!

  5. Carolyn Teter says:

    Mickey, I love this design. Very stunning with the diamonds on the horizontal instead of vertical in the quilt mock up. Another wonderful design! What if the weather’s so bad, Em can’t get out???

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