Oops I am human.  And so are others.

Even with several sets of eyes going over a manuscript unfortunately things happen.

I hope you will forgive these stumbles and still enjoy making the quilts in my books.

These errors are found in the first edition printing and future editions will be corrected.

Half Scrap Quilts

QUILT: Woven Argyle

p. 34   Chain and Knot Block  – fourth bullet point

– Subcut into (48)  2 1/2” x 6 1/2” rectangles

p. 35    Carrie Nation Block

– Using fabrics A and B, sew 72 four-patch units using 1 3/4″ strips

QUILT: Pineapple Plaid

page 46   Second  Graphic at page bottom

– Pineapple Block Light  assembly make 24