Things I never miss.

Yesterday I happened to enjoy two things I NEVER EVER miss.  So I thought I would share.








Absolutely never miss it. And by that I mean if I do miss an episode on Sunday night (rare) I watch it as quickly as possible on OnDemand before the next airs.  I never let myself fall away from Mad Men.  Even when some of the storylines frustrate me.  I hang in there.

I am thrilled that a long forgotten storyline was touched on in last night’s episode.   I was hoping it would be resurrected before the series end.  I would like closure. 

I am not one for seeing a movie twice let alone a TV episode.  I drives me crazy to “rewatch anything”.  But Mad Men will someday be an entire snowy weekend event where I plan to watch all episodes back to back to back.

mm3The love of Mad Men is also shared by Emily.  In fact she is the reason I initially got hooked.  That first summer home from college she quickly caught me up on the series.  And then last summer she hooked me into Downton Abbey but that is another story. 

Thru the eyes of my daughter I see that this series opens up the discussion that many things in the world today are the same as it was 20 years ago when I was her age and even 40 years ago in the world of Man Men. 

Every generation likes to think the “times” are unique unto them.  But if we are honest.  It’s much the same just the wardrobe and music are different.  

Now onto my second never miss.

A new release book by Mary Kay Andrews.




The latest was released a mere 6 days ago and downloaded by 8am on release day to my Nook.  I held out for three days hoping to keep the book on my “to be read” shelf by June 18th when I hit the road again.   I failed.

496 pages later.

I finished it last night.  Smile

A fun little chick read. 



Revolutionary-Summer-201x300Next up.




Revolutionary Summer by Joseph J. Ellis.

I like to mix it up like that.


What are some things you never miss?






Now two other things I am missing….Paul Jr. & Emily.

this may take awhile to get thru.

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  1. Authors whose books I never miss is a long list: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books, Mary Higgins Clark, Carol Higgins Clark, Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles books, Timothy Zahn’s Cobra books.
    Although I watch a lot of tv, there really isn’t anything that is a MUST see.
    The biggest thing on my must see is my grandson, Alex. I understand how you are missing P&E. Two of my kids are local so I see them regularly. My youngest is about and hour and some away.

  2. jemfl says:

    Missing the KIDS will be an always
    for me and they all live within 20
    min drive! Empty nest 13 yrs.

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