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    Posted on February 14, 2014 by Mickey in Around the House, Cool Ideas, Inklingo.

    Happy Valentines Day!


    Yesterday I finally got around to looking at an invitation I received via Facebook to an event.  I get a good number of these and fess up that most go the wayside with just a glance but this one caught my eye as it was sent by a friend and the title included the word SNOW!

    20140213_150246.jpegAIt was a Snow Angel Party!  Basically make a snow angel, take a pic and post it on facebook on February 14th.  The idea is to flood it with pics of snow angels.  And given the weather most of us have had this winter there is ample opportunity.   I quickly sent Paul a text at work and he was all in too.  A plan was hatched. As soon as he got home we would meet in the yard to make our angels.   If we hurried the daylight would be just right so we could snap pics.

    20140213_150300.jpegCWe decided to forgo the heavy winter jackets so that our angels would have some waistline….lol.

    We chose the back yard vs the front for the virgin snow that we had.  Our mailman walks our route and he tromps right across the front yard (yes thru knee deep snow vs the shoveled sidewalk) and when your front yard is the size of a postage stamp…well you get the picture.

    Molly ran out with me to greet Paul in the yard.   But she took one look at the snow, shook her head, and headed back to the side door.  There would be no “Molly Angel”.

    20140213_150254BPaul’s smile says it all.  Why yes we are 12!  Let’s go!

    The snow is deep. SnowAngelD

    And he’s down!Snow Angel EAngel making begins…sweep those arms and legs!

    A back full of snow means success.

    Snow Angel F

    My turn. Snow Angel G

    Angels in the snow. Snow Angel H

    We had a blast!   Thanks Kelly for the invite and giving yesterday a fun activity that had us giggling like schoolkids.

    Today I am sewing all day.  A new Castle rock block will be in the mix as I watch some midday curling.   Just a reminder the introductory special price of $20 for any of the Castle Rock collections expires tonight at midnight.    You will find the Inklingo button on the side bar to get you to the site!   Join me for a year of handpiecing.    If you are new to the blog you can search out the word inklingo in my blog search to find previous posts on Castle Wall.    Jump in with us….the snow…err hand piecing is fine.  😀


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Deanna turner says:

    Happy to see two mid westerns like me still full of pure joy! Snow angels are a happy memory for me of childhood in Iowa. Love yr posts.

  2. Janet Leigh says:

    That looks crazy fun!! Our snow was so hard you would have had to chip out your snow angel with an ice pick!! LOL Fun to be 12 again!!

  3. Karyn Ashley-Smith says:

    AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing! Hubby’s a good sport 😀

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