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It’s that time of the year again.

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

late December…that gap time between Christmas and New Years.

It’s a awkward time when people hurry between two holidays tying up loose ends from one and getting ready for another.

In our family there is a birthday between.   Paul’s father.   And we make a point of celebrating that day as all birthday’s should be especially the ones that can easily be swallowed up into another holiday.  Last nights family dinner brought 13 of the 17 of us together.   I caught the smile on my FIL’s eye when he looked down the table (past his 7 cakes!…lol a bit of a signal cross on who was bringing the cake) at the family before him.  It’s been another tough year for the Depre’s but we got thru.

imagesCA36GY5DPersonally in this gap time there is a lot of reflection for myself.

Because in this gap time now 26 years ago I fought my first battle for my life.  When you view the paddles from the lying on the table side at age 21 it really sets a path for you of appreciation for every day you are upright and taking in air.

Now as I enter the age where unfortunately more and more of my family and friends and their love ones begin to face medical situations …. well I get it.  I feel like I look at these situations with 20 years of experience.

So join me today to truly reflect and to celebrate your year here on earth in 2013.   And make public not a resolution for 2014 but a goal.  A goal that can bend at times when it needs to be but will remain a goal to achieve.  After all life happens.

Comment one thing that gave you personal pride in yourself in 2013 and something you strive for in 2014.

And today take a moment to really let those who share your daily life know just how much they mean to you.

and live life.






2013: Personally my pride was bursting at it’s seams when Paul Jr. and Emily walked across the stage to accept their college diplomas.  The pledge to send our children to college was made between Paul and I before we were even married.   So this goal is definitely now check marked  in the DONE column.

2014: I plan speak up more and be clearer in what it is I am needing.  I am pretty self sufficient but I have times when I need some help from time to time.  My fault is I really don’t vocalize this and expect those around me to pick up on my hints (which I think are strong but must not be since 99% of the time they go unacknowledged and then I get frustrated/hurt).  So I plan to be more vocal when I need a bit of a hand….or want to see a certain movie or do a certain activity.   I won’t hint I will tell.    This will be tough for me but I will try.

p.s. best reflection happens when surrounded by fiber…just sayin’.    So feel free to take a day or two and comment later after you have had some material therapy.