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The Rainbow Wall of Awesomeness!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

*note due to the large amount of pictures in this post I am experimenting with smaller pics that can be clicked on to reveal a larger picture.  Hopefully this will make blog reading for those on mobile devices easier.  Feedback is welcome.

Back in September I made a decision that during my 5 week break between gigs in Oct to Nov there was going to be some editing (see previous blog), some sewing (I’m trying), and some serious reorganizing of my stash.

Nov.2014 Studio004Nov.2014 Studio005

After four books in just about 3 years…well things had gotten a bit out of hand.Nov.2014 Studio010

In normal times all my fabric lived here for years in these wire bins.

But somehow over the last few years it has just…well…spilled out…everywhere.



And in a kismet moment while teaching in North Dakota I received an email from   They were now the owners of Polar Notions the makers of Polar Boards and would I like to give them a spin?  I couldn’t  type YES fast enough.   I have dreamed of a wall of fabric in my studio for years.   One where I could actually SEE what I have to work with rather than search.

Nov.2014 Studio001Nov.2014 Studio003

Even just the ten boards (large size) they were offering to “give it a spin” with were gonna be so much fun.  I envisioned using them for project organization.

The boards arrived.  I wrapped.  I fell head over heels in love.


And then another kismet moment.  An app that I discovered while in North Dakota called “Offer up”, think Craigslist and Instagram have a baby, brought an offer of two CD/DVD shelving units for $25.   I pounced.  Within an hour they were in the jeep and on the way back to my studio.

Nov.2014 Studio007I order more boards.  A lot more boards.  And Paul got to work stabilizing the shelves to the wall and helping me figure out the best strategy for shelf space.  Since the shelves cover an outlet, and outlets are at a premium in my 70 year old home, the back was cut out to give access to that electrical outlet.  This caused that line of shelves to include two larger areas that would accommodate the yardage size boards.  All the other shelves where figured for the fat quarter size boards as that is 90% of my scrappy stash.    We decided to mirror image this shelving setup on the second set of shelves even though it was not absolutely necessary for symmetry.

Nov.2014 Studio008Then I pulled out one packed-to-the-brim-and-then-some basket and began the process of laying hands on every piece of fabric I own.  I had two containers nearby.  One for scraps to be cut down to strips and the other was my “it’s leaving” bin.    I actually do cull my stash every few years (the last culling sent 32 pounds of florals to a friend in N.C.) so this is nothing new, but this time I was brutal.

And I began to wrap.  And wrap.Nov.2014 Studio012

And order more boards.  And wrap.

And then just fold and put fabric in holding for even more boards to arrive.

And finally after several weeks the wall is done.

Behold “The Rainbow Wall of Awesomeness” as it was named by a friend.

Nov.2014 Studio015

Already having my stash on the boards where I can see EVERYTHING has spurred on so many creative ideas.

Paper Pieces currently has the boards on sale for this weekend.  You can find them here.   I won’t go into the technical details about the boards, that info can be found on the PaperPieces website.


Nov.2014 Studio014

You deserve a Rainbow Wall of Awesomeness too!


To get someone started…yes I am enabling with the help of Paper Pieces…a set of set boards, winners choice in size, are up for a Giveaway.  Just give me your best guess in a comment on this blog posts  as so how many Polar Notions boards I have on my wall to enter.  The winner will be a random draw on Sunday morning so the guess truly doesn’t count but I am curious what you think.   If you are new to my blog and this is your first comment please note it will appear as soon as I put you on the approve list.  I will monitor the blog every few hours so don’t worry you will get your entry in.

Enjoy your day and sew something!



It really heats up!

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Yesterday I posted some pictures of my studio.  I like seeing where other’s create and I hope those facebook followers enjoyed seeing them too.

I won’t post the pics here because I try not to repeat material to much.   So if you would like to see my studio you need to head over to my facebook page.  You will find a link in the side bar or I will post one at the bottom of this blog.

I received a few inquiries as to what kind of iron was that in my studio?   And since this iron is a new addition to the studio and one that has made this quilter smile I thought I would tell you all about it here.

panasonic-360-freestyle-cordless-iron-d-20110401171858493~126208It is a Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron.

It is a fantastic studio iron.  Especially in a small studio where a traditional corded iron always made for a walking hazard.   Since my iron sits on the right hand side of my ironing board (yes you guessed it I am right handed) and this is the side closest to my sewing machine the looping cord was always something I needed to “walk around” every time I went to use the iron and back to the sewing machine.

This sidestep became such a constant that I continued to do it for a few days after plugging in this cordless model.

panasonic-360-freestyle-cordless-iron-d-00010101000000~126208_alt5The iron heats up fast.  And yes it does have an automatic shut off after 10 minutes of non use.  That would be the only feature I would change if possible lengthening this time to 15 mins or even 20 if I could.

But two pushes of the button on the handle and less than a minute later the iron is heated up and ready to roll….err….iron.

I haven’t played with the steam setting because frankly I don’t ever steam.  So honestly can’t give you any feedback on that.

But I  can say I have never regretted adding this iron to the studio.  And there have definitely been some iron regrets over the years.   I have blasted thru some very high end priced irons and declared I would never pay over $100 for an iron again.   Yep, this baby can be found in the $80 range.   And I know if you asked your local quilt shop they could order one for you.  Most shops don’t stock irons due to expense and shelf space but hey you can check out this iron (or any iron) at another store and then take the info to your local quilt shop and ask them to order it.    Let them have the sale.  We need to give our local shops that bigger ticket sale once in a while.  They need to keep the lights on if you catch my drift.   Ok…that is all on my buy at your local quilt shop schpeel.   for now.

Oh Oh Oh….

panasonic-360-freestyle-cordless-iron-d-00010101000000~126208_alt3I almost forgot.   Another really great thing about this iron.  It comes with this handy carrying case that you can snap on as soon as you unplug.

Yep….think of this at your next workshop when space is at a premium.

did I mention how light is it but packs a punch in the heat department….ok….I am done now..

…back to sewing.




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Pineapple Fever has hit.

Monday, December 16th, 2013

PineapplePlaidMDEPREI have been tinkering around with a long lived UFO in the studio the last week or so.

On Saturday night I sat down and finally put the graph paper idea in the Pineapple Plaid file (yes each quilt/idea has a file made as soon as it is conceived.  It is truly the only way I can keep a handle on things) into EQ7 and made the quilt digitally.

Not sure what happened with the brown sashing…I thought I was coloring it black so please over look that.

PineapplePlaidPic1Yesterday morning I woke up and just felt the need to “unplug” from the world and just sew…sew…sew.

And so I did.

And now I am more than halfway thru all the blocks…actually darn near close to 3/4’s  so of course I had to jump tracks and start on the sashing.  You know how it is when you get fired up about a quilt again.PineapplePlaidEQpic3
I did some further tweaking of my design on the sashing, coloring them a bit differently.  I like the ends ending in black vs white as shown in the digital image above.   So I went in this morning and tweaked the EQ file.   I also think I am going to go with a robin’s egg blue for the cornerstones and outer border.   But that is still up in the air.  Yes I am thinking a solid border.  This quilt might need it with so much going on in the center.  Again…still up in the air.   But here  is the new digital quilt ….so far.

I am back in the studio for a full day of sewing today.

Tonight I start to bake the Christmas Cookies.  I have seven different recipes to get thru.  It will be one or two cookie batches daily for the week.

Going to go draw and post the Day 10 winners on the blog in a few minutes.

Also tonight I will put up a post with all the outstanding winners from the “10 days of Swag Giveaway”.   My hope is to get everyone’s snail mail addy by Tuesday night for one more trip to the post office before the holidays!

Enjoy your day,